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Table of Contents

01. Services Offered by Resort Relief  – Florida Based Timeshare Termination, Deed Transfer, and Resale Counseling Company

02. Client Relations and ReviewsLow Google Ratings and Unsolicited Call Marketing

03. Disappearance Act – Lack of Company Activity and Customer Reviews After 2019

04. Closing Thoughts – Links to Resort Relief’s SNS & Overall Rating Review

Resort Relief, a Texas-based entity, emerged in the timeshare exit industry in 2014 with a promise to aid timeshare owners in contract terminations. Portraying itself as an industry-recognized mediator, the company aimed to be the go-to solution for legally exiting timeshare agreements. However, post-2019, a cloud of mystery enveloped Resort Relief as reviews ceased. This abrupt disappearance not only sparked intrigue but also left existing and potential clients with a myriad of unanswered questions. This article delves into the operations, client relations, and the perplexing closure of Resort Relief, offering a critical lens through which to view the company’s stint in the timeshare exit sector.

― Services Offered by Resort Relief

Resort Relief established a distinct position in the timeshare exit industry, offering tailored services to assist clients in terminating their timeshare contracts. The foundation of its services lay in the consultation program, aimed at comprehending the unique circumstances of each client’s timeshare situation. Although the cost details of this consultation remain vague, Resort Relief took pride in its “experienced consultants” who played a crucial role in navigating the complexities of the timeshare cancellation process.

A big part of Resort Relief‘s service was hiring attorneys to end timeshare contracts. This legal help aimed to make the company look trustworthy. The attorneys were said to help clients exit contracts fully. They also claimed to help get some invested money back. But, people doubted this claim of getting money back. Still, having legal help likely made clients feel safer about the process.

Date of Experience: 2018 – Carrie Palm (Google Review)

Thank you! Resort Relief handled our timeshare exit very diligently . They explained that the process may take 13 to 18 months. At the 13 month mark, we received the good news…our timeshare interest had been officially terminated. We’re so thankful to the whole team at Resort Relief. Life is just better without the burden of that money pit they call a timeshare 🙂

Resort Relief chose cases carefully to make sure exits from timeshare contracts went smoothly. Once a case passed the check, the work started quickly. A case analyst made a detailed plan based on the client’s timeshare resort details. This plan aimed to make the exit process easier for the client, matching Resort Relief‘s goal of providing a clear way out of timeshare troubles.

Moreover, Resort Relief pledged to shield its clients’ credit scores from foreclosure during the cancellation process. This commitment likely reassured clients anxious about the financial fallout of exiting their timeshare contracts. By prioritizing credit protection, Resort Relief showcased an understanding of the wider financial ramifications of timeshare cancellations and aimed to cushion against adverse credit events as part of its service offerings.

― Client Relations and Reviews

Resort Relief presented itself as a helpful mediator for timeshare exits. Yet, some parts of its client relations caused doubt. They claimed timeshare owners often asked them for advice. But, one owner said Resort Relief called them first without invitation. This difference in stories brings up questions about how the company reached out to people. Cold calling, associated with high-pressure sales, is common in the timeshare industry.

Despite the highlighted discrepancy, Resort Relief had garnered a mixed bag of reviews, indicating a varied client experience. On one hand, a rating of 4.3 out of 5 on a review platform suggests that a segment of its clientele found satisfaction in the services rendered. This score might reflect a level of professionalism and effectiveness in handling timeshare exit cases. On the other hand, the absence of more detailed reviews makes it challenging to ascertain the breadth and depth of client satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

Date of Experience: 2019 – Mary Ann Krushin (Google Review)

Went to meet with them and they just lied and took a charge out for us to pay thousands and said we can get vacations from them for the same price we pay with our timeshare which was a lie. They said that thousands of dollars they charged us was all that they will ever have to pay except for $100 a year and could cancel at any time. Tried to call them to find why we got another bill for a couple thousand dollars more which we were told would not happen and can not talk to anyone. Leaving message but no call backs. Do not attend these get out of time shares because you can not get a call back from them, They Scam

Moreover, the experience shared by a timeshare owner about unsolicited calls from Resort Relief sheds light on a potential area of improvement in client relations. While the company may have seen this approach as a proactive outreach strategy, some prospective clients might have perceived it as intrusive or unwelcome. The contrasting perceptions underline the importance of clear and transparent communication in building trust and satisfaction among clients.

― Disappearance Act

Date of Experience: 2017 – Susan Johnson (Google Review)

Resort Relief is a waist of money. Its another “timeshare cancellation” company that preys on the elderly, taking their last dollar and doing absolutely nothing in return!

The section on Resort Relief‘s disappearance could delve into how the company, once active and engaging with clients, seemingly vanished from the public eye post-2019. The abrupt halt in online reviews is strong indication of its closure, leaving existing and potential clients in a lurch. This section could explore the implications of such an abrupt cessation, the void it leaves for clients seeking timeshare exit services, and the importance of a clear communication channel between such companies and their clientele, to foster trust and ensure a smooth transition during timeshare exit processes. This narrative is further enriched by reflections on the company’s earlier client relations and service offerings, painting a fuller picture of Resort Relief‘s trajectory in the timeshare exit industry.

― Closing Thoughts

The enigmatic closure of Resort Relief underscores the volatile landscape of the timeshare exit industry. The disappearance leaves a void for those seeking its services and emphasizes the importance of transparency and open communication in fostering client trust. As prospective clients navigate the tricky waters of timeshare exit, the story of Resort Relief serves as a cautionary tale, prompting a thorough vetting of companies before engagement. Amidst a realm where companies come and go, the essence of reliable, transparent, and client-centric services remains paramount, forming the bedrock of a successful and amicable timeshare exit process.

Below are a list of Resort Relief‘s still available social media, but there is not guarantee that any of it is being monitored.


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