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Omni Ellis is one of the timeshare exit companies that may be able to help you get rid of your unwanted timeshare. OE is based out of California, like many other timeshare exit companies. 

OE has been in business since 2015, giving them six years of experience in the timeshare exit industry. 

Omni Ellis has a very professional website, which you can find by clicking here, and they make the claim that they are able to help clients eliminate their timeshare mortgage and maintenance fees. 

One out of every nine American households currently own a timeshare. Some of these households own several timeshares. The timeshare industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, as does the number of people seeking timeshare exit.

It’s crucial to do your due diligence and thoroughly research timeshare exit companies. This is the only way to prevent yourself from falling victim to fraud and scams. 

Omni Ellis Site Review 

One thing that sets Omni Ellis apart is that they are upfront about their money-back guarantee. As a matter of fact, they stated the following on their website, “If the company fails to remove you out of the contract, you will not have to pay them a fee.” 

Additionally, they are upfront about their exit process. The following statement is pulled from their website: 

“We take care of each step during your timeshare transfer, so you don’t have to. After the order for your timeshare closing is placed, we ask that you complete a few simple forms allowing us to work with the resort and county agencies to facilitate the transfer of title to or from your name.” 

It’s important to note that, as of September 2020, many clients have claimed that Omni Ellis did not help them get rid of their timeshares. As a matter of fact, OE has several BBB complaints filed against them. All of these complaints have been addressed and rectified by OE, but it is still crucial to do your research before working with any exit company.

If you’re looking to work with any timeshare exit company, there are a few things you should be wary of. The timeshare exit industry is saturated with scams. Follow this link to learn about timeshare exit scams and how to avoid them. 

Omni Ellis does have a very thorough FAQ page. 

One thing that really stands out about the company is their willingness to accept international timeshares. According to their FAQ page, they accept resorts in the United States, Mexico, Europe, and the Caribbean. Many timeshare exit companies will only handle timeshares from resorts in the United States, which makes it hard for other timeshare owners to find an exit company. 

Cost and Fees 

According to testimonials, the average cost of timeshare exit through Omni Ellis is between $3,000 and $6,000. However, according to the OE contract, this price will vary depending on your timeshare developer. 

While this is a high upfront cost, most timeshares typically have high interest rates, so you will be paying less than you would be if you stayed in your timeshare contract. 

Many clients of Omni Ellis stated that they were quoted a fee and then given a few days to make a decision. Essentially, OE has raised the price for clients who did not make their decision to work with the company quickly. 

Many timeshare exit companies want potential clients to make a decision and sign a contract immediately. Due to the timeshare sales industry being so focused on high-pressure purchases, it is questionable when an exit company uses the same tactics to gain clients. 

The biggest downfall of OE is the fact that they do not offer an escrow payment option. 

We always caution people against working with exit companies that expect upfront payment. You can learn more about the importance of escrow here

While OE does not offer an escrow payment option, they do have a 100% money-back guarantee. There are a few issues with offering a money-back guarantee instead of an escrow payment option. However, due to their many positive reviews online, we believe that OE does hold true to this guarantee. 

Omni Ellis Exit Process 

On their company website, Omni Ellis claims they can help timeshare owners get rid of the following: 

  • Timeshare Mortgage 
  • Special Assessment Fees 
  • Annual Maintenance Fees 

While the exact process they use for timeshare exit is not clear, they claim they “handle everything” in regards to timeshare exit. The following quote comes directly from the Omni Ellis website: 

“Our customer service team here at Omni Ellis is incredibly sophisticated in terms of capability yet easy to deal with. Because Omni Ellis is a third party referral company, we have the ability to place our clients in the right situation at the right time, while maintaining superb customer service and streamlining the process of timeshare cancellation. In other words, you get to relax while we slave away.” 

Omni Ellis is marketed as a timeshare transfer company, meaning they find a willing recipient. As you may know, the resale value of timeshares is practically non-existent. Some timeshares sell for as low as $1 on resale websites, such as Craigslist. 

OE is upfront about the fact that they do not use attorneys in the exit process. While this is not necessarily indicative of fraud, utilizing attorneys is typically the most successful method of timeshare exit. 

The average timeframe of exit through Omni Ellis is 3-12 months. This timeframe is also dependent on your timeshare contract and the developer you purchase the timeshare through. 

According to marketing done by OE, they have helped over 15,000 timeshare owners get out of their contract. This is a very high success rate, and is certainly a positive sign for the company. 

Omni Ellis Ratings 

Omni Ellis has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). They gained their accreditation in 2017. OE has over 100 customer reviews with 5-star ratings. 

In general, past clients note that there was excellent communication throughout the exit process. Many reviews say that they received weekly updates from their assigned representatives at Omni Ellis. Former clients also note that their timeshare exit service was completed in a timely manner.

At this point in time, Omni Ellis does not have any reviews on Trustpilot or Yelp, but the review OE has on the BBB are indicative of good business practices.

In Conclusion 

Omni Ellis may be able to help you exit your timeshare. While their methods may not be on par with the industry standard, they do have a great track record. Not to mention, OE has over six years of experience in the timeshare exit industry. 

OE is accredited by the BBB, and they have over a hundred positive reviews on the site. According to several reviews, OE has great communication with all of their clients. It’s important to find a timeshare exit company that puts their clients first, and OE shows initiative in client care by providing weekly updates. 

This kind of care is necessary in timeshare exit companies, seeing as plenty exit companies will not keep you updated for months at a time. Clients who pay thousands of dollars for a service deserve to be regularly updated about the process. 

There are plenty of people seeking an exit from their timeshare contract. Over the past year, travel restrictions and financial issues have both become prevalent for most Americans. The fact of the matter is, owning a timeshare in a pandemic is not practical for a lot of people. 

Luckily, there are plenty of timeshare exit options – and Omni Ellis may be able to help you transfer your timeshare contract.