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Unfortunately, there aren’t too many Client Protection Group reviews. Considering the number of years, they’ve been in business, we expected a bigger amount. However, we did have to appreciate that a major   qity of the reviews were positive.

Online customer reviews are excellent sources that can give a perception of how a company works. An organization’s website is a wonderful wellspring of data as well. In any case, your research shouldn’t simply rely on customer reviews. We urge timeshare owners to validate any questions they might have and do their due diligence in investigating each exit organization.

Tapping on the Client Protection Group homepage, the primary thing that stood out to our group was that the company made it very simple to find information. As we kept on scrolling, we were able to quickly determine the company charges up-front fees. “100% Money-Back Guaranteed” says Client Protection Group.

Unfortunately, this is where our team discovered its first red flag. It doesn’t bode well how an exit organization can guarantee cancellation prior to knowing at least something about your present circumstances. And 100% Money-Back Guarantee still means you must pay the exit company up-front.

We urge owners to look out a free consultation with a timeshare exit organization first. This benefits both sides since the owner will find out what available options they have. The exit company can also validate whether they’re qualified to take on your case. Client Protection Group seems to offer one, but they’re still asking for payment up-front. We never recommend paying any up-front fees because this has led to countless timeshare exit scams. The problem with paying up-front is that it puts you in a very vulnerable position. And the exit company no longer has a sense of urgency to cancel your timeshare. To learn more about timeshare exit scams, click here.

As we continued with our evaluation, it became obvious Client Protection Group makes bold claims without any supporting evidence. We see tons of claims on their site mentioning a “quick and legal” exit strategy. We also found a section where they company discusses fraud recovery. However, we didn’t find any supporting sources associated to these sections. There are a few written testimonials, but without pictures or video, this does damage their authenticity.

Clicking the “FAQ” page, we next discovered the organization did well by answering many common timeshare owner questions. Usually, any association that makes an extra effort to provide information to its readers is a positive sign. We were able to confirm the company does offer credit protection services. This is excellent because most timeshare exit companies won’t guarantee your credit score’s protection. If a company tells you to stop making your payments without some sort of protection this can put your credit score in jeopardy! So, we admire Client Protection Group’s efforts here.

The organization says here, assume you need to recuperate cash from your timeshare, contact Client Protection Group for help. How can a company say reselling is “impossible” but then sound confident they can recover past up-front payments you made? Recovering money paid up-front is far more difficult than reselling a timeshare.

Another huge thing we ought to allude to is that Client Protection Group isn’t a law firm or a resale company. The affiliation’s FAQ page confirmed this on one of the last bullet points. All things being equal, the association says most exits should be possible by contacting them. We could not discover any statements mentioning to contact the resort. Considering everything, different timeshare developers do offer “deed back” or “buy- back” programs that will take a timeshare back. Of course, certain requirements ought to be met to be eligible. But the first thing you should still do is contact your resort before you speak to anyone else! We did find this a bit concerning, and almost biased that Client Protection Group makes no mention of this. Seems like they’re trying to sign people up before making owners aware of this option.

At last, we came across the Client Protection Group “Accreditations” section. Here the association posted an accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. They also are licensed with the Secretary of State of CA. But normally, all businesses who wish to conduct business in California need to register with the Secretary of State.

Completing our assessment of the association, we’ve asserted that the association doesn’t offer escrow. Deplorably, this infers that the organization charges up-front fees, and we never recommend you pay anyone front and center. Paying high up-front fees has incited various timeshare exit scams. It puts the timeshare owner in a totally vulnerable position.

Paying a timeshare exit organization up-front doesn’t ensure they will complete the services they say they will do. They may never have any plans to cancel your timeshare whatsoever. In any case, on the off chance that you pay with escrow, as of now, the association is now held accountable to finish the work it was enlisted to do. To learn more about escrow, click here.

Client Protection Group Complaints

Like almost every exit company, Client Protection Group costs are not listed online. This is normal in the timeshare cancellation industry because fees are typically determined after having a free consultation with the company. 

This is because most companies base their prices on the complexity of your situation. For example, owners who still have a mortgage balance are usually stricter contracts to get out of, which will require more effort from the exit company. A few Client Protection Group complaints did mention a price range of $5,000-$6,000. We’ve seen a standard range in the cancellation industry can run from $3,000-$8,000.

Client Protection Group Ratings

Update as of September 2021, Client Protection Group is a BBB Accredited Business, and they have been in business for 8 years. Client Protection Group has 28 customer reviews with a 4.89/5-star rating, with 1 complaint closed in the last 3 years. Our Team has assessed Client Protection Group a 4.0/5.0 MyTER Rating due to the lack of escrow.

Client Protection Group has 1 Yelp review with a 5/5-star rating, and they have 0 reviews on Trustpilot and on Facebook. Below is a recent BBB customer review from a past Client Protection Group customer:

Final Thoughts

Overall, we do not change our recommendation of hiring an exit company that offers an escrow payment option. Our team did consider the 100% Money-Back Guarantee; still, we never recommend paying up-front. Especially since Client Protection Group lacks online customer feedback, this damages their credibility of upholding their end of the bargain. The company also does not mention its exit process anywhere. For that, we do not give our recommendation.

Contact our team so we can help you find a reputable exit company that is ideal for your current timeshare situation. Our team only recommends hiring timeshare exit companies that offer escrow, so you eliminate all up-front fees a protect yourself from being scammed. Fill out the form on the right or contact us through Live Chat for a free personalized consultation. Learn more about how you can protect yourself against a timeshare exit scam!