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There are 2 sides to everything portraying both negatives and positives. While the salesperson mostly guides you to think that the timeshare is a great deal and can be your vacation gateway every year, is it what it is? The timeshare industry is too good to be true, and the promises made before getting you to sign the contract are mere promises. The timeshare industry has too many scams happening these days, and once you have entered into the world of timeshare, it is an exhausting task to get out of it. That is why Timeshare Exit Bureau has come up with a Timeshare Compliance Review.

The timeshare market is always in the limelight as it is one of the top sellers in the travel and hospitality sector. According to ARDA (American Resort Development Association), it is a whopping industry of $9.2 million. With 1 in 9 households in the USA owning a timeshare, almost 80% of testimonials state that the timeshare owners are happy. Still, the figure varies differently every time, and many owners are burdened by the contract they are under. There are many full-service consumer advocacy groups like Timeshare Compliance, helping out people to legally and successfully achieve timeshare contract cancellation. In today’s interest, we will be conducting a Timeshare Compliance review and how it is easing the financial burden off the shoulders, but before that, let’s take a closer look at what are the problems that timeshare owners face

Timeshares are Excruciatingly Expensive

First things first, the quality of the location is equally proportional to the high price that also includes yearly maintenance fees that are subjected to rise and property upkeep charges. As you are already aware, there are multiple property owners just like you, and everyone has a different week of vacation, but what makes owning a timeshare expensive is that you are entitled to pay for the damage done by the other timeshare owners. Timeshares are not easily liquidated and have long-term pesky maintenance costs associated with them.

Is Timeshare an Investment?

It is not valid, timeshares may seem like an excellent option to spend your vacation but think carefully about it. There are multiple reasons for you to think otherwise, you have no equity in the place, and it is possible that you may not get the resort at your decided week. If you believe everything that the aggressive salesperson is telling you, then you are wrong, he/she is just pitching you for the sake of targets.

It is clear that investments generate profit for you in the long-term, but timeshares are like buying a car. They have no profitable resale value, but the only perk here is that at least your car can be sold off quickly.

Is it Really a Vacationing spot?

We would like to believe that it is, but think yourself! Do you always want to visit the same place every year that too just for a week? There is no flexibility in owning a timeshare also there are a lot of things that are concerning. All the premium booking spots are priorly taken by the influential timeshare owners, so it is most likely that your week off will not align with the available slots of timeshare resort.

Have You Looked Out For Contract Loopholes Yet?

While progressing with the Timeshare Compliance review, you will know the importance of legally freeing yourself from the timeshare contract even more precisely but coming back to the timeshare contracts, they are developed by legal professionals in such a way that it becomes impossible for you to get out of it but an attorney can help. Attorneys can easily understand the technical jargon and explain to you how to carry out further procedures.

After being lured by the fake promises, you have signed the very bottom of your contract, and we understand the bottomless pit you are in. Timeshare contracts are financially burdening and affect every part of your life. To get you out of the dreading timeshare contracts, you need to have a dedicated full-service consumer advocacy group like Timeshare Compliance that works collaboratively with you and sets you free from the timeshare contract that has been keeping your happiness at bay for long.

Timeshare Compliance Review

Timeshare Compliance helps you by resolving your timeshare contract legally and seamlessly. The website of Timeshare Compliance is highly intuitive and is quickly able to explain the company’s aim. A few of the awe-inspiring points is that the company is:

  • In the business since the year 2012 And Is Situated in Aliso Viejo, California
  • BBB Accredited Business with 4.8 Rating Out Of 5
  • 4.4 TrustScore and 302 reviews on Trustpilot
  • Multiple Positive Client Reviews On The Website

While reviewing the website, there is a “Timeshare Calculator” option that offers you an insight into how much you currently spending on your timeshare and how much the timeshare will cost you in a few years. Apart from that, there is also a blog section on the website that educates people on everything related to the timeshares and how can you conduct your research before connecting with exit companies.

The company’s selection criteria are quite stringent and ask you to answer a few of the questions to know if you are eligible. You might want to note that the company does not work with the inherited timeshares, low maintenance fee timeshares, and purchased a timeshare from the resale market.

Focusing on investigating each case rigorously and advocating on behalf of you with your timeshare developer, the company consists of dedicated:

  • Client Specialists: Starting the process of understanding the nitty-gritty of your timeshare contract
  • Case Analysts: Sharing service agreement and developing resolution options after evaluating your case
  • Coordinators: Helping you through the process of credit restoration and other processes
  • Case Representatives: They will finally be documenting your case with your Attorney

The company helps you even if you still owe a mortgage and also offers an escrow payment option. Any timeshare owner should choose an escrow payment option that only gives you the autonomy to pay the company a total amount when you are 100% free from your timeshare.

Timeshare Compliance reflects many positive signs, including being selective about the cases which shows the company’s commitment towards each case. Timeshare Compliance offers to prepare documentation to cancel the timeshare and also provides credit protection throughout the extreme process of timeshare cancellation, saving you from negative credit scores. Many companies within the timeshare industry do not currently focus on these features.

While many timeshare cancellation companies work without the support of attorneys, we highly recommend you always choose a company like Timeshare Compliance that works under legal parameters and provides you with attorney support. There are many perks of having an attorney by your side. They will help in disposing of the case easily, including multiple others stated below:

Attorneys, Your Savior From Debt Collector Calls

After canceling your timeshare, there are high chances that you will receive calls from debt collectors to ask you for money. The great news is that under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, FDCPA, any third-party debt cannot contact you directly because you have an attorney by your side. Before trying to talk to you, the debt collector will have to contact your Attorney and trust us, this is the last thing they want.

You Save A Lot Of Money If You Have An Attorney

You must be thinking about how can you save money by hiring an attorney? But paying a good company is better than thinking to forever keep your timeshare contract and pay the pesky maintenance fees, including other miscellaneous charges that will cost you a fortune. Also, in cases when attorneys find a loophole in the agreement, they try to retrieve it from the company saving you quite a lot of money

Timeshare Attorneys Have All the Insights of Your Timeshare Agreement.

As stated earlier, attorneys are thoroughly trained and well-versed with all the legal jargon you can never decipher independently. If you are in a sticky situation, your attorney will help you by all means. From negotiating with the timeshare developers to identifying the slightest problem in the contract, attorneys know how to pin the nail on the wall.

From professionals working round the clock to help you out of the dark web of timeshare to multi-lingual agents trying to help people from every place, Timeshare Compliance is a total game-changer in the timeshare release industry.

Regarding the timeline of the process, during the time of Coronavirus, the company states that it is not very possible to develop a timeline as the unpredictability rate is high. Still, Timeshare Compliance mentions that the entire process should not take more than 24 months. The timeline again varies from case to case; few contracts are easier to end, while a few of them have many other underlying factors.

Wondering About The Cost?

By now, you must have understood that Timeshare Compliance has to offer you many different services on your plate that no other company is even mentioning. When it comes to the cost, the company has its financing option available. Timeshare Compliance offers the support of SuperMoney, the process involves assessment of your credit score to lend you the money accordingly. The credit score system varies, which means that if you have a high credit score you will get low interest, and if you have a low credit score, you will get high interest.

While the consultation cost is free, the company does not mention what their fees are, and they first like to assess the technicalities of each case before quoting a final price.

What Should You Be Aware of Before Hiring a Timeshare Cancellation Company?

Timeshare Exit Bureau’s Timeshare Compliance review was developed to help you with your research about the company and how you can compare as many companies as each other to come up with the one that you think is the best. To further aid your research, we have developed a list for you that you can keep handy while finalizing your company:

Years of Experience

Ideally, any timeshare cancellation company like Timeshare Compliance has a decade of experience to fight your case. Years of experience show the diversity of contracts that the company has dealt with in the past and demonstrates efficiency.

Escrow Policy

As we have mentioned earlier, companies offering escrow policies are the best, and you should go for them while avoiding the escrow scam. Many predatory agencies in the market are eying your money, and they are constructed on a belief to rob you. Beware of companies offering a fake escrow policy.

Client Testimonial

Clients can teach you a lot from their experiences. If any client has mentioned the company’s escrow policy being fake, remove that company from your list. Client testimonials make a brand, and you always should look out for them because they were earlier at your place and would never want you to face any hassle that they did.

Credit Score

There are very few companies in the industry of timeshare willing to take care of your credit. Companies like Timeshare Compliance are worth a try because they ensure that your credit score is not affected throughout the long process of cancellation. Also, if there is any timeshare cancellation company asking you to stop paying the maintenance fee right away, our advice is to never go with that option!

Verified Business

Many agencies are mentioning that they have been accredited by BBB or have ratings on Trustpilot, but before you believe them, always go to the authentic sites of the companies and see yourself. Accreditation of BBB is crucial because it shows the number of complaints clients have filed so far and the response of timeshare cancellation companies.

Wrapping Up

Timeshare cancellation companies like Timeshare Compliance are making new efforts to help free stranded clients from their timeshare contracts legally. What is better is that Timeshare Compliance came up with an option to lend money to people who cannot pay their fees and charge interest rates according to the credit score. From a team of dedicated professionals to positive testimonials, Timeshare Compliance will leverage its expertise in the industry to help you.