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Fastest Exit is a reasonably new timeshare Exit company based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. The organization was established in April 2019.

Hiring a timeshare exit company with little experience in the industry is somewhat of a trump card. On one hand it can go truly well, and you save hundreds contrasted with recruiting a more settled organization with higher expenses. Then again it can go awful, and they end up being an exit scam who fooled you into paying thousands up-front. As our group thoroughly assessed Fastest Exit, a few things did stand apart to us.

Our team understands choosing the right exit company for your timeshare cancelation can be trickier than it seems. As you hear sales pitch after sales pitch, you begin to acknowledge they can all start to sound very redundant. Fortunate for you, our team has written an in-depth review of Fastest Exit. Here we listed the company’s pros and cons if you decided to hire them for your timeshare cancelation. Our team believes there are a couple of valuable tips every timeshare owner should know before working with any exit company. Fill out the form on the right so we can help you find the right exit company ideal for your timeshare situation. 

There aren’t an excessive number of online Fastest Exit Timeshare Reviews. Thinking about the number of years they’ve been in business, however, it is understandable why they would not have substantial customer feedback.

Online customer reviews and feedback are incredible sources that can give an understanding of how a company works. A company’s website is also an extraordinary wellspring of data. Your research shouldn’t simply rely upon customer reviews. We always urge owners to validate some of the questions they may have and do their due diligence in researching each exit company.

As we clicked on the Fastest Exit homepage link, the first thing that stood out to our group was that the company has an exceptionally proficient website. A slick yet straightforward layout with bold letters, “Guaranteed Timeshare Cancellation.” Unfortunately, this was the first red flag that stood out because how can a company guarantee cancellation before a consultation?

We always encourage owners to seek out a free consultation with a timeshare exit company first. This benefits both parties since you get to determine your options, and the company can determine if they’re qualified to take on your case. Fastest Exit does seem to offer one, but it does sound like they’re jumping the gun here with an opening statement like that.

As we continued our evaluation, it became apparent Fastest Exit makes very bold claims with not much-supporting evidence. In addition to their previous statement, our company came across another red flag. We found a section where they mention a few major platforms where the company has been “seen around,” but we didn’t find any supporting sources linked.

One positive we discovered is the company provides a maintenance fee calculator. Here owners can input their information to determine how much their fees would increase over time. Fastest Exit even took the time to add a section for any COVID-19 Assessment / Exchange Fees. Not only does this demonstrate customer appreciation, but this also promotes the idea that they can be trusted since they’re willing to give out this information for free. Excellent job here from the Fastest Exit team.

Next, we discovered that the company had taken the time to list out the countries and resorts to where their services apply. We admire this from Fastest Exit because owners can do a self-assessment of their own to determine if they will be eligible for the company’s cancellation services. This facilitates the consultation part of the cancellation process.

Clicking the “Our Process” page, we next discovered company did well by laying out its cancellation process. Typically, any company that provides insight into how their cancellation process works is a good sign. Unfortunately, we found another red flag here. Under the management tab, Fastest Exit states most cases are successfully resolved within 60-90 days. For a company with only 2 years in the industry, that is another bold claim with no supporting evidence.

Continuing our review, we came across the FAQ page. Here the company says that assuming you need to recuperate cash from your timeshare, contact Fastest Exit for help. Oddly, on the “Exit Your Timeshare” page, Fastest Exit says it will not accept your timeshare and doesn’t recuperate cash that has effectively been paid for the timeshare. It seems like they’re starting to contradict themselves here.

Another important thing we should mention is that Fastest Exit isn’t a law firm. The organization’s FAQ page expresses that most timeshare exit companies needn’t bother with an attorney. Instead, the company says most exits should be possible through the resort. If this is valid, it makes one wonder, for what reason would Fastest Exit’s services be required if an exit can be successful through the resort? At that point, tons of owners would cancel their timeshares on their own. All things considered, numerous timeshare developers currently offer “deed back” or “buy back” programs that will take a timeshare. But of course, specific requirements need to be met to be eligible. And the reality is that most timeshare owners will not qualify for these programs.

Lastly, we landed on the Fastest Exit “Blog” Page. Here the company posted two blogs of two different timeshare owner experiences. Both have no videos or comments, and the only pictures that are included seem to look like stock photos.

At the bottom of the site, we found a link titled “Scholarship.” Going to the Scholarship page, we see that Fastest Exit offers a grant to the individuals who compose an article addressing two questions.

We haven’t seen this before in the cancellation industry, so we admire Fastest Exit’s creativity here in aiding young aspiring college students.

Completing our assessment of the company, we’ve confirmed that the company does not offer escrow. Unfortunately, this means that the company charges up-front fees, and we never recommend you pay anyone up-front. Paying high up-front fees has led to countless timeshare exit scams. It puts the timeshare owner in a very vulnerable position. To learn more about timeshare exit scams, click here.

When you pay a timeshare exit company up-front, you have no clue if the organization will do what it says it will do. The company may never have any intentions to cancel your timeshare. But if you pay with escrow, now the company is motivated to finish the work it was recruited to do. Get familiar with escrow and why it’s significant by clicking here.

Fastest Exit Cost and Fees

Like most timeshare exit companies, Fastest Exit costs and fees are not mentioned online. Usually, prices come after you complete a free consultation with one of the company’s prepared, trained professionals. They work with you to determine your eligibility for their services.

Since there are only a small amount of online Fastest Exit timeshare reviews, it was difficult to locate a past quote. A standard range that we have seen in the industry can run $3,000-$8,000 depending on the complexity of your situation.

Fastest Exit Ratings

Update as of July 2021: The Fastest Exit BBB page has an “A” rating with a 4.57/5-star rating. The company is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and they have had 0 complaints.

Unfortunately, they do not have any reviews on Trustpilot, and they only have one 5-star review on Yelp. Our team has assessed the company at a 3.5/5.0 MyTER rating. The MyTER rating is based on not offering an escrow option, positive reviews from the platforms they are ranked on, and the free consultation.
Below are two recent customer reviews from their Better Business Bureau profile:

Final Thoughts

Overall, Fastest Exit appears to be a legitimate business. A key point separating them from other exit companies is their positive standing with the Better Business Bureau. This gives them a competitive edge in the industry by reassuring their clients. We would have liked it if they were ranked on all platforms, however. And we do not like that they charge up-front fees.

Therefore, we cannot recommend Fastest Exit. We only recommend companies that have no up-front fees and that offer escrow. That way, you stay protected against a potential exit scam. Read over our website, fill out the form on the right, or contact us through Live Chat for a free personalized consultation. Our team recommends working with trustworthy timeshare exit companies that offer an escrow option, so you pay no up-front fees until your timeshare contract is canceled.