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Table of Contents

01. The Man Behind the Mission: Joe Berger Military and Timeshare Industry Background

02. Why Choose Linx Legal? Money Back Guarantee to Special Services for Veterans

03. The Exit Process: A Walk in the Park – Negotiations and Credit Score Monitoring

04. Closing Thoughts Links to Linx Legal SNS & Overall Rating Review

Ever felt like you’re sinking in quicksand with your timeshare contract? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. But guess what? There’s a lifeline, and it’s called Linx Legal. This timeshare exit company is not just another name in the crowd; it’s a game-changer. Spearheaded by Joe Berger, a military veteran with a wealth of experience, Linx Legal is on a mission to rescue you from your timeshare woes.


Buckle up, because we’re about to take a deep dive into what makes this company a lifesaver in the choppy waters of timeshare contracts.

― The Man Behind the Mission: Joe Berger

When you’re entrusting someone to help you navigate the complex world of timeshare exits, you want to know you’re in good hands. And when it comes to Linx Legal, those hands belong to Joe Berger, the company’s Vice President.

But Joe is more than just a title; he’s the embodiment of the company’s ethos:

Joe Berger (Linx Legal – Chief Operating Officer)

“Only the Best is Good Enough.”

Joe Berger isn’t your average VP; he’s a military veteran with a service record that speaks volumes. Serving in the United States Marine Corps (USMC) from 1992 to 2000, Joe was honorably discharged with the rank of E5 Sergeant. During his service, he was stationed in over five different cities and bases, specializing in working on F18 aircraft. This experience instilled in him a level of discipline and attention to detail that he now applies to the timeshare exit process. Joe’s military background also means he understands the value of service, not just as a concept but as a way of life. He knows that every client is unique, with their own set of challenges and needs. This is why he ensures that Linx Legal offers personalized solutions, especially for fellow veterans who can benefit from a level of service and respect that’s second to none.

With over 15 years of experience in the timeshare industry, Joe knows the game inside and out. He understands the tactics resorts use to keep you locked in and has developed strategies to counter them effectively. His knowledge isn’t just theoretical; it’s practical and battle-tested. Joe’s leadership skills aren’t just about him; they’re about building a team that shares his vision and commitment. Under his guidance, Linx Legal has assembled a group of professionals who are as dedicated to helping you exit your timeshare as they are skilled at doing it. In Joe Berger, you have a leader who combines military precision with industry expertise. He’s not just the man behind the mission; he’s the mission itself. With him at the helm, you can be confident that Linx Legal will go above and beyond to help you break free from your timeshare contract.

― Why Choose Linx Legal?

You might be asking yourself, “With so many timeshare exit companies out there, why should I choose Linx Legal?” The answer is simple but multi-faceted. Linx Legal isn’t your run-of-the-mill, one-size-fits-all solution. They offer a bouquet of services that are as diverse as they are effective.

Date of Experience: 2022 – Caitlin Sais (Google Review)

If you are looking to get rid of your timeshare I HIGHLY recommend Linx Legal. Upon choosing Linx Legal to help me rid my timeshare I was extremely grateful for the results they gave me. In just a matter of a few months Linx Legal was able to resolve my timeshare. Not only did they help with that but every interaction I have had with Linx Legal has been a positive one. My case manager is incredibly professional and caring. You can tell Linx Legal cares about their clients and the results their clients receive. I was in my early 20s when I bought my timeshare and that added a lot of debt to my name. Thankfully Linx Legal was able to help. Once again, if you are looking to get rid of your timeshare I highly recommend Linx Legal!

Firstly, when you make that initial call to Linx Legal, you’re not just another file on someone’s desk. The company prides itself on offering comprehensive consultations that are as individualized as your own signature. During this crucial first step, their experts don’t just skim through your contract; they dissect it. They assess any fees you might be facing and lay out a personalized exit strategy for you. Imagine having a GPS that guides you through the labyrinthine world of timeshare contracts—that’s what this consultation aims to be.

But the support doesn’t stop at consultation. Ever tried to decipher a timeshare contract? It’s like trying to read ancient hieroglyphics. Linx Legal serves as your Rosetta Stone, translating complex legal terms into language you can understand. And if your situation escalates to the point where you need to go to court, they’ll be right there beside you, your very own knights in legal armor. Now, let’s talk about credit scores. Exiting a timeshare can be a financial minefield, and the last thing you want is to take a hit on your credit score. Linx Legal has thought of that too. They offer credit protection services that act like a financial shield, ensuring your credit remains untarnished throughout the exit process. It’s akin to having an insurance policy for your financial reputation.


Negotiating with timeshare companies can often feel like trying to bathe a cat—nearly impossible. This is where Linx Legal’s years of experience and industry knowledge come into play. They take the reins of negotiation, acting as expert tacticians to secure the best possible terms for your exit. They know when to push and when to hold back, ensuring you get a deal that’s in your favor. In a world rife with uncertainties, Linx Legal offers a rock-solid assurance—a money-back guarantee. They’re so confident in their ability to assist you that if they can’t help you exit your timeshare, you won’t owe them a cent. It’s a no-lose proposition that emphasizes the “win” in “win-win.”

Last but not least, Linx Legal has a special place in their hearts for veterans. Led by a military veteran, the company offers specialized services and discounts for those who have served. It’s their way of saluting your service and making an already streamlined process even more hassle-free.

Date of Experience: May 31, 2023 – Jessica M (BBB Review)

We were not unhappy with our timeshare product. We enjoyed it for many years. However, recently, they had merged with another company, and things began to change. Significantly more pressure to attend the ‘updates’ (sales pitches), modifications to point systems, and higher fees. Finally, at our annual update visit, they finally did what everyone talks about…. They promised us something in an effort to get us to upgrade, and then didn’t deliver it. By the time it was apparent that we were not given the club points we had been promised, it was too late to cancel the contract. Sure, they offered some measly bonus points for the “apparent misunderstanding”; but, the trust was now broken. And as fees began to rise, we realized that, if we left this to our kids, it would be more of a burden than anything. Such a shame! That said, we were reluctant to explore alternatives, for fear of being taken advantage of, yet again. But, the anger and frustrations with the timeshare company ended up trumping the fear. We were told it may take up to 1.5 years; however, we received an offer to cancel our contract within about 6 months! We still wasted tons of money over the years; but, at least we were able to “stop the bleeding”, thanks to ****, **************** and our Case Manager, **************, throughout the process, we had to wait, and allow time for steps to play-out. My only piece of constructive feedback would be that I would’ve appreciated a bit more in the way of explanation of what was occurring and how long to expect to await further updates. I would follow-up routinely, and sometimes get feedback, while other times responses were limited. There probably wasn’t much to report; but, having never been through the process, some additional correspondence might’ve helped quell some of our worries. Other than that small suggestion, no real complaints. As you can imagine, we are relieved, as we no longer wanted to support a company who used such practices!

So, when the question arises, “Why choose Linx Legal?” the answer resounds clearly. With their personalized approach, legal expertise, credit protection, negotiation skills, money-back guarantee, and special attention to veterans, Linx Legal stands as the comprehensive solution for timeshare exits. Choosing them isn’t just making a choice; it’s making a decision you won’t regret.

― The Exit Process: A Walk in the Park

When it comes to exiting a timeshare, the process can often feel like you’re trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded. But with Linx Legal, the experience is more akin to a leisurely walk in the park.

Date of Experience: August 28, 2023 – Elizabeth C (BBB Review)

Linx Legal and our personal caseworker, ****, did a great job for us in getting ** out of an overrated, overpriced timeshare with Hilton. We communicated regularly and always received a quick and helpful response. We were guided in how to protect our credit rating as well as not having to personally field calls or answer emails from Hilton or their collections department. Having him in the trenches for us really kept our stress levels down. He always kept us in the loop and answered our communications quickly,. Thanks for keeping us from having to “deal with the Devil” on our own! We’re now free from this debt burden and are no longer subject to the 100%+ interest rate hidden in the contract we were rushed into signing. Thank you Linx Legal and especially ****, who stood by us, handled the heat and got us out of our worst nightmare. You are indeed a stellar company and you do what you say. I would recommend you to anyone caught in our same position. Way to go guys and you have my eternal thanks.

How do they make it so easy?

Let’s break it down step-by-step:

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Think of the initial consultation as setting up your GPS before a long journey. Linx Legal‘s experts don’t just skim through your contract; they dissect it, understanding every clause and term. They’ll also listen to your specific needs and concerns, ensuring that the roadmap they lay out is tailored just for you. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach; it’s a custom-fit solution.

Step 2: Strategy Development

Once they have all the information, Linx Legal crafts a personalized exit strategy that’s as unique as your fingerprint. Whether it’s through negotiation or legal action, they identify the most effective and efficient route to free you from your timeshare shackles. It’s like having a game plan that’s designed to make you win.

Step 3: Legal Paperwork

Legal paperwork can often feel like a maze of incomprehensible jargon. But Linx Legal acts as your decoder ring, translating legalese into language you can understand. They handle all the paperwork, ensuring that every document is in order and every loophole is closed. It’s meticulous attention to detail that sets them apart.

Step 4: Negotiation

If timeshare companies are the stubborn mules of the vacation world, then Linx Legal are the expert whisperers who can make them budge. Their negotiation team has years of experience and a track record of success in getting clients favorable terms. They know when to push, when to pull, and when to stand firm, ensuring you get the best possible outcome.

Step 5: Finalization

Once the negotiation is successful, Linx Legal doesn’t just leave you hanging. They tie up all the loose ends and provide you with the documentation that proves you’re free from your timeshare contract. It’s like receiving your freedom papers, sealed and delivered.

Step 6: Credit Score Monitoring

Exiting a timeshare can have financial repercussions, but Linx Legal acts as your financial guardian angel. They offer credit score monitoring throughout the process, ensuring that your financial health isn’t compromised. It’s the cherry on top that gives you peace of mind, knowing your credit score is safe and sound.

So, there you have it—a look at a timeshare exit process that’s as smooth as a jazz saxophonist on a Saturday night. With Linx Legal, you’re not just getting out of your timeshare contract; you’re getting a full-service experience that leaves no stone unturned. It’s not just an exit; it’s an escape to freedom, complete with peace of mind.

― Closing Thoughts

So, if you’re stuck in a timeshare loop and looking for a way out, Linx Legal is your go-to. With a team led by a military veteran who knows the value of service and respect, you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands. After all, as Joe Berger says, “Only the Best is Good Enough.” And in the world of timeshares, that’s music to our ears.

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