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Table of Contents

01. About Williams Andrews Burns2023 Dissolution Timeshare Exit Company

02. Government Legal Action Against Williams Andrews Burns Bruck vs. Williams Andrews Burns LLC

03. Pattern of Complaints and BBB Investigation F Rating and Not BBB Accredited

04. Closing Thoughts – Links to Williams Andres Burns’ SNS & Overall Rating Review

Williams Andrews Burns, LLC offers timeshare exit services. It’s been scrutinized legally, as shown on its BBB profile. The company made promises to help timeshare owners with rentals, resales, and getting money back but has been accused of scamming customers. This led to a big lawsuit and severe penalties.

━ About Williams Andrews Burns

Williams Andrews Burns, LLC started in the timeshare exit industry, aiming to help owners sell their timeshares. This field is known for its complex contracts and the difficulty of getting out of these deals. There’s been a growth in companies offering exit services. But, investigations and legal issues have shown that Williams Andrews Burns might have practices that hurt consumers and damaged the industry’s reputation.

➤ Industry Context

In the timeshare industry, people can buy part ownership or the right to use a property each year for a set time. Some people like this, but others want to leave their timeshares because they cost too much, their life situations change, or they’re unhappy with the property or agreement. This has created a whole new industry focused on helping owners sell, give away, or get out of their timeshare deals.

➤ Entry and Operations

Williams Andrews Burns, LLC, entered this niche market promising to offer legitimate timeshare exit services. The company marketed itself as a firm capable of assisting timeshare owners with selling or renting out their timeshares, and in some cases, offering services to recover funds for consumers who had lost money to scams in the past. This proposition tapped into a significant demand among timeshare owners desperate for a way out of their contracts and financial obligations.

━ Government Legal Action Against Williams Andrews Burns

The legal action taken by the government against Williams Andrews Burns, LLC, represented a significant development in the ongoing efforts to regulate the timeshare exit industry and protect consumers from fraudulent practices. The case, Bruck vs. Williams Andrews Burns LLC, stands out for the severity of the sanctions imposed and the clear message it sends regarding the consequences of violating consumer protection laws.

➤ Unlawful Practices and Violations

The Superior Court of New Jersey‘s findings that Williams Andrews Burns engaged in unlawful practices underline the egregious nature of the company’s actions. By violating the Consumer Fraud Act (CFA) and Advertising Regulations, the company not only misled consumers with false promises of timeshare exit solutions but also engaged in deceptive marketing practices. These actions not only financially harmed consumers but also eroded trust in the broader timeshare exit industry.

The court’s decision to permanently enjoin Williams Andrews Burns and its affiliates from operating any business within New Jersey that offers rental and sales assistance services for timeshare owners, or services aimed at recovering money for consumers who have lost money in previous scams, is a preventative measure intended to protect consumers from future harm. This ruling underscores the court’s commitment to stopping predatory practices that target vulnerable timeshare owners seeking to divest their properties.

➤ Financial Penalties and Restitution

The large fines against Williams Andrews Burns and William O’Hanlon were set for two reasons. They aimed to make up for the harm to victims through a payment of $448,135.00. This money is meant to help those who lost money because of the company’s wrong actions. It’s especially meant to give hope to people who thought they would never get their money back. The fines of $9,320,000.00 have two main goals. They first discourage other companies from breaking the law. Second, they show the serious results of fraud and breaking advertising rules. These fines, plus the order for Williams Andrews Burns and William O’Hanlon to pay back the legal and investigation costs, highlight the financial and legal consequences of such scams.

➤ Implications for the Industry

The outcome of Bruck vs. Williams Andrews Burns LLC has broader implications for the timeshare exit industry. It signals to companies operating within this space that they must adhere to consumer protection laws and ethical business practices or face significant legal and financial consequences. For consumers, this case serves as a reminder of the importance of due diligence when seeking timeshare exit services and the role of legal recourse in addressing fraud.

The court case against Williams Andrews Burns, LLC in New Jersey is an important step in fighting scams in the timeshare exit business. The court punished the company for breaking the law, helping the victims and warning other companies. This shows how laws and rules can protect people and keep the timeshare exit business honest.

━ Pattern of Complaints and BBB Investigation

The BBB’s review of Williams Andrews Burns, LLC highlights ongoing problems in the timeshare exit industry related to how customers feel and the service they get. This part talks about the complaints made, how the company did not respond, and what this means for customers and the industry as a whole.

➤ Nature of the Consumer Complaints

Customers have complained to the BBB about this company not keeping its promises. People paid a lot of money, from hundreds to thousands of dollars, because the company said it would rent or sell their timeshares. The company also promised a high chance of success and said it would give the money back if it couldn’t deliver these services. There’s a big difference between what the company promised and what it actually did. Customers didn’t get the rental income or sales money they expected. When they tried to get their money back as promised, they got no response or confusing answers. This was really hard for people who were already losing money on their timeshares and hoped Williams Andrews Burns, LLC would help them.

➤ Company’s Lack of Response

The BBB tried to talk to Williams Andrews Burns, LLC about complaints but got no reply. Despite asking the company several times to explain how they would fix these problems, there was no answer. This silence made it hard to solve the issues and led to more people not trusting the company, including those who make regulations.

➤ Implications for Consumers and the Industry

The issues with Williams Andrews Burns, LLC warn people looking for timeshare exit services. It shows the need to research a company well, know exactly what services they offer, and check if their promises and refunds are real. For the industry, this story shows that companies must be more open and responsible. They need to follow ethical rules to gain their clients’ trust and avoid legal problems.

The BBB‘s review of this company shows bigger issues in the timeshare exit industry. People stuck in bad timeshare deals might want a fast way out. But complaints against this company show why being careful is important. The BBB keeps checking on the company to make sure things are clear and to protect people from scams.

━ Closing Thoughts

The legal issues and customer complaints about Williams Andrews Burns, LLC show the dangers of timeshare exit services. The company faced big legal problems, including a large fine and being banned in New Jersey. This warns both customers and businesses in this field. It’s very important for timeshare owners wanting to leave their timeshares to research carefully to avoid problems. This case shows how important being open, legal, and good customer service is in the timeshare exit world.


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