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Table of Contents

01. A Mixed Bag of Customer Experiences Poor Communication and Lackluster Customer Service

02. Services and Transparency Undisclosed Fees and No Guarantee Provided

03. Closure and BBB Alert – Documented Pattern of Complaints Among Customers

04. Closing Thoughts Overall Rating Review

Exiting timeshare contracts can be tough and confusing. Many timeshare exit companies have come up to help, including Omni Ellis. Omni Ellis is based in San Francisco. It has been in the timeshare exit industry for about five to six years. It promises to help timeshare owners exit their contracts. But, mixed reviews and a rise in complaints have raised questions about Omni Ellis’s performance and trustworthiness. This article aims to give a critical review of Omni Ellis. It will look at customer feedback, the services it offers, and how open and effective the company is.

― A Mixed Bag of Customer Experiences

Indeed, the narrative surrounding Omni Ellis seems to be a dual one, reflecting both appreciation and dissatisfaction among different factions of its clientele.

Omni Ellis provided educational resources that helped explain complex timeshare contracts. They gave hope to timeshare owners looking for clarity. Unlike many US-based companies, Omni Ellis accepted foreign timeshares such as in Mexico, Europe, or the Caribbean.

But, problems arise after customers engage with Omni Ellis. Complaints on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website are growing. Over 66 complaints are logged. Many mention poor communication, pushy sales, and bad customer service. The lack of an escrow payment option is a big concern. This option usually protects customers’ money until the service is done. Without this option, and with reports of upfront fees, there are doubts about the company’s ethics.

Date of Experience: April 7, 2022 – Karla G (BBB Review)

Omni Ellis told us they could help us dissolve our timeshare in 2020 but once we paid them they no longer could be reachable. I did receive a couple emails from them on things I had to do as part of the process which caused more ‘out-of-pocket’ money. However once I got to the final step, per the email, I no longer got any response. All the numbers and email addresses we have are either not working or they’re disconnected. Per their contract they now owe us a full refund. I’m sure we’ll never see it. What a scam

Additionally, there have been mentions of unpalatable sales tactics employed by Omni Ellis. Some customers have reported that upon being provided a quote, the sales representatives would increase the costs if the initial offer was not accepted. This kind of high-pressure sales tactic not only undermines trust but also places undue stress on customers who are already grappling with the financial and emotional toll of a timeshare contract​1​.

Furthermore, the veil of opacity surrounding the fee structure of Omni Ellis adds to the growing concerns. While it’s common for timeshare exit companies not to disclose fees upfront, most have reviews that give a ballpark figure. In contrast, the silence surrounding Omni Ellis’s fees in online reviews adds an extra layer of uncertainty for prospective clients​1​.

― Omni Ellis Services and Transparency

The world of timeshare exit companies is often filled with doubt, mainly because there’s no standard pricing model. Omni Ellis, like many others in this field, has not shared its fee structure publicly, which can make potential clients wary. This secrecy stands out more when compared to other companies in the industry who have reviews sharing a rough idea of their charges.

Not knowing the fees of Omni Ellis adds more confusion to the already tricky process of exiting timeshares. It turns away individuals who want a clear idea of the money involved upfront. This secrecy might suggest that their prices are not competitive or, worse, the pricing model may not favor the client.

As noted, the usual cost in this industry ranges between $3,000 to $8,000. This range gives timeshare owners a fair idea of the cost they might face. But the lack of information on Omni Ellis’s fees in online reviews is unusual and raises concerns. In a field where trust is crucial, not knowing the pricing of Omni Ellis can be a warning sign. Potential clients might worry about hidden fees or prices going up after they commit, which is a real worry given some have faced unexpected price hikes.

Date of Experience: June 18, 2021 – Kevin H (BBB Review)

If I could leave zero stars I would do so on this review. All Omni Ellis emails are returned undeliverable and the Fax number is no longer functional. I’ve reached out numerous times via company website help request and company telephone number. No messages are returned and it appears the company is out of business.

Moreover, the absence of an escrow payment option exacerbates the concern surrounding their fee structure. The escrow option is a hallmark of transparency and client protection, ensuring that funds are only released upon the successful delivery of services. This lack, coupled with the undisclosed fees, might leave clients feeling vulnerable to financial risk.

Furthermore, the undisclosed fees could potentially impede a fair market comparison, making it challenging for timeshare owners to compare Omni Ellis’s services and pricing with other providers in the industry. This lack of transparency does not foster a competitive or fair market environment, which is detrimental not only to the clients but also to the industry’s overall integrity.

― Omni Ellis Closure & BBB Alert

The closure of Omni Ellis has left a significant void for its clientele, many of whom were seeking a way out of their cumbersome timeshare contracts. This company, based out of San Francisco, once showed promise with its offerings aimed at assisting timeshare owners to dissolve their contracts. However, over time, the sheen of Omni Ellis started to fade, as complaints began to pile up, highlighting a pattern of dissatisfaction among its clientele.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) took notice of the growing discontent, with complaints dating back to March 2015. The grievances ranged from delayed timeshare exits to an absence of refunds, unreturned calls, and unresponsive emails. The issues seemed to escalate, reaching a point where the BBB felt it necessary to intervene. In April 2021, a letter was dispatched to Omni Ellis, urging them to address the existing complaints and outline steps to prevent such grievances in the future.

Omni Ellis, on May 4, 2021, was reached out to by BBB to address the complaints. However, the assurance seemed to have fallen on deaf ears as there was no follow-through on their commitment. The situation took a further nosedive when on September 1, 2021, mail sent to Omni Ellis’s address at 100 Pine Street was returned, unopened. This triggered a quest for an alternative address, leading the BBB to a location provided in Riverside, CA.

Date of Experience: February 2, 2021 – Edward C (BBB Review)

Since June of 2020 we have been trying to get out of our time share. Omni Ellis was recommended so I signed up. I am very dissatisfied with Omni Ellis they will not return calls or email. I have asked for a refund and have not heard anything from them. I have called all the numbers I can and nobody answers. Right now I would not recommend this company. I believe this is now a fraudulent company. Now I need to get another Attorney which is more money out of my pocket to try and salvage my cost. One more thing it states to call **** before I made this report guess what he doesn’t answers either.

A fleeting moment of hope emerged on September 15, 2021, when Omni Ellis sent out emails to its customers, promising further communication and providing a new address in Riverside, CA along with an updated email address. The intention seemed right, but the BBB was unable to verify the authenticity of the provided address, thereby plunging Omni Ellis’s credibility into deeper waters.

As the trust between Omni Ellis and its clientele eroded, and with no verifiable point of contact, the BBB has now taken the step of advising aggrieved customers to report their experiences to the Federal Trade Commission or get in touch with their local Attorney General’s Office. The tale of Omni Ellis serves as a stark reminder of the tumultuous waters that the timeshare exit industry can sometimes navigate, and the dire need for transparency, communication, and trustworthy service in this domain.

― Closing Thoughts

Omni Ellis shows a friendly face with helpful web content. Yet, digging deeper tells a different story. Many complaints have come to light. Key features like escrow payment options and clear fee structures are missing. The 100% Money-Back Guarantee is a positive point. Yet, bad customer service and pushy sales tactics cast a big shadow. The mix of good and bad reviews and the rise in complaints urge caution for potential customers. Omni Ellis’s path in the timeshare exit field reminds us that a nice website and good promises are just the surface; there might be issues hiding underneath.


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