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Table of Contents

01. Timeshare Cancellation Services – Global Reach With Almost Every Resort / Vacation Club

02. The Timeshare Exit Process  – Detailed Consultations & Legal Cancellation Strategies

03. Reviewing the Pros and Cons –  Wide Range Expertise, but Limited Financial Recovery

04. Closing Thoughts – Links to Newton Group Transfers SNS & Overall Rating Review

Navigating the intricate world of timeshares and their complex contracts and agreements often overwhelms many. However, Fastest Exit stands out as a leading figure in this arena, providing solutions for individuals eager to free themselves from timeshare obligations. In this review, we aim to objectively delve into the company’s history and their method of handling the timeshare exit process.

Timeshare Cancellation Services

“Any Timeshare. Anywhere.” This isn’t just a catchy slogan for Fastest Exit; it’s a testament to their unparalleled expertise. As a US-based company with the capability to cancel any timeshare globally, they stand out in the crowded timeshare cancellation landscape. Navigating the intricacies of international contract law and domestic legislation can be overwhelming for many. But with Fastest Exit, clients are assured of a seamless process, even when dealing with timeshares or vacation memberships in regions as diverse as Europe, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and North America. Their seasoned experts, armed with a deep understanding of international vacation contract law and local nuances, have successfully advised clients across a vast array of countries, from Anguilla to Vietnam.

But it’s not just about geography. Fastest Exit’s prowess extends to a multitude of resorts and vacation clubs. They have the capability to cancel contracts with almost every major resort or vacation club worldwide. With decades of industry experience, robust professional relationships, and insider knowledge, they ensure client satisfaction at every turn. Resorts and travel clubs, recognizing Fastest Exit’s proficiency, are often more than willing to negotiate, leading to favorable outcomes for clients. Whether you’re tied to the Anantara Vacation Club, the Disney Vacation Club, Marriott, or Wyndham, Fastest Exit has a proven track record of delivering results.

Date of Experience: January 9, 2023 – Glenn P (BBB Review)

Fastest Exit helped ** cancel our timeshare in *******, although, it took a little while longer than expected. We were told that the process would take about 5 months for our specific property. However, it took 7 months. They told us that the resort was experiencing delays in processing time because of Hurricane ***. I was able to verify this information as accurate after I contacted a friend who owned at the *********** after they tried to make a reservation for Christmas because the owner’s service department was closed during the hurricane. The employees at Fastest Exit were friendly enough and we were able to avoid paying another maintenance fee.

― The Timeshare Exit Process

▶ Consultation

The process kicks off with an in-depth consultation. Over the phone, an exit consultant dives into the specifics of your unique situation and your contractual commitments to the resort. This conversation goes beyond a simple chat; it’s a detailed review. The consultant examines the nature of your ownership, the resort involved, the property’s location, and any financial obligations you hold. This discussion forms a comprehensive client profile, setting the stage for the next steps. After deciding to collaborate with Fastest Exit, a senior consultant familiar with your resort’s nuances guides you through your options, ensuring you understand the most effective strategy to pursue.

To ensure a seamless consultation, here are some questions you can expect:

Is your timeshare fully paid, or are you still grappling with mortgage payments?

Who’s the mastermind behind your timeshare? Which resort is it?

Where’s your timeshare located? Is it in the US, our neighbors in Mexico or Canada, or perhaps somewhere more exotic?

How long has it been since you signed that contract?

Do you own a deeded week, or are you on a points contract?

Are you up-to-date with your timeshare maintenance fees and mortgage, or are you trailing behind?

▶ Strategy

With the consultation complete, it’s time to strategize. The legal department, in collaboration with the exit consultancy team, will draft a robust strategy to legally free you from your contractual chains. But Fastest Exit doesn’t work in isolation. They’ve forged strong partnerships with a plethora of legal, title, and financial firms. This ensures that every contract they tackle is legally canceled, leaving no room for future complications.

▶ Management

Once the strategy is set, the real action begins. The legal and timeshare consulting teams at Fastest Exit take the reins, managing every facet of your case. But you’re never left in the dark. A dedicated account manager stands by your side, providing all necessary documentation and serving as your go-to for any concerns or queries. While most cases see a resolution within a span of 60-90 days, some of the more intricate ones might stretch up to 365 days. But rest assured, Fastest Exit is committed to seeing it through.

▶ Exit

The final act in this journey is the exit. It’s the moment where you can finally breathe easy, knowing you’ve been liberated from all legal and financial ties to your timeshare contract or vacation club membership. Once everything is wrapped up, either Fastest Exit or one of their partner firms will hand over a formal verification from the resort. This document is your ticket to freedom, confirming that you’re no longer bound to the timeshare or vacation membership. With that, you’re set on a path to financial tranquility.

Date of Experience: March 4, 2023 – Lois H (BBB Review)

Timeshare got canceled and they were generally pleasant to deal but it took longer than expected to finish the whole process. I started with them in late 2021 because I could not make any reservations with my resort in ****** because no one ever answered the member services phone number and I had forked over a hefty maintenance fee earlier that year so I was done with them. Well apparently to cancel the timeshare you have to get responses out of the resort and they ran into the same problems that I did when I was trying to book and that is why it took longer than we all thought. At least the timeshare is gone now

― Reviewing the Pros and Cons


● Global & Professional Expertise

Taking the DIY route for timeshare exits can be perilous. Statistics show a mere 1.7% success rate for self-attempts, with even lower figures for vacation club members. Fastest Exit’s seasoned team, equipped with insider knowledge and unique exit strategies, ensures you don’t inadvertently increase your timeshare burden. Fastest Exit boasts the unique capability of canceling any timeshare worldwide, making them a go-to for diverse ownership situations.

● Efficient Turnaround & Guaranteed Results

For those with timeshares that are free and clear of mortgages, the exit process can be as short as 3 to 9 months. However, the duration can vary based on the resort and any inherent delays they might employ to deter cancellations. Confidence in their services is evident in their guarantees. If they don’t secure a release from your timeshare within the stipulated time, they commit to refunding your exit fee.

● Financial Recovery & Comprehensive Network

If recouping your money is a priority, Fastest Exit shines. Beyond their in-house team, Fastest Exit’s network of partners brings additional expertise to the table, ensuring a smooth exit process. They assist clients in recovering significant amounts daily, ensuring you don’t leave money on the table.


● Variable Duration & Limited Financial Recovery

While many exits are achieved in under 12 months, the timeline can extend based on unique ownership situations, especially if there are overdue fees or other financial obligations. Fastest Exit focuses on releasing clients from future obligations. However, they don’t recover past payments made towards maintenance fees.

● Customer Commitment & Terms and Conditions

While Fastest Exit is committed to ensuring a successful exit, they require clients to be equally proactive. Clients must provide necessary information promptly to ensure the process remains on track. Their guarantees come with specific terms and conditions. It’s crucial for clients to thoroughly understand these details, which are provided during the consultation, to set clear expectations.

Date of Experience: January 10, 2023 – Tracey D (BBB Review)

Fastest Exit canceled my timeshare in a 120 days. I couldn’t believe how quickly they handled everything, and the customer service was absolutely outstanding. Every time I had a question or needed an update, they were there to walk me through the process and answer all my questions. They even took the time to explain the details of the cancellation thoroughly, so I knew exactly what to expect. Thanks to them, I was able to get out of my timeshare quickly and easily. The only problem I’ve ever had with Fastest Exit is that sometimes they didn’t return my calls the same day. And while I understand that they might have had a lot on their plate, it would have been nice to have a response the same day, or at least the next.

― Closing Thoughts

Navigating the intricate landscape of timeshare cancellations demands deep industry knowledge and expertise. Fastest Exit stands strong in this field, offering a well-structured approach to timeshare exits. With their robust background and comprehensive exit process, they present a compelling solution for individuals aiming to tackle their timeshare issues.

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