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Table of Contents

01. The Services Provided Timeshare Cancellation, Timeshare Mortgage Cancellation, Credit Protection, and Timeshare Tax Preparation

02. Breaking Down the Timeshare Exit Process  – Free Consultation & 3 Step Cancellation Procedure

03. Reviewing the Pros and Cons –  Escrow Type Plan, but Eligibility Restrictions

04. Closing Thoughts – Links to Seaside Consultants Group SNS & Overall Rating Review

Timeshares, a concept that has been both celebrated and criticized, present a unique challenge in the real estate sector. For many, they offer the prospect of vacation ownership, but the intricacies of their contracts can be perplexing. Seaside Consultants Group positions itself as a solution provider for those entangled in timeshare commitments. This article provides an objective overview of the services, processes, and the advantages and disadvantages of engaging with Seaside Consultants Group.

― The Services Provided

Seaside Consultants Group emerges as a comprehensive solution for those looking to navigate the intricate maze of timeshare commitments. Their array of services, including Timeshare Cancellation and Timeshare Mortgage Cancellation, is designed to free clients from the shackles of unwanted timeshare obligations. While thousands annually seek timeshare cancellation, Seaside‘s team of specialists and analysts meticulously assess each case’s eligibility. Those who qualify are not only relieved from their timeshare mortgage debt but also freed from ongoing maintenance fees and all associated obligations.

A standout feature of Seaside Consultants Group is their Escrow-Type Plan. This plan ensures the termination fee is securely held in escrow, only to be released upon successful timeshare cancellation. This optional layer of protection, available for an additional fee, offers clients an unparalleled peace of mind.

Understanding the importance of credit, Seaside Consultants Group proudly offers Credit Protection. This service ensures that during the cancellation process, the timeshare developer cannot negatively impact a client’s credit score. Moreover, any pre-existing credit damage from the timeshare or unforeseen situations is actively addressed and repaired.

Date of Experience: February 8, 2022 – Tim B (BBB Review)

Working with seaside has been a good experience so far. we are probably half way through the process. seaside reached out too us about a month and half ago to keep us updated. and the firm that handles the credit protection and the lawyers has reached out a couple times to inform us on where we are in the process and what to expect. the only issue we had was with the lawyer and I contacted seaside and seaside corrected that immediately .its all a process just have to believe in the process. I would recommend seaside consultants to exit you Timeshare contract

For those with tax concerns, Seaside Consultants Group has got you covered with their Timeshare Tax Preparation service. Addressing concerns related to IRS Form 1099-C, they ensure clients have nothing to fret about, with their tax attorney handling all the nuances.

Every client at Seaside is paired with a dedicated attorney, ensuring direct representation throughout the cancellation process. These attorneys, with their vast experience in real estate and consumer protection laws specific to vacation ownership, are committed to acting in the client’s best interest. However, it’s essential to note that while Seaside assigns attorneys to clients, the group itself is not a law firm. Instead, they function as a team of consumer advocates, working hand-in-hand with the assigned attorney to protect clients’ credit and implement a proven timeshare exit strategy.

― Breaking Down the Timeshare Exit Process

Navigating the timeshare exit process with Seaside Consultants Group is a journey marked by clarity, precision, and client-centricity.

Date of Experience: 2020 – Lilia Briones (Google Review)

I went to Seaside Consultants Group for help back in April of 2019 and this is one of the best things I ever did and have done! They helped free us both me and my husband from my burden that we had for over 10 years. Everyone and I mean everyone at Seaside was very helpful in keeping us on track for what we needed to do to get out of our timeshare, I would for sure and definitely recommend using their services! Seaside Consultants Group was very helpful throughout the process of getting us out of our timeshare. If I had questions they were answered in a timely manner. I was pleased with their services. The process was long but in the end I was free of my timeshare and all of our headaches. Thank you for your help through this process. Yes, we would definitely recommend them to everyone!!!! I would for sure use them again if I ever needed their help again. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Let’s delve deeper into their step-by-step approach:

▶ Simple Documentation

Every journey begins with a single step, and in this case, it’s all about establishing the facts. A dedicated Specialist from Seaside Consultants Group will collaborate with you to gather essential details from your timeshare paperwork. This includes crucial data such as purchase dates, point values, and loan specifics. But it’s not just about the numbers; they also take the time to document your personal experiences with the timeshare developer. This holistic approach ensures that your unique story is at the heart of the process.

▶ Free Consultation

Knowledge is power, and Seaside Consultants Group believes in empowering its clients. Once the documentation is in place, an analyst will consult with every party involved in the timeshare contract. This meticulous step ensures that the facts are represented with 100% accuracy and that everyone involved has a crystal-clear understanding of the timeshare cancellation process. After a thorough analysis, the case is presented to the Senior Leadership Team for consideration. If your case qualifies, the analyst will elucidate your available options, ensuring you’re well-informed every step of the way.

▶ Timeshare Cancellation

Once you’re on board, the real magic begins. The Client Services team kicks off the timeshare cancellation process with a warm congratulatory call, welcoming you to the Seaside family. They swiftly initiate the credit protection program and assign a seasoned attorney to your case. You’ll soon hear from this legal expert, complete the necessary paperwork, and then watch them get to work on your behalf. While most cases wrap up within a breezy 8-12 months (and some lucky clients even see results in just 6 months), more intricate cases might span 18-24 months. But rest assured, with Seaside Consultants Group, you’re in capable hands every step of the way.

Reviewing the Pros and Cons

Seaside Consultants Group offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to assist timeshare owners in their exit process. While they bring a wealth of expertise and benefits to the table, potential clients should be aware of the process’s intricacies and the potential duration variability.

Date of Experience: 2020 – Kami J (Yelp Review)

I signed up with Seaside Consultants to get me out of my timeshare with Diamond Resorts with a money back guarantee if the process is unsuccessful. I was told the process would take 12-18 month. 3.5 years later, my contracts with Diamond Resorts have not been canceled and my credit score is trashed due to the delinquencies. For the past 1.5 years I have been working with Tradebloc to try to fix my credit with no success. I send frequent emails to Seaside Consultants and the attorney representing me asking at what point is this process considered unsuccessful and will issue a reimbursement of my payment to them. They continue to tell me some contracts take longer than others to cancel. Perhaps if I was told this initially I would have considered other options because my bad credit is really hurting me and my family. The staff are very nice and respond quickly to emails which is why I am rating 2 stars instead of 1. My advice is to research the success rate of the company you decide to go with.

▶ Pros

● Expertise & Legal Representation

Seaside Consultants Group specializes in canceling timeshare contracts, particularly those signed under conditions of deceit, misinformation, or high-pressure sales tactics. Their team of specialists and analysts conducts a thorough analysis to determine eligibility. Every client is paired with a dedicated attorney experienced in both real estate and consumer protection laws related to vacation ownership. This ensures direct representation throughout the cancellation process.

● Credit Protection & Tax Assistance

Recognizing the importance of maintaining a pristine credit score, Seaside offers comprehensive credit protection. They ensure that the timeshare developer cannot negatively impact a client’s credit score during the cancellation process and actively address any pre-existing credit damage. Concerned about IRS Form 1099-C? Seaside has a specialized tax attorney to handle all tax-related nuances, ensuring clients have peace of mind.

● Escrow-Type Plan & Complete Severance

For added security, Seaside offers an optional Escrow-Type Plan where the termination fee is held securely in escrow and released only upon successful timeshare cancellation. Once the timeshare is canceled, all ties, including the mortgage, maintenance fees, and dues, are completely severed.

▶ Cons

● Eligibility Restrictions

While many seek timeshare cancellation, not everyone qualifies. Eligibility is determined after a detailed analysis.

● Duration Variability

While results are typically achieved within 8-12 months, some cases, due to various factors like the responsiveness of the timeshare company or the status of the mortgage, might take longer.

● No Resale Assistance and Not a Law Firm

Seaside does not assist in the buying, selling, or transferring of any timeshare. Given that timeshares often depreciate in value, selling them can be challenging. While clients are assigned attorneys for representation, Seaside Consultants Group itself is not a law firm but a team of consumer advocates.

Closing Thoughts

Timeshares present a complex landscape due to their multifaceted contracts. Seaside Consultants Group provides a structured approach, helping individuals seek clarity and potential exit strategies. Their methodical process and diverse services position them prominently in the timeshare consultancy arena. If you’re evaluating options in the timeshare world, understanding what Seaside Consultants Group offers becomes a crucial step in your decision-making journey.

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