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Table of Contents

01. About Centerstone Group Inc. Full-Service Advocacy & Over 30 Years of Combined Experience

02. The Good: A Consumer Centric ApproachPersonalized Consolation & Exit Strategies

03. The Latter: Not a Magic WandFee Structure & Time Consuming Process

04. The Verdict: A Reliable Option  – Positive Track Record & Consumer Reviews

05. Closing Thoughts Links to Centerstone Group Inc. SNS & Overall Rating Review

Ah, timeshares. They lure you in with the promise of paradise, only to leave you tangled in a web of annual fees, maintenance costs, and ever-so-complicated exit strategies. If you’ve ever tried to get out of a timeshare, you know it’s like breaking up with a clingy ex—it’s complicated. But what if I told you there’s a knight in shining armor ready to rescue you from this contractual dungeon?

Enter Centerstone Group Inc., a company that claims to be your timeshare exit lifeline.

But do they live up to the hype? Let’s dive in.

― About Centerstone Group Inc.

Centerstone Group Inc. is a company that specializes in helping people exit their timeshare contracts. Timeshares are a form of shared property ownership that often come with long-term commitments, and getting out of these contracts can be complicated. This timeshare exit company offers a specialized service to navigate this complex process. As a full-service advocacy group, Centerstone Group Inc. likely takes on the role of representing their clients’ interests in various capacities. This could include legal representation, negotiation with timeshare companies, and providing advice on the best course of action for exiting a timeshare.

Centerstone Group was fantastic. They explained the process they were going to follow to extricate us from our terrible ******* timeshare, kept ** fully informed every step of the way and delivered what they promised. Their professionalism and diligence saved us from financial ruin. On a scale of 1to 10 they are an 11

Date of experience: August 23, 2023 – Richard (BBB Review)

The leadership team at Centerstone Group Inc. has over 33 years of combined experience in the timeshare and timeshare exit industries. This suggests a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in timeshare contracts, as well as the legal and financial implications of exiting such contracts. They claim to have developed a comprehensive, time-tested resolution process for exiting timeshares. While the specifics are not provided, this likely involves a step-by-step approach that has been refined over years of experience to offer clients the best chance of successfully exiting their timeshare contracts.

With their years of experience, the team likely has extensive knowledge of the timeshare industry, including the tactics that timeshare companies may use to keep people in contracts. This expertise can be invaluable for clients looking to navigate the often murky waters of timeshare ownership. Given their specialization, it’s reasonable to assume that this company is highly client-focused, aiming to provide personalized solutions tailored to each client’s unique situation.

― The Good: A Consumer-Centric Approach

Centerstone Group Inc. stands out for its dedication to personalized service. From your initial inquiry call, they treat you as an individual with unique needs. They provide one-on-one consultations, attentively hearing your specific situation—whether it’s an inherited or regrettable vacation-purchased timeshare. In a field known for complexity, Centerstone Group Inc. shines as a beacon of transparency. They present all options to you, outlining the pros and cons honestly. No sugar-coating, no false commitments—just straightforward advice. It’s akin to a candid friend who tells you that certain jeans don’t flatter you, but also suggests how to improve.

With a team of legal professionals, financial advisors, and timeshare industry experts, Centerstone Group Inc. guides you through intricate contract details. They make sure you comprehend the nuances, providing knowledge about your situation. Think of it like having a personal coach for timeshare challenges—they equip you to handle the work.

I can’t begin to explain what the freedom of unloading the timeshare means to me and my family. I was skeptical at first after being scammed so badly by BlueGreen into wasting thousands of dollars on “vacations” that were almost impossible to get scheduled and were never as nice as promised. Centerstone Group delivered on their promise and walked us through all of the steps. Even helped us find the best time for us specifically, which was to actually wait on pulling the trigger to better benefit us in the process in the long run- with regards to time share club dues, fees etc. I didn’t understand all of the process but just had to trust it was getting done. Everyone we worked with was nice, professional and knowledgeable and expressed sympathy to our plight. It was expensive, but not as expensive as being stuck with an unusable time share and I am happy we found Centerstone Group. We even received a small sum back from the time share so in the end actually came out fairly even on their services. Definitely recommend Centerstone if you find yourself stuck with a timeshare.

Date of experience: April, 2023 – Kari Koch (Google Review)

Remember those waiting times with bland music during customer service calls? Centerstone Group Inc. eradicates that. Their support team is prompt, attentive, and genuinely useful. Whether it’s a simple query or a complex legal question, they’re there to assist. What makes this timeshare exit company unique is their knack for devising a tailored exit plan. They cater solutions to your requirements—negotiating with the timeshare company, aiding in legal procedures, or facilitating timeshare sales. Their goal: to efficiently liberate you from contractual obligations.

― The Latter: Not a Magic Wand

While Centerstone Group Inc. stands as a reputable name in the timeshare exit industry, it’s crucial to remember that they’re not miracle workers. The process of exiting a timeshare is fraught with complexities, including legal challenges and negotiations with timeshare companies. This company is commendably transparent about the intricacies involved, urging consumers to manage their expectations realistically.

Timeshares come in all shapes and sizes, and the complexity of exiting one can vary significantly. Centerstone Group Inc. offers a thorough evaluation of your specific case, providing an honest assessment of the challenges you may face. While they have the expertise to handle a wide range of situations, it’s important to understand that some timeshares are inherently more difficult to exit than others. The company boasts an impressive track record of successful timeshare exits, but it’s essential to note that there are no guarantees in this industry. Various external factors, such as changes in legislation or the unwillingness of the timeshare company to negotiate, can influence the outcome of your case. It’s akin to predicting the weather; even the best forecasts can’t account for sudden changes.

When it comes to costs, Centerstone Group Inc. is not a budget option. They offer a range of pricing structures, tailored to the complexity and specific needs of your case. While the initial fees might give you pause, it’s important to consider potential additional costs, especially if your case requires legal intervention. The good news is that the company is transparent about their fee structure, providing a detailed breakdown to ensure you’re not caught off guard by hidden charges or last-minute add-ons.

― The Verdict: A Reliable Option

Centerstone Group Inc. offers a balanced approach to timeshare exit, combining consumer-centric service with transparent practices. While they may not be a magic wand, they are certainly a reliable tool in your arsenal. Think of them as the Swiss Army knife of timeshare exits—versatile, dependable, and effective for a variety of situations.

One of the most compelling arguments for choosing Centerstone Group Inc. is their proven track record. With numerous successful exits under their belt, they’ve demonstrated a consistent ability to navigate the complex world of timeshare contracts. It’s like choosing a seasoned pilot for a turbulent flight—you’re in safer hands. In an industry rife with scams and shady practices, Centerstone Group Inc. stands out for its integrity. Their transparent fee structure and honest communication make them a trustworthy option. It’s akin to finding an honest mechanic in a sea of swindlers; the relief is palpable.

Don’t just take our word for it; consumer reviews largely echo these sentiments. A quick scan of testimonials reveals a pattern of satisfied customers who appreciate the company’s straightforward approach and effective results. It’s like reading restaurant reviews before trying a new place; if most people are happy, chances are you will be too.

Centerstone was EXCELLENT at helping us cancel a contract with one of the biggest timeshare companies out there. They took all the stress off of us and had this timeshare cancel our policy quickly. Centerstone knows what needs to be done to have these big timeshare companies reverse what they have done to many people by tricking us into buying what they are selling. ***************************** seriously saved us probably a lifetime of heartache because these companies go after our children (financially) with their contracts. At first, I was afraid to invest into Centerstone because I was not sure what the outcome would be and I just got taken advantage of by the timeshare company…but investing the little bit I did into Centerstone literally saved me and my family! If you are like me and feel you have been taken advantage of by your timeshare company…I promise you working with Centerstone will be worth it. They know the laws around all of this and will protect you as they work to hold these timeshare companies ********************************** was not only professional and got the job done, but they were genuinely empathetic about how we were taken advantaged of. They are genuinely empathetic because they see many people being taken advantage of and I believe this is personal to them as they have found a way to protect people from the many timeshare companies that are out there.I do not regret working with Centerstone and I do not believe you will either.

Date of experience: July 27, 2023 – Sonya (BBB Review)

While they may not have a solution for every single timeshare situation, they come pretty darn close. Their range of services and tailored exit strategies mean they can handle a wide variety of cases. It’s like a tailor who specializes in custom fits; you may not get off-the-rack simplicity, but you’ll get something that suits you much better. Perhaps the most valuable thing Centerstone Group Inc. offers is peace of mind. Knowing that you’re working with a reliable, transparent, and effective company can alleviate much of the stress associated with exiting a timeshare. It’s like having a reliable babysitter for your kids; you can actually enjoy your night out without constantly checking your phone.

― Closing Thoughts on Centerstone Group Inc.

To sum up this review, Centerstone Group Inc. emerges as a reputable and reliable player in the complex arena of timeshare exit services. While they may not possess a magical solution for every scenario, their proven track record, transparent practices, and dedication to personalized service make them a solid option for those seeking liberation from timeshare contracts.

Like a trusted ally, Centerstone Group Inc. navigates the intricacies of timeshare exits with a consumer-centric approach. They offer individualized consultations, guiding clients through the convoluted process. Their transparency in presenting options, without glossing over challenges, is reminiscent of a candid friend who provides genuine advice. With their experienced team of legal professionals, financial advisors, and industry experts, Centerstone Group Inc. empowers clients with knowledge about their timeshare contracts. This equips clients to tackle the complexities themselves, akin to having a capable coach for navigating the timeshare terrain. Consumer reviews reinforce the company’s efficacy, emphasizing successful outcomes and empathetic service. Much like reading testimonials before trying a new restaurant, positive experiences of others often indicate a reliable choice. The testimonials provided illustrate the satisfaction clients have found in Centerstone Group Inc.’s assistance.

Yet, it’s important to understand that timeshare exits can be intricate journeys. Centerstone Group Inc. acknowledges this reality and communicates it transparently. While they’re not a guaranteed fix, their extensive expertise and well-honed resolution process increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome. This is similar to choosing a seasoned pilot for a bumpy flight; their experience inspires confidence. Of course, there’s a cost associated with this expertise. This timeshare exit company is forthright about their fee structure, preventing any surprises down the road. While they may not be the budget choice, the value of their guidance and support can far outweigh the initial investment.

Reach out to Centerstone Group Inc. today via any of their outlets listed below:

In the grand scheme, Centerstone Group Inc. functions like that reliable friend you can count on in times of need. Though you might not interact with them daily, their presence provides assurance that assistance is at hand when required. If you’re mired in the complexities of timeshare ownership and seeking a way out, giving Centerstone Group Inc. a chance could be your best path to escape from the maze of timeshare contracts.