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Resort Relief is a timeshare exit company based out Conroe, TX and has been in business since 2014. As our team reviewed their website, we are not impressed because the website does not look professional. The website has a, ‘Who We Are’ page and it briefly explains they are the “go-to” people in the timeshare exit industry because they help individuals who are trapped into these contracts through deceptive sales practices or if they fell victims to fraud. Something that stood out to our team was a video on the homepage of an individual talking about their pricey timeshare mistake and how they wish they never purchased the timeshare. We always recommend watching these videos to better understand if you are also a victim of high pressured sales tactics. Under the ‘Services’ page the company states it provides Timeshare Termination, Timeshare Deed Transfer and Re-Sale Counseling. The company states its timeshare termination service:

“is for timeshare owners who feel they had deceptive sales tactics used against them during the purchase or upgrade of their timeshare. We can help owners whether they own their timeshare outright (fully paid for) or if they still owe on their timeshare mortgage. This service focuses on the deception used by the timeshare sales staff during the sales presentation. Most timeshare owners are not even aware that they have options. If you feel you were misled into the purchase or upgrade this option is for you”.

The company states that their Timeshare Deed Transfer service:

“allows timeshare owners who have paid off their timeshare and are current on their maintenance fees to transfer the ownership to another person. This service is perfect if the owner no longer uses their timeshare, they do not want their children to have to deal with it, or if they are tired of the rising costs”.

The re-sale counseling provided by resort relief is just them evaluating the timeshare resale company you plan to work with is legitimate. Our team can do the same thing and it will not cost you anything since we put our customers first. The company claims it works with an attorney but after careful assessment of the website, we highly recommend you confirm this detail with them. The company has a news page which talks about a recent timeshare exit company that was put in hot water with the attorney general after scamming a lot of individuals. Our team only recommends with working timeshare exit companies that provide escrow or a 100% money-back guarantee so you are always protected from timeshare scams. Our team understands looking for a timeshare exit company can be stressful, have our team find you the right timeshare exit company at no cost. Get in touch by giving us a call, initiating a live chat or fill out the form below. The company has not listed the cost or the processing time for their services which is very common in the timeshare exit industry.

Resort Relief Licensing

Resort Relief has ‘NR’ (Not Rated) rating through the Better Business Bureau and the company is not a BBB accredited company. Resort Relief has 3.3 stars on the BBB with 10 customer reviews. The company also has 22 complaints closed in the last 3 years and 4 complaints closed in the last 12 months. The company does not have a Yelp or Trust Pilot reviews.


MyTimeshareExitReviews Rating

MyTimeshareExitReviews.com always recommend working with a company that has a strong positive presence in the timeshare exit industry. After carefully reviewing Resort Release, our team has decided to assess the company a 2.0/5.0 MyTER Rating. The reasoning behind this rating is Resort Relief does not provide an escrow or 100% money-back guarantee and has complaints of services not being completed as promised on the BBB. We always recommend companies that put their clients first and Resort Release does not meet those standards.