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Table of Contents

01. Background of TS Relief Group California Based Timeshare Exit Company Since 2003

02. Services Offered – Not A Listing / Resale Company or Consumer Protection Firm

03. Customer Experience and Reviews – Not BBB Accredited and Overall Low Client Feedback Online

04. Closing Thoughts – Links to TS Relief Group’s SNS & Overall Rating Review

Timeshare ownership can often become a burden, leading many to seek reliable exit strategies. In the heart of Los Angeles, California, TS Relief Group positions itself as a an option for those entangled in timeshare commitments. This review delves into the services and approach of TS Relief Group, aiming to provide insight into their role in the timeshare exit industry.

━ Background of TS Relief Group

This company based in Los Angeles, California, prides itself on being a dedicated team of timeshare exit strategy specialists. They emphasize their commitment to providing legal and affordable solutions for individuals seeking to exit their timeshares. The company operates on an ultra-efficient business model, focusing on saving time and money for their clients. With 23 employees and 72 projects completed, they boast a 100% client satisfaction rate. Unlike many in the industry, TS Relief Group explicitly states they are not a listing or resale company. They warn against timeshare resale scams and offer advice for those rare cases where a timeshare has resale value, without charging a listing fee.

Date of Experience: November 5, 2021 – Rosana H (BBB Review)

We originally filed a request with this company to dispose of our timeshare in May of this year. To date I have had one notification advising of the status. We are now in November and I have called, emailed and left messages to inquire as to the status of our account. To date, no one has responded to me. We have now received our annual maintenance billing for this particular timeshare and we still do not know if our timeshare has finally been disposed.

━ Services Offered

TS Relief Group differentiates itself in the timeshare exit industry through its emphasis on efficiency and modern technology. They utilize technology to streamline the timeshare exit process, making it simpler and more accessible for clients, even offering remote services through the internet. Additionally, they prioritize transparent communication, providing necessary information without pressuring clients, allowing them to make well-informed decisions. Once a client decides to proceed, the company ensures secure data handling by using cloud storage, enhancing the safety and confidentiality of client information.

Date of Experience: March 20, 2022 – Mary C (BBB Review)

I met with ts relief group at red lobster in Washington… I was so ready to get rid of my timeshare and I was so impressed with the professional answers I received!! My wife and I inherited a timeshare from her father and we were uncertain about it! I’m so grateful this mess is over! They got us out of our situation in exactly 89 days!!! Couldn’t be happier!

━ Customer Experience and Reviews

To provide an understanding of the customer experience and reviews for TS Relief Group, it’s important to note that the company emphasizes a high level of client satisfaction. They have structured their services to be client-centric, focusing on ease, security, and transparency. While specific customer reviews and detailed experiences are not directly available from the company’s website, their claim of a 100% happy client base suggests a positive reception from those who have used their services. For more direct customer feedback or detailed reviews, interested individuals can consider reaching out to the company or searching for independent review platforms.

Date of Experience: October 19, 2023 – John C (BBB Review)

I signed up with TS Relief Group and in the past 18 months have not heard from them once; not by email, phone, for even text. In responses to a complaint filed with BBB, they falsely stated that they had tried to contact me numerous times. Not true. The complaint was closed as unresolved.TS Relief Group is essentially an organization that takes advantage of people and does not deliver. They probably bank on the fact that people like me will get tired of trying to collect on the money back guarantee and decide continuing is not worth the effort.If you want out of a time share, I suggest you research TS Relief before signing up. It is a pure scam.

━ Closing Thoughts

TS Relief Group offers a specialized service focusing on aiding timeshare owners in their exit journey. While the website provides an overview of their commitment to efficiency and technology-driven solutions, potential clients might seek more in-depth information directly from the company. Despite their advertised customer-centric approach, timeshare owners are advised to proceed with caution when considering this company as an option for navigating the complex process of timeshare termination.

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