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Table of Contents

01. An Overview of Timeshare Compliance Escrow Timeshare Exit Company, Subsidiary of Pandora Marketing LLC

02. The Timeshare Exit ProcessProven Timeshare Resolution Success: Investigate, Advocate, and Resolve

03. The Pros and Cons – Over a Decade of Expertise, but Costly Service Implications 

04. Closing Thoughts Links to Timeshare Compliance SNS & Overall Rating Review

Timeshares, in theory, promise a slice of vacation heaven. But let’s be real, they often turn out to be financial black holes and logistical nightmares. This is where Timeshare Compliance steps in – promising to be the superhero for all timeshare victims.

But do they wear the cape as flawlessly as they claim? Let’s dive in.

― An Overview of Timeshare Compliance

At the heart of Timeshare Compliance lies a philosophy succinctly put as, “The two things that define our company are how well we take care of our clients and how well we treat each other.” For them, this isn’t just a catchphrase, but an ethos they’ve woven into the fabric of their operations.

Priding themselves on making transformative differences in the lives of consumers weighed down by undesirable timeshare contracts, Timeshare Compliance stands tall on pillars of commitment, trust, and an impeccable reputation. Their prime objective? Efficiently resolving clients’ timeshare contract dilemmas, while ensuring a seamless customer experience from start to finish. The work environment mirrors their external approach too. They nurture a diverse office culture that is not only professional and productive but is also rooted deeply in mutual respect and the golden rule: “treat people the way you want to be treated”.

Date of Experience: August 12, 2023 – Connie (Trustpilot Review)

I am satisfied with my experience with Time Share Compliance. While it was expensive, it was far more expensive to continue with a time share that continued to raise its maintenance fees and that as I got older, would not be using very often. Also, my children were not interested in the time share and I did not want to burden them with it. TSC responded to me when I contacted them.

A noteworthy point to add is the history of its co-founders, Rich and Bo. Both former Timeshare Executives, their trajectory into establishing Timeshare Compliance stemmed from a shift they observed in the timeshare landscape. During the throes of the recession, what was once a family-friendly and consumer-centric industry started to take on a more predatory nature. The change was alarming, seeing the rise of complaints regarding deceptions, lies by omission, and glaring misrepresentations.

This prompted a pivotal decision. Instead of being passive observers or even contributors to this dilemma, they decided to switch lanes and be part of the solution. Thus, Timeshare Compliance was birthed, not as an entity opposing timeshares, but as an advocacy group. Their vision was clear: assist timeshare owners who felt deceived and exploited. The company operates on a foundation of truth and value, vehemently opposing any sales approaches that diverge from these principles.

― The Timeshare Exit Process

Date of Experience: July 2023 – Brigit Markel (Google Review)

I searched up how to get rid of my timeshare because I was tired of paying all of the maintenance fees each year. The timeshare compliance came up and I contacted them. I was impressed when one of the first questions they asked me as if I had contacted the people who owned my timeshare to see if they would take it back. It never occurred to me that I could do that because I had tried in the past. I took their advice, contacted, Holiday Inn, and for a small fee, they were taking my timeshare back. It’s impressive to me that this company could’ve made hundreds and thousands of dollars off of me but instead saved me a lot of money by suggesting I go to my club prior to contacting or working with them. I will forever be grateful for that. It proved to me that they were there to help me not just take my money and run.

Navigating the journey to timeshare freedom with Timeshare Compliance isn’t just a shot in the dark; it’s a methodical, well-orchestrated process that keeps you in the loop from start to finish.

➤ Specialist Call: Setting The Stage

Your journey kicks off with a call from one of their amiable timeshare exit specialists. Rather than diving deep immediately, this initial touchpoint aims to understand the basics of your timeshare contract and address a few pivotal questions. The goal? To see if there’s a potential case for your timeshare contract elimination. If the green light flashes, and there’s hope on the horizon, you’ll be ushered in for a detailed appointment with one of their seasoned Analysts.

➤ Analyst Call: The Deep Dive

Here’s where things get a tad more intensive. This pre-scheduled rendezvous with the Analyst is all about dissecting the finer details of your contractual commitments. Given the unique nature of every case, the Analyst, armed with their insights, crafts a tailored exit strategy. Once they believe you’re a fit, and you give your nod to their terms in writing, the baton is passed to the Accounting department.

➤ Handholding with Client Services and Case Management

With paperwork inked, a representative from the Client Services department dials you in for a warm welcome. They ensure all your required documents find their way to their Client Portal and walk you through the payment process. But their role isn’t just administrative; they’re your guiding star throughout this timeshare exit expedition, ensuring a seamless, effective resolution.

➤ Cheers to Timeshare Liberation!

The climax? When you finally get to pop the champagne, marking the end of a successful timeshare contract resolution.

Underpinning this entire process is their mantra: INVESTIGATE. ADVOCATE. RESOLVE. While they’re upfront about their services not being complimentary and sans any ironclad guarantees, they do promise an unmatched blend of experience, stellar customer service, and a tried-and-true resolution approach. This cocktail, as many would attest, has been the ticket to freedom for thousands ensnared in undesirable timeshare contracts.

With such a detailed roadmap, Timeshare Compliance does seem to simplify what appears to be a daunting task, turning the dream of timeshare liberation into a tangible reality.

― The Pros and Cons of Working with Timeshare Compliance

Choosing the right partner to aid in the tricky journey of a timeshare exit is crucial. While Timeshare Compliance offers robust services backed by expertise and a track record, it’s essential for potential clients to weigh the potential downsides and set realistic expectations before engaging.

Date of Experience: April 25, 2022 – Arlene N (BBB Review)

All in all timeshares are easy to get into but a h*** to get out of. The juice is definitely not worth the squeeze. No question that I was extremely hesitant when the program was first introduced. The cost to get this done was shocking since we already couldn’t afford the timeshare. Paying it would be difficult with college tuition already being paid for our kids. We bit the bullet and did it. Nothing more was required throughout the entire process. What originally should have taken 18 months actually took 4 nail biting years to complete. COVID was partly to blame for this but it was longer than I expected. We received updates from TSC and they responded to the many panicked emails we sent. That being said the unmitigated relief and unsuppressed happiness we feel that our timeshare nightmare is over is priceless! It was worth every *****. Thank you TSC.

Here’s a balanced take on the benefits and potential downsides of partnering with Timeshare Compliance:


● A Decade of Dedicated Expertise and Exceptional Team

Co-founders Bo and Rich have dedicated 10 years to Timeshare Compliance. As former timeshare industry executives, their deep knowledge ensures a nuanced approach to each case. A blend of Specialists, Case Managers, and Client Experience Specialists tirelessly work, ensuring that every client’s interests are prioritized.

● Reliable Exit Strategy and Legal Representation

A decade in the business means a refined and tested strategy. Timeshare Compliance has consistently demonstrated its ability to provide dependable solutions for those seeking timeshare exits. The company employs experienced attorneys for the timeshare exit process. This means expert representation and a halt to potential harassments from timeshare developers.

● BBB Accreditation and Client Testimonials

An A+ Rating and Accreditation with the Better Business Bureau is a testament to their dedication to upholding integrity and high standards in service delivery. Positive reviews on platforms such as Trustpilot, Google Reviews, and the BBB highlight the satisfaction of many clients who have availed their services.


● Cost Implications and No Guaranteed Outcome

Their comprehensive services come at a price, which might not be suitable for everyone, especially those looking for a low-budget solution. Despite their best efforts, Timeshare Compliance does not guarantee a successful exit for every client. This means there’s inherent risk involved.

● Lengthy Processes and Industry Bias

Given the legal intricacies, the timeshare exit process might sometimes be longer than anticipated, requiring patience. Being founded by ex-timeshare executives, there might be concerns about their absolute neutrality, given their previous industry affiliations.

● Limited Scope and Expectation Management

While they have an extensive reach, they cannot assist everyone. There could be specific cases or contractual complexities beyond their scope of service. With their impeccable reputation, clients might have very high expectations, which, if not met, could lead to dissatisfaction.

― Closing Thoughts

Timeshares can be a tricky business, but fortunately, Timeshare Compliance appears to have cracked the code on exiting them. Their blend of experience, tailored strategies, and transparent processes makes them a noteworthy contender in the timeshare cancellation arena. If you’re ensnared in a timeshare trap, maybe it’s time you gave them a ring. After all, every superhero needs a sidekick, and Timeshare Compliance just might be yours.

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