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Table of Contents

01. Customer Reviews and Ratings F Rating on Better Business Bureau and Non-Accredited

02. Lawsuits Against US Consumer Attorneys Filed by Timeshare Companies: Diamond Resorts, Wyndham, and Westgate Resorts

03. The Presumed Closure – Lack of Stability and Closure Indicators

04. Closing Thoughts  Overall Rating Review

The timeshare exit company US Consumer Attorneys (USCA) based in El Cajon, California, has been in operation since 2015, running multiple offices throughout the United States and Mexico​. The company presented itself as a solution for timeshare owners seeking to exit their contracts, boasting a satisfaction guarantee where all paid in full timeshares were assured to be transferred or in process within a year upon the provision of necessary documents by the clients, or they would receive their money back​​. However, the reality of their service appears to have been less rosy.

━ Customer Reviews and Ratings

The dissatisfaction expressed by clients of US Consumer Attorneys, particularly revolving around communication lapses post upfront payment, is a significant concern. This issue is often highlighted in reviews and complaints across various platforms. When a customer pays upfront for a service, there’s an expectation of transparent communication and timely updates regarding the progress of their case. The apparent failure of US Consumer Attorneys to meet these basic customer service standards could significantly impact the trust and confidence of potential and existing clients.

➤ Better Business Bureau Profile

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating of “F” and a lack of accreditation further exacerbate the unfavorable perception surrounding US Consumer Attorneys. BBB is a well-recognized platform that evaluates businesses based on various factors including, but not limited to, customer satisfaction, complaint resolution, and overall business practices. An “F” rating is the lowest possible rating a business can receive on BBB, indicating serious concerns about the company’s operations and customer satisfaction. The BBB accreditation is a hallmark of trust and integrity in business operations, and the absence of this accreditation for US Consumer Attorneys suggests a lack of adherence to acceptable business practices as per BBB‘s standards.

Furthermore, the number of closed complaints, 108 over the last three years, and the low average customer review rating of 1.04/5 stars highlight a pattern of dissatisfaction among clients​​. It’s essential for a service-oriented company, especially one dealing with potentially high-stake financial transactions like timeshare exits, to maintain open communication and a good reputation to ensure customer satisfaction and success in the long-term.

Date of Experience: June 22, 2023 – Tony M (BBB Review)

I wanted to get out of my Timeshare with Holiday Inn so I contacted US Consumer Attorneys back in 2018. The entire process seemed legit. They told me what I had to do and everything. They send me paperwork to fill out that I had to fill out and send back to them. They send me “time sensitive” documents that I had to go and get notarized and return back to them. During the process I was advised not to pay my monthly fees and because they would be communication directly with Holiday Inn. From start to finish, it took about 6 months to finish the process. I received paperwork that stated “Mission Accomplished” and they informed me that I was timeshare free on 04/03/2019. They also said that Holiday Inn has submitted the attached documents for my records. I’m thinking everything has been settled and I’m free from my timeshare. I was called by a Holiday Inn representative on June 19th, 2023, and they told me I had past dues and I was about to go into foreclosure. They also informed me that my account was still active. I tried calling US Consumer Attorneys and it goes straight to voicemail and it gives a e-mail address. I have not talked to an actual person. They sent me a “Quit Claim Deed” as well. A lot of my time was wasted and now Holiday Inn is saying I own a large amount of money in past due fees. How can US Consumer Attorneys get a way with this? I paid a fee of about $7000 for them to cancel my ************** to realize four years later, that apparently nothing was done. I asked Holiday Inn if they were ever contacted by the US Consumer Attorneys, and they said no one contacted them and they never received any documents. Holiday Inn even said they tried calling US Consumer Attorneys and they never received a reply from them. So it seems like this so-called law firm never did anything and now I’m stuck with a large bill. How is this right??? I’m kind of mad at Holiday Inn as well, but that’s another story.

The discrepancies between the advertised services and the actual experiences shared by clients in reviews hint at possible misrepresentation or failure to deliver as promised by US Consumer Attorneys. This disconnect not only affects the company’s reputation but could also have legal implications, as seen from the lawsuits involving US Consumer Attorneys​​.

In a highly competitive market like timeshare exit services, trust and customer satisfaction are paramount for a company’s success and longevity. The mixed reviews, low BBB rating, lack of BBB accreditation, and the alleged lack of communication by US Consumer Attorneys reflect negatively on the company’s credibility and reliability in delivering on its promises to assist timeshare owners in exiting their contracts.

━ Lawsuits Against US Consumer Attorneys

The unfolding legal confrontations faced by US Consumer Attorneys, brought forth by Diamond Resorts, Wyndham, and Westgate Resorts, cast a long, ominous shadow over the company’s operational ethos and integrity. At the heart of these legal skirmishes lies the accusation of deceptive practices, notably the alleged dissemination of false narratives about the resorts to spur timeshare owners towards illegal cancellation of their agreements. This narrative, if true, sketches a picture of either malicious intent or negligent behavior by US Consumer Attorneys.

➤ Impact on Reputation and Customer Trust

One of the immediate casualties of these legal battles is the reputation of US Consumer Attorneys, which finds itself in a precarious position in an industry where trust is the currency of operation. The lawsuits, lodged by well-known resorts, could serve as a deterrent to potential clients and partners who might now view engagements with US Consumer Attorneys with a lens of suspicion. Moreover, these alleged deceptive practices could erode the trust vested by both existing and potential customers. The typical customer reaching out to a timeshare exit company is often distressed, seeking a trustworthy ally to aid them through the intricacies of exiting a timeshare contract. If the allegations hold water, the misleading information could plunge customers into deeper financial and legal quagmires, further exacerbating their distress.

➤ Regulatory Scrutiny, Financial Implications, and Operational Challenges

On a broader spectrum, these lawsuits could beckon regulatory scrutiny towards US Consumer Attorneys. Regulatory bodies, in a bid to uphold the laws governing timeshare exits and consumer protection, might delve into an examination of the company’s practices. This scrutiny could birth additional legal hurdles, fines, or even sanctions against US Consumer Attorneys, further muddying the operational waters for the company. The financial toll exacted by these legal entanglements cannot be overlooked. The monetary drain associated with defending against these lawsuits could sap the financial vitality of US Consumer Attorneys, impairing its operational efficacy or even its ability to remain afloat in the business.

➤ Insight into Negative Reviews, Complaints, and Long-term Consequences

A closer examination of the negative reviews and complaints could reveal a possible link to the accusations lodged in the lawsuits. If the alleged deceptive practices were indeed a routine play in the playbook of US Consumer Attorneys, it’s conceivable that a swath of customers encountered unsatisfactory service, botched timeshare exits, or other unfavorable outcomes, which would naturally precipitate negative reviews and complaints. Lastly, the long-term ramifications of these lawsuits could spell a bleak future for US Consumer Attorneys. Even with a successful navigation through the legal tempest, the scars etched by these allegations and lawsuits might endure, hobbling the company’s efforts to mend its reputation and regain the trust of customers. This saga underscores the dire necessity for transparency, honesty, and adherence to legal and ethical standards in the timeshare exit landscape.

━ The Presumed Closure

The halt in accepting new clients by US Consumer Attorneys sends a stark warning, especially in a domain where the cry for timeshare exit services is incessant. This peculiar action, when viewed alongside the barrage of negative reviews and ongoing legal battles, casts a serious doubt on the firm’s operational integrity and financial solidity.

Operational and Financial Stability Challenges

On the operational front, the challenges appear twofold. Firstly, the closed door to new clients might be a glaring indicator of operational bottlenecks, possibly originating from a dearth of resources or adept management to shoulder a fresh wave of cases. This scenario might turn grimmer if there’s a lurking backlog of unresolved cases from existing clientele. Secondly, the legal quagmire they find themselves in could be siphoning a significant chunk of resources—both monetary and manpower—away from client servicing and new client onboarding, further straitening the operational dynamics.

Financial stability of US Consumer Attorneys is also under the scanner with legal expenses possibly bleeding the firm’s coffers dry. The substantial outflow towards legal defense could be stretching the firm’s financial sinews thin, challenging its ability to meet operational expenses like employee wages, office rent, and other overheads. Adding insult to injury could be a potential uptick in refund requests, spurred by dissatisfaction or jitters ignited by the lawsuits, exerting additional financial pressure.

Reputational Damage and Regulatory Scrutiny

The reputational fallout seems severe as well. The ensemble of negative reviews and legal scuffles could be etching a scar on the company’s reputation, rendering it unattractive to prospective clients. Furthermore, the industry perception of US Consumer Attorneys could be nose-diving, potentially severing partnerships or other collaborative ventures within the timeshare exit sphere. The regulatory spotlight could also be turning towards US Consumer Attorneys owing to the legal battles and unfavorable client testimonials. This attention could beckon investigations, fines, or sanctions from regulatory bodies, adding another layer of operational hurdles.

Closure Indicators

Indicators of closure are becoming discernible. The abrupt stop in new client intake, devoid of a clear rationale, might be hinting at the firm either temporarily or permanently winding down its operations. Coupled with this is the communication void with existing clients, as spotlighted in some reviews, possibly signaling a breakdown in operational processes and foreshadowing closure. Transparency concerns are escalating with the conspicuous lack of clear communication from US Consumer Attorneys regarding the halt in new client intake and the current state of its operations. This information vacuum could be fueling concerns and speculations among clients, stakeholders, and the broader public, further muddying the waters surrounding the operational and financial health of US Consumer Attorneys.

━ Closing Thoughts

The available information paints a concerning picture of US Consumer Attorneys‘ business practices and customer satisfaction. The allegations in lawsuits, coupled with a substantial number of customer complaints and poor ratings, suggest that the company may not have operated in the best interests of its clients. The presumed closure of US Consumer Attorneys could be seen as a red flag for timeshare owners seeking reputable assistance in exiting their contracts.

Below is a list of US Consumer Attorneys’ SNS that is still up, but there is no indicator whether or not it is still being monitored:


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