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Seaside Consultants Group is a timeshare exit company based in California. SCG has been in business since 2014. 

After taking a quick look at the company website, we can note that they have a very professional website. There are also a few things about SCG that make them stand out among other timeshare exit companies. 

Seaside Consultants Group offers free consultations to any potential clients, which can be done over the phone or virtually to accommodate social distancing guidelines. SCG also claims on their website that they offer a legal and permanent timeshare exit for all of their clients. 

The most legitimate way to get out of a timeshare is through attorneys, and SCG does utilize attorneys in their timeshare exit process. While there are many ways to exit a timeshare, attorneys are certainly the most legitimate way to get rid of your timeshare.

There are many things you should be aware of before choosing to work with any timeshare exit company. You can fill out the contact form by clicking the top right link on our homepage, so you can stay protected from timeshare exit scams.

Seaside Consultants Group Reviews 

A vast majority of the reviews for Seaside Consultant Group are positive. 

Some of the reviews also note that clients benefit from SCG’s escrow payment option. Escrow is absolutely crucial in timeshare exit. Clients can rest assured knowing that the exit company will not be paid until the service is completed. You can learn more about the importance of escrow here

Something else that sets SCG apart is that they have a “State-by-State” timeshare law page on their website. This will provide potential clients with a precise list of timeshare related laws that apply to their state of residency. It is evident that SCG is willing to offer anyone thorough information without receiving any payment first, and this is indicative of authenticity in the company. 

Seaside Consultants Group also has a plethora of testimonials from past clients that highlight a fantastic experience with the exit company. Several positive reviews from clients indicates that most people who choose to work with SCG have great experiences with the company. 

Another benefit of Seaside Consultants Group is the fact that they are very transparent about their timeshare exit process. 

The Process 

The following is pulled straight from the Seaside Consultants Group website: 

  • Step 1 

The first step of our process is to create a strong case file for you. We need to fully document the misleading and high-pressure sales tactics used by the timeshare company. 

  • Step 2 

After we gather the necessary information, a Specialist will schedule a consultation with a Senior Analyst to review your case. 

  • Step 3 

After reviewing your file, our Senior Analyst will determine if we can take your case and what your options are. During the consultation, we will be able to discuss what those options are and what the cost to cancel the contract would be. 

  • Step 4 

Once we receive approval to take on your case, your case manager will send you a service agreement. You will have ample time to make your decision, high-pressure is not how we do things. 

  • Step 5 

Our team of experts will begin working diligently to cancel your contract. Results are typically achieved in 6-12 months, with some outlying cases taking up to 18 months. 

  • Step 6 

We will provide you with documentation from your attorney relieving you of any and all future liabilities of the timeshare contract. This includes the mortgage, assessments, and maintenance fees. 

Seaside Consultants Group Site Review 

Another unique factor about SCG is their timeshare exit cost calculator. Having a free cost calculator available is very beneficial to potential clients, seeing as people can easily get a quote without going through the hassle of scheduling a consultation. 

Many timeshare owners don’t realize how much of their money is going down the drain with increasing maintenance fees and interest related to their timeshare. 

When a timeshare exit company is willing to offer useful information with no obligation to the client, and vice versa, it proves their legitimacy. 

Seaside Consultants Group also boasts a 100% success rate. This is likely due to the fact that they do not accept every case that comes to them. SCG carefully evaluates all potential cases, decides if they will be able to help, and then either get to work with the new client or guide them in a different direction. 

SCG guarantees that they will get all of their clients out of their timeshare contract. 

Also on the SCG website, they boast their credit protection program that they offer to clients. This definitely sets SCG apart from other exit companies, seeing as most do not provide this service for their clients. In short, Seaside Consultants Group protects clients from anything that may be damaging to their credit in the exit process. 

There are many fraudulent exit companies that will tell their clients to stop making payments related to their timeshares during the exit process. The issue is, the exit process can take over a year. If a client stops making payments during the exit process, the timeshare company will put derogatory marks on your credit score. 

In short, credit protection will prevent those derogatory marks. 

Cost & Fees 

The exact cost of exit through Seaside Consultants Group will be determined after their free consultation. 

This is very common in timeshare exit, seeing as the process will be different depending on the situation. Certain timeshare resorts are harder to get out of than others. As a matter of fact, timeshare exit companies that give you a quote prior to a consultation are almost always fraudulent. 

A consultant will need to thoroughly review the clients case prior to accepting the case and providing a quote. 

As we mentioned earlier, Seaside Consultant Group does offer an escrow payment option. 

After reviewing testimonials, we can determine the average cost of exit through SCG is $4,000 to $8,000. This can, of course, vary depending on your contract. Additionally, clients who still have a mortgage balance will be paying more for timeshare exit. 

Seaside Consultants Group Rating 

Seaside Consultants Group currently has an A+ Rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). 

SCG currently has several positive ratings and three complaints on the BBB website. The three complaints SCG does have on the BBB have all been resolved by the company, which also proves a willingness to publicly accept mistakes and repair the issue. 

Seaside Consultants Group also has a 5-star rating on Yelp, which is another trustworthy review site. The following is a review pulled from the BBB, and is their most recent five star review: 

“I went to Seaside Consultants Group for help back in April of 2019 and this is one of the best things I ever did and have done! They helped free me and my husband from my burden that we had for over 10 years. Everyone at Seaside was very helpful in keeping us on track for what we needed to do to get out of our timeshare, I would for sure and definitely recommend using their services! Seaside Consultants Group was very helpful throughout the process of getting us out of our timeshare. If I had questions they were answered in a timely manner. I was pleased with their services. The process was long but in the end I was free of my timeshare and all of our headaches. Thank you for your help through this process…”

In Conclusion 

After thorough review, we can determine that Seaside Consultants Group is a very reputable timeshare exit company. SCG is among the few great timeshare exit companies that can help you eliminate your timeshare mortgage and other related fees. 

SCG employs attorneys, offers an escrow payment option, offers free consultations, and has nothing but great reviews on several platforms. Hopefully this review will aid you in your search for a great timeshare exit company.