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Centerstone Group is one of the timeshare exit companies that you may be able to trust to cancel your timeshare. 

Like many other timeshare exit companies, it was founded in California. The ownership behind the company has been working in timeshares for over thirty years, but Centerstone Group has been in business since 2020. 

Can you trust Centerstone Group to effectively cancel your timeshare?

Most timeshare exit companies operates one of three ways: 

  1. Writing several letters to your timeshare resort to try and convince them to cancel your timeshare. 
  2. Assigning an exit attorney who will work on your behalf, finding wrongdoings, to get your timeshare cancelled.
  3. Utilizing their connections in the timeshare industry to transfer your timeshare to someone who wants it.

What sets Centerstone Group apart is that they have their own unique solution to timeshare exit. Unlike many other timeshare exit companies, they use all three timeshare exit strategies to cancel their clients’ timeshares. 

This has been very successful, as they have the benefit of all three methods. 

What Sets Centerstone Group Apart 

Centerstone Group uses all three timeshare exit strategies. As a result, they provide a much faster, cheaper, and more reliable solution for their clients. 

As more timeshare exit companies pop up, timeshare resort developers get better at combating their methods. 

A timeshare exit company must be able to adapt to that fact, using several methods to efficiently get a client out of their timeshare.

For example, a client chooses to work with a timeshare exit company that only uses the method of hiring attorneys to get their timeshare cancelled. Instead of taking the cheaper and quicker route of sending letters to the timeshare resort, they choose to hire an attorney. The attorney will employ a pricy attorney to find wrongdoings in the timeshare contract. The timeshare will likely get cancelled eventually, but it will certainly take more time and an excessive amount of money. 

On the other hand, if a timeshare exit company only sends letters to the resort developers, it could be an issue too. This method is much cheaper than hiring an attorney, but it doesn’t always work. If a client were to pay for an exit company in which they only use letters, they could eventually determine that the letters aren’t working. If this happens, clients will then have to attempt to get their money back from the timeshare exit company. Despite the hypothetical scenario of them failing to complete a service, many timeshare exit companies give their clients a hard time about getting their money back. 

Not all timeshare exit companies are legitimate, and in some scenarios, clients have to hire a second timeshare exit company and start the process over again.

A Three-Pronged Approach 

Centerstone Group is slowly becoming popular for their three-pronged approach. 

Firstly, and likely the quickest option, is pressure campaigns. Pressure campaigns are when the exit companies communicate with the timeshare resorts to convince them to alleviate the client of their timeshare. This can be done through emails, letters, or a flood of social media responses. 

This is efficient because resorts do not want unhappy owners. It does not bode well for their reviews and reputation. Timeshare resorts will often cancel the timeshare after receiving letters or reviews from timeshare exit companies, who will use their preferred method to air grievances and negotiate a cancellation. 

Another option is a timeshare transfer. This requires a lot of connections and a good rapport in the timeshare community. As a timeshare owner, it’s hard to find a willing recipient to transfer the timeshare to. Centerstone Group has a network of willing owners, and they have had success in the past transferring timeshares to other owners. 

The last option that will not have a negative impact on a timeshare owner’s credit is attorney representation. A hired attorney will work to find wrongdoings in the timeshare contract, and then open a case against the resort to get the owner out of the timeshare. This is time consuming and expensive, but almost always effective, as timeshare resorts are frequently guilty of false advertising. 

There are some timeshare exit companies that tell their clients to stop keeping up with the maintenance fees associated with their timeshare. After a certain amount of time of avoiding fees, the timeshare will go into foreclosure. This is a huge detriment to a client’s credit, but a lot of timeshare exit companies consider this to be a successful timeshare exit. 

A Comprehensive Guide 

CostServices OfferedDoes Centerstone Group Offer It?
Cheapest Pressure Campaigns Yes 
CheapestTransfer to willing recipient Yes
ExpensiveAttorney representation Yes 
Expensive + Bad for credit score Timeshare foreclosure by abandonment No

Is Centerstone Group Reputable?

Typically, timeshare exit transfer companies are a good bet because there is limited communication with the resort developer. That being said, it does take a lot of industry connections in order to sufficiently transfer a timeshare to a willing recipient. This is where experience in the timeshare industry is absolutely crucial. 

Luckily, the owners of Centerstone Group are made up of people with a ton of experience in timeshares. They have spent years building up a reputation and developing relationships with several receiving parties. This is why they are well equipped to transfer timeshares out of their clients’ names. Centersone group also employs people with experience in sending letters to resort developers, as well as using attorneys to get timeshares cancelled. 

Centerstone Group is unique because they are one of the only exit companies that offer this variety of strategies. 

Centerstone Group Reviews 

Reviews for Centerstone Group are few and far between, considering they are a new timeshare exit company. 

That being said, they are accredited on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and have an A- Rating.

As of December 2020, they have just over 10 reviews and almost five stars. This is on the high end of timeshare exit reviews, though they will certainly be accumulating more reviews over the next few months. 

According to the reviews on BBB, Centerstone Group offers quick service. Many clients say the company is professional, communicative, and knowledgeable. 

Centerstone Group Pricing 

Many timeshare exit companies participate in price gouging, meaning they charge clients more depending on resorts and maintenance fees. Another thing that sets Centerstone Group apart is that they do not participate in this practice. According to their site and their reviews, all customers of Centerstone Group are treated fairly and honestly. 

However, almost all timeshare exit companies do not divulge their exact cost online, and potential clients have to schedule a consultation to get a quote. Centerstone Group is no exception to this. This is due to the fact that they want to get a feel for the situation to determine how much effort they will have to put in to complete their service. 

One reviewer on BBB notes that the service was expensive, but that’s on par with the industry standard. The same reviewer also mentioned that the service was worth it, since the timeshare exit was so quick and efficient. 

Centerstone Group also offers an escrow payment option, which is a huge plus. Escrow payment is crucial in timeshare exit because the money you put down is held by a third party company. This means the exit team does not get paid until the service has been completed. This gives the timeshare exit company incentive to complete the cancellation. This also means, in the event that the exit company could not cancel your timeshare, it is much easier to get your money back. 

Why Centerstone Group is Better Than Its Competitors 

Centerstone Group has developed a very comprehensive approach to timeshare exit. Their three-prong method of cancelling timeshares is very impressive, and it definitely sets them apart from their competitors. 

Additionally, they’ve employed industry leads to work with their clients. This immediately builds a good rapport for them despite only being in business since 2020. 

So far, they’ve had great reviews. A lot of clients say they work quickly and efficiently. Not to mention, they communicate professionally and seem to give their clients a thorough play by play of their process. 


Centerstone Group feels like a breath of fresh air in a timeshare industry that seems to be saturated by fraud. It was founded by respected and knowledgeable people with over 30 years of experience in the timeshare industry. They seem to operate with high morals and integrity. 

That being said, there is a very understandable hesitation that comes with choosing a new timeshare exit company. 

However, Centerstone Group seems to be a very good choice in timeshare exit. 

Centerstone Group is guaranteed to accumulate more positive reviews over the next few months as they cancel more timeshares. It seems to be one of the best options on the market right now for timeshare cancellation. They offer free consultations on their website, in which you can discuss payment, the process, and the timeframe of timeshare exit.