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Table of Contents

01. A Look Into Client Protection Group’s Background Timeshare Elimination Team with a Santa Ana, CA Storefront

02. Client Protection Group’s Array of Services  – Timeshare Elimination, Mortgage Cancelation, Credit Protection, and Fraud Recovery

03. Going Over the Pros and Cons –  Broad Qualification Spectrum, but at the Cost of an Initial Investment

04. Closing Thoughts – Links to Client Protection Group’s SNS & Overall Rating Review

The world of timeshares can be as alluring as a siren’s song—promising paradisiacal getaways but often ensnaring the unsuspecting in a maze of commitments. It’s no wonder that many are on the lookout for an escape. Enter Client Protection Group, positioning itself as the compass to navigate out of this maze. But how does it measure up when put to the test? Let’s embark on this exploratory journey together.

― A Look Into Client Protection Group’s Background

In the intricate world of timeshares, Client Protection Group emerges not just as another name, but as a robust full-service timeshare consulting powerhouse. Their specialty? Guiding individuals out of the web of timeshare contracts that they may no longer desire. For years, their relief team—comprising highly skilled professionals—has dedicatedly worked in tandem with clients, fostering a one-on-one approach. This isn’t just a company that skims the surface; their track record speaks volumes. With thousands of timeshare contracts and mortgages successfully eliminated, they’ve managed to shield their clients from potential losses, racking up savings exceeding 5 million dollars according to their website.

Date of Experience: April 3, 2023 – Taylor E (BBB Review)

Thank you Client Protection Group for finally ending my timeshare nightmare! I was very skeptical when Client Protection Group cold called me telling me they could help me cancel my timeshares and eliminate ************ without it ruining my credit. I had over $50,000 in timeshare debt to ******* and ******. I was under water, barely able to afford the payments on these every month, and I called both ******* and ****** and they said there was nothing they could do for me. The representative ****** told me they deal with those resorts very often and made me feel confident they could help me. After researching them and confirming they were a reputable company, I decided to put my faith in them. Stopping the payments was scary because I always pay my bills on time and I was concerned about my credit being ruined, but ****** assured me they would help me with my credit, and told me to trust the process. After about a year, I am completely free of this timeshare nightmare! I will never buy a timeshare again! I highly recommend Client Protection Group to anybody that is stuck in a timeshare nightmare like I was!

But perhaps what sets Client Protection Group apart from the pack is their innovative approach. They’re not just another cookie-cutter solution provider; they’ve earned the distinction of being the sole timeshare elimination organization to craft a process that’s truly client-centric. Recognizing that every individual’s circumstance is unique, they offer options tailored to each client’s specific situation. The hallmark of their process? It’s straightforward, exudes transparency, and stays firmly within legal boundaries. In a domain often clouded by complexity, Client Protection Group shines with clarity and dedication.

― Client Protection Group’s Array of Services

Date of Experience: August 4, 2022 – Mary B (BBB Review)

I have been trying to get out of my timeshare since the death of my husband and had tried other companies that only took my money and then disappeared. Naturally I was skeptical about trying to work with yet another company. However, after checking the BBB I forged forward. It did take longer than I had hoped due to all of the ***** delays and temporary shut downs, but Client Protection was successful and was able to relieve me of a contract of $36,000. Client Protection however did stay in touch with me and kept me informed during that time. This is such a relief not to have this burden in my senior years without my husband.

Client Protection Group provides a multi-faceted approach, catering to the various pain points faced by timeshare owners, ensuring they are not just protected, but also empowered.

▶ Timeshare Elimination

The timeshare market is notorious for being notoriously difficult to exit. Many owners, in their quest to relinquish their timeshare burdens, find the selling route akin to a mirage—promising but ultimately elusive. This is where Client Protection Group steps in with their elite service, Timeshare Elimination. Recognizing the deceptive high-pressure sales practices employed by many timeshare sales staff, Client Protection Group offers an escape route. Their modus operandi is straightforward: clients provide certain paperwork, which the company then forwards for evaluation and termination. The grand finale? A letter of termination from the timeshare entity, signifying the closure of your account. It’s not just about eliminating your timeshare; it’s about simplifying the process.

▶ Mortgage Cancellation

The dream often sold to timeshare buyers—that of a valuable investment—often collapses under the weight of the harsh reality. Many buyers find the terms of their contract at odds with what was initially promised, leading them into a financial quagmire. Client Protection Group offers a beacon of hope with its Mortgage Cancellation service. By leveraging potential discrepancies in the terms of the sale and the actual contract, they offer a way out—even beyond the standard rescission period. The bottom line? A potential escape from the endless cycle of timeshare mortgage payments.

▶ Credit Protection

Protecting one’s credit, especially in the complicated timeshare arena, is paramount. With Client Protection Group’s Credit Protection service, clients are shielded from the negative credit impacts commonly associated with timeshare cancellations. The team liaises with major credit bureaus, ensuring the client’s credit remains unsullied. Furthermore, they handle all communication related to the timeshare, providing an added layer of protection. Should any timeshare company attempt intimidation, a cease-and-desist letter ensures that all communication is redirected to Client Protection Group, offering peace of mind to the client.

▶ Fraud Recovery

The dark underbelly of the timeshare market often showcases acts of fraud, with many owners becoming victims of spurious timeshare resale companies. These predatory entities promise sales, often demanding hefty sums, but deliver nothing. Client Protection Group, licensed as a Consumer Advocate Timeshare Relief Service, fights against this form of “Timeshare Resale Fraud.” Their Fraud Recovery service delves into the details of how clients were defrauded, exploring avenues to recover lost funds. Given the intricate nature of these cases, clients are advised to engage directly with a Timeshare Elimination Team member to chart the best recovery route.

― Going Over the Pros and Cons

Date of Experience: August 8, 2023 – Stephen D (BBB Review)

We originally brought our timeshare in 2009 and quickly realized we’d made a huge mistake. After years of procrastinating I finally decided to hire Client Protection Group LLC in February 2023 with the assurance that we would be free of the timeshare within the year. Throughout the process their team was accessible, responsive, and encouraging. I would never have guessed this process would have gone this smoothly. Note that we’re ******** and so I was a little worried this wouldn’t work but the entire process was flawless. I wish I’d known about this company years ago. Thank you!

Navigating the murky waters of timeshare exit often requires a trusty partner. Client Protection Group (CPG) promises to be that beacon of hope for many. But decisions shouldn’t be made in haste. A meticulous evaluation of the pros and cons, based on the information provided, is paramount.


● Transparent Initial Costs

Unlike many companies that hide their charges under layers of conditions, CPG is upfront about their costs. While there’s an initial retainer, its low nature ensures that it doesn’t deter potential clients. Moreover, the offer of a free consultation provides an opportunity for clients to understand the potential value they’re getting before making a financial commitment.

● Broad Qualification Spectrum

A highlight of CPG’s services is their inclusive qualification criteria for Timeshare Elimination. Whether you feel wronged by misleading contract terms, are grieving a lost travel companion, or are grappling with health issues, CPG doesn’t leave you out in the cold. Their approach is empathetic and customer-centric.

● Clarity and Legitimacy

CPG‘s emphasis on being not just another resale company is noteworthy. Their transparent, straightforward, and legal process ensures clients aren’t stepping into another potential trap.


● Initial Investment

The fact remains that there is an upfront cost, however low it might be. For timeshare owners already under financial duress, this could be a point of contention.

● Comparative Value

CPG’s offerings sound enticing, but the market is vast. It’s essential for potential clients to juxtapose CPG‘s services against others in the industry to ensure they’re making an informed decision. After all, what’s “low cost” for one person might not be the same for another.

● Specificity of Service

While CPG covers a broad spectrum, potential clients might have unique scenarios that fall outside of their mentioned services. It’s crucial to discuss and understand if CPG can cater to bespoke requirements.

Closing Thoughts

At a glance, Client Protection Group presents a compelling case for those seeking to part ways with their timeshares. Their robust background and seemingly systematic process do lend them credibility. Yet, as with all services, it’s essential to approach with a cautious optimism. In the dynamic arena of timeshare cancellations, one-size-fits-all solutions rarely exist. So, while Client Protection Group may offer a map, it’s crucial for potential clients to remember that the terrain might be tougher than it looks. After all, timeshares are a tricky business, and escaping them? Well, that’s an art in itself.

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