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Table of Contents

01. Timeshare Freedom Group’s Initial Promise and Transition Phase  – California Based Guarantee Exit Company Founded in 2017 

02. Customer Grievances and Legal TroublesDiamond Resorts 2020 Lawsuit and BBB “F” Rating

03. Closure, Customer Fallout, and Industry Impact – Victims of Timeshare Freedom Group Rise

04. Closing Thoughts – Links to Timeshare Freedom Group’s SNS & Overall Rating Review

Timeshare Freedom Group (TFG) emerged as a beacon of hope for those entangled in burdensome timeshare agreements. With a promise to alleviate the financial shackles imposed by such agreements, TFG initially enjoyed a slew of satisfied customers. However, as the wheels of time turned, the company’s shimmer began to fade. The once-celebrated exit company now finds itself amidst a storm of disgruntled customers and unanswered queries.

― Timeshare Freedom Group’s Initial Promise and Transition Phase

Timeshare Freedom Group came on the scene with a solution-oriented approach targeted at timeshare owners seeking to sever their contractual ties. The company offered a meticulous consultation service, where each timeshare contract was dissected to understand the implications and devise a personalized exit strategy. They championed the cause of financial relief from the ongoing maintenance fees and other financial obligations tied to these contracts. This initial approach was seen as a breath of fresh air in an industry fraught with complexities and legal red tape. Read our 2020 review of Timeshare Freedom Group to get a better understanding of the public perspective of the exit company during its early years.

The company’s professional demeanor and apparent expertise in navigating the murky waters of timeshare contracts garnered them a favorable reputation. Customers found solace in the transparent and structured approach that TFG promised. The testimonials during this phase were a testament to the relief provided to the customers, who were now free from the financial encumbrances of their timeshare agreements. Moreover, TFG’s marketing strategies also instilled confidence. Their branding as a trustworthy ally in the fight against oppressive timeshare contracts resonated with many, amplifying their appeal.

Date of Experience: February 13, 2018 – Darlene S. (Yelp Review)

I am so pleased with Timeshare Freedom Group! We have been contemplating getting our of our timeshare for years because of the maintenance fees going up all the time and our lack of wanting to have a timeshare anymore. Timeshare Freedom got us out of this problem and were so very helpful! I highly recommend them to anyone who is in the same situation as we were in!! Thank you so much for all your help on this!

However, as TFG continued on its journey, a shift in customer satisfaction started becoming noticeable. The first signs of trouble appeared in the form of negative reviews that trickled onto various review platforms. Initially, these were seen as isolated incidents, but over time, a pattern of dissatisfaction began to emerge. The negative reviews were not just mere expressions of dissatisfaction, but painted a picture of a company that was seemingly drifting away from its initial promise of seamless service. Complaints regarding unresponsive customer service, unfulfilled promises, and an apparent lack of transparency began to dominate the narrative.

As the ratings on platforms like Yelp and Trustpilot started to plummet, the volume of the negative feedback amplified. Customers started reporting instances where TFG was failing to deliver on its promises, with some even facing financial losses. The plummeting ratings were a reflection of eroding customer trust and growing frustration. Moreover, the response from TFG to these complaints seemed to lack the urgency and understanding that the situation demanded. Customers felt unheard and abandoned, a stark contrast to the attentive service TFG was initially known for.

The transition from being a trusted service provider to a company mired in complaints and low ratings was a gradual but evident shift. This phase marked a stark departure from the initial days of positive customer interactions and successful timeshare exits, leading to a tarnished reputation that would become hard to recover from.

― Customer Grievances and Legal Troubles

The wave of grievances against TFG was emblematic of a company that had seemingly veered off its initial course of customer-centric service. The complaints ranged widely, but a common thread among them was unfulfilled promises and a lack of open communication.

A stark illustration of this was a customer who, after investing over $14,400 across 2.5 years, found themselves at a dead end, with their timeshare exit nowhere in sight. This case was far from isolated, as numerous other customers echoed similar sentiments of frustration and financial loss. The plummeting ratings across various review platforms were a glaring indicator of the growing discontent among TFG‘s clientele. The “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau was a stark testimony to the deteriorating service quality, and the subpar ratings on platforms like Trustpilot and Yelp further underscored the escalating dissatisfaction among the customer base​.

Furthermore, the apparent absence of a robust mechanism to address these grievances exacerbated the situation. Customers often found themselves facing a wall when seeking redressal, with their concerns falling on seemingly deaf ears.

Date of Experience: August 7, 2021 – Denise Wright (Trustpilot Review)

I’m very disappointed in how our account was handled. They have terrible follow up. In our case they waited until 2 days before our 24month contract was up to offer us a settlement which was a crazy amount. We were not given any time to negotiate and the lawyer did not follow up with us after the 24month deadline. This left us with a collection agency to deal with instead of Molfetta Law or Timeshare Freedom Group. For the amount of money we paid them I don’t feel that we were treated fairly.

As if the mounting customer grievances were not troubling enough, TFG found itself embroiled in legal turmoil. A significant blow came in the form of a lawsuit filed by Diamond Resorts, accusing TFG of fraudulent business practices and false advertising. This lawsuit wasn’t just a one-off incident, but a reflection of the deeper legal quagmire TFG found itself sinking into​.

The allegations of fraud and false advertising were damning, to say the least. They not only tarnished the company’s reputation further but also eroded the already dwindling trust between TFG and its client base. Moreover, the legal entanglements cast a long shadow over the company’s operations, raising questions about the legitimacy and integrity of its practices. The repercussions of these legal issues rippled beyond the courtroom, impacting the company’s standing in the public eye, and further alienating its customer base.

The legal troubles also likely had a financial impact on TFG, diverting resources from service delivery to legal defense. This diversion could have further impeded the company’s ability to deliver on its promises to customers, creating a vicious cycle of declining service quality and escalating legal troubles.

― Closure, Customer Fallout, and Industry Impact

The closure of Timeshare Freedom Group (TFG) seemed to arrive without a forewarning, leaving a host of bewildered customers in its wake. The absence of official communication from TFG regarding its operational status exacerbated the uncertainty and anxiety among its client base. This lack of transparency during a crucial transition phase was viewed as a stark departure from the professional conduct expected of a company that once pledged to ease the timeshare burdens of its clientele. The sudden disappearance of TFG left many customers in a precarious position, with their financial resources depleted and their timeshare dilemmas unresolved. The absence of a clear pathway for redressal or even basic communication about the status of their cases was a source of significant stress and financial strain for the affected customers.

Date of Experience: June 16, 2022 – Sandra L. (BBB Review)

We signed up with Timeshare Freedom Group on March 24, 2021 and paid a total amount of $3,379.00. Very upset with this company. To lie and say they were going to help free us from our timeshare. I have been unable to get through to them, emails are being returned as undeliverable, website is no longer available. Do not know how to go about getting my hard worked money back. What a Scam!!

The financial and emotional toll on TFG’s clientele was significant. Many had invested not just their money, but also their hopes in TFG’s promise to provide a way out of their timeshare obligations. The apparent closure left them stranded, often with less financial resources and no clear pathway to resolve their timeshare issues. Stories of customers left to navigate the complex and often intimidating landscape of timeshare agreements on their own painted a picture of a company that had seemingly abandoned its mission and its clientele at a time of dire need.

Date of Experience: August 24, 2023 – Elsa S. (BBB Review)

This company can not be trusted to carry out their word. My husband and I trusted this company to help us get out of our timeshare, We no long saw the need for it. We were not traveling to those designated resorts yearly. So, we saw it as a waste of money. Timeshare Freedom Group said that it could get us out of our timeshare because they have people the company has helped get out of their timeshares and are willing to work with us. This company said that they had an expert lawyer who was working with their group. We gave them thousands of dollars up front to start the process. From that point, we have not heard from them.

The decline and eventual closure of TFG served as a stark reminder to the timeshare exit industry about the critical importance of maintaining a sterling reputation. Trust, once broken, proved hard to rebuild, not just for TFG but for the industry as a whole. The ripple effect of TFG’s downfall extended beyond the company itself, casting a pall over the entire timeshare exit industry. The mistrust sowed by TFG’s practices led to increased skepticism among timeshare owners towards exit companies in general. The industry found itself facing a crisis of confidence, as the actions of one company led to increased scrutiny and skepticism towards others. Furthermore, TFG’s decline underscored the importance of regulatory compliance and ethical business practices in sustaining a reputable and successful timeshare exit operation.

― Closing Thoughts

The story of Timeshare Freedom Group shows the importance of keeping promises in the service industry. They started with high hopes but faced problems with the law and unhappy customers later on. TFG’s story teaches us a lesson. Their lack of clear information and broken promises caused a lot of problems. Trust and good service are very important to keep a good name in business. Now, all that’s left of Timeshare Freedom Group are unhappy customers and a closed business.

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