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Another timeshare exit company, Centerstone Group bases their business around helping people cancel their timeshares. Based out of Costa Mesa, California, they’ve only been up and running since 2020. Though they’re newer as a company, they have experienced owners who have been in the timeshare industry for over 30 years.

When looking at timeshare exit companies today, they tend to be ran in one of the following ways:

1. Helping you write letters to your timeshare resort to persuade them to cancel your timeshare.

2. Assigning you a timeshare exit attorney that will work on your behalf to get your timeshare cancelled.

3. Leveraging connections within the timeshare industry to transfer your timeshare to a willing receiver.

Most often a timeshare exit company will use one the three methods in order to cancel your timeshare. Centerstone Group’s approach is a slightly different exit process as they use all three methods combined in order to cancel the timeshare.

Using all three allows substantial benefits for the timeshare owners looking to cancel. The following chart helps illustrate how Centerstone separates itself from their competition:

Combining Timeshare Exit Strategies

When looking at a timeshare exit company that uses all three exit strategies, canceling your timeshare can not only be faster, but it’s also a window for more reliable and cheaper timeshare exit solutions.

Truthfully timeshare resort developers are getting increasingly better at combating timeshare exit companies who are helping owners get rid of their timeshare. That’s why a proper timeshare exit company has to have the ability to utilize more than one timeshare exit strategy in order to get the timeshare cancelled.

As an example, say someone chose to work with a timeshare exit company that solely works with attorneys to cancel timeshares. Opposed to taking a more affordable route that uses letters to send to the timeshare resort developers to get clients out of their timeshare. That timeshare exit company can directly go to an attorney in order to cancel the timeshare.

It’s true that it may eventually be canceled either way, but it could take a larger amount of money than needed to achieve the same end goal.

As another example, if someone were to work with a timeshare exit company that solely sends letters to cancel timeshares, it is cheaper than an attorney. 

Though this route does not always work. As an alternative, you could pay one of the exit companies that only use letters and wait for the letters to do the job of persuasion. Then eventually your timeshare may not even be cancelled, or not end up working.

In this situation, you’d have to attempt to get your money back from that timeshare exit company that used the form of letters to try and end the contract then seek out a different timeshare exit company.

Renewing the Process

It’s important to know that you may not be able to get your money back in these situations, as not all timeshare exit companies are legitimate. In those cases, you may need to hire a second timeshare exit company to start the process from the beginning.

A timeshare exit transfer company is normally a good option because the developer of the resort has no need to be persuaded for them to take the timeshare back. Though it doesn take more experience and connections inside the timeshare industry to follow through with an effective timeshare exit transfer company.

This is because they may have several relationships already in order that have several different open receiving parties. That’s where more experience in the timeshare industry becomes an important factor.

Centersone Group has ownership holding both experienced and knowledgeable staff in the timeshare industry. The ownership of the company has years of combined relationships that have developed several receiving parties. All of whom have successfully transferred timeshares out of clients names.

The company’s ownership has also experienced sending letters to resort developers, as well as using attorneys to get the timeshare cancellation process completed. It’s also one of the only exit companies that offer a fully comprehensive approach to exiting timeshares.

Centerstone Group Reviews

In the Centerstone Group review, one point that stood out is that Centerstone posted a step by step diagram of their exit process on the homepage. The company does well here by showing some transparency, by explaining the steps you’ll take when working with the company. 

One of the first things Centerstone Group will ask of you is to provide your timeshare documents so their experts can evaluate your case and start the process. Once everything is organized, they mention they first try pressuring the Resort before assigning you an attorney.

The most legitimate way to exit your timeshare is through an attorney, but this can cost a little extra. It’s obvious as to why they would not involve an attorney at first thought, but you must make sure you get your timeshare cancelled the first time. 

You will realize all your previous exit costs meant nothing if you have to redo the process. Though, the fact that Centerstone does use an attorney is still a good sign. We do advise anyone to be careful if a timeshare exit company does not use an attorney; they usually are not legitimate. 

Centerstone Group also includes a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page on their website. The frequently asked questions page has common questions and answers that timeshare owners may have. 

On this page, they state:

Centerstone Group is the only timeshare exit firm that utilizes our proprietary 3-pronged process. Additionally, we successfully negotiate releases with clients in as short as a month and average quicker resolutions overall than anyone other timeshare exit companies or law firms.

According to a specialist, the average time to transfer the timeshare is roughly around 3-12 months, which is similar to most exit companies. We could not confirm if they work with foreign timeshares, the answer we were provided with is they have to assess your case to see 

if they can accept it. This is a good sign because it shows they are not a greedy exit company. You do want to avoid companies who claim they can successfully cancel “every” case; usually, they are not legitimate. 

If you are unaware, many timeshares are listed for a dollar on Ebay.com and Craigslist.com and still can’t be sold. This is because most people realize that a timeshare is just another money pit. With countless fees and a never-ending contract, it can be a financial burden. If this sounds like you, speak to a team member so we can help find a solution for you. 

If you’re looking to work with Centerstone Group, there are a few things that each timeshare owner should know before working with any timeshare exit company. Initiate a Live Chat or fill out the form on the right to find out how you can protect yourself from potential timeshare exit scams.

Centerstone Group Cost

Unlike most timeshare exit companies, Centerstone Group does not participate in price gouging. This means the price doesn’t change depending on how much your maintenance fees are.  All customers are treated fairly and honestly at Centerstone Group.

The Centerstone Group cost is not available online because the company must gather more information about your timeshare to determine how much work it’s going to take to cancel your timeshare. The more work it’s going to take, the more you will be charged.

Centerstone Group offers an escrow payment option, which is important. When you pay with escrow, the timeshare exit company does not get paid in full until after your timeshare is cancelled. This gives the timeshare exit company incentive to complete the cancellation of your timeshare.

Is Centerstone Group Legitimate?

When reviewing Centerstone Group, we do wish they had at least Yelp, or Trustpilot presence. Though they are a primarily new company, there’s not much room for online reviews, other than the ones already advertised on their website.

Overall, Centerstone Group does seem legitimate, as they don’t charge up-front fees and offer an escrow option. They also show transparency with their exit process which is a great opportunity for trust building with clients.

On the other hand, Centerstone Group does raise some questions regarding their prices, which are based on the amount of work completed. What they consider a high amount of work can be deemed problematic as it can lead to patterns of inconsistency.


Following careful assessment, Centerstone Group Inc. is deemed by our team as a company we’d proceed with caution before doing business with. If you’re considering taking on Centerstone Group for your timeshare exit process, we think you should definitely do further research.

Though it is true that the owner is highly knowledgeable in the timeshare industry, they are still very new to the timeshare exit process as a company. Sometimes leading to mistakes, or acts of desperation for new clients.

We highly recommended becoming more in touch with and seeking out other reputable companies before definitively choosing to go into contract with Centerstone Group.