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Table of Contents

01. About Trash Your Timeshare – Colorado Based Timeshare Exit Company Since 2012

02. Innovative Fee Structure Low Up-Front Fee Escrow Option

03. Customer Feedback and Service Concerns – Initially Positive Reviews, but Gradually Turned Negative Over Time

04. Closing Thoughts – Links to Trash Your Timeshare’s SNS & Overall Rating Review

Trash Your Timeshare, based in Fort Collins, Colorado, has carved out a niche in the timeshare exit industry since its inception in 2012. This company stands out for its approach to helping timeshare owners cancel their contracts, a service that has garnered both commendation and critique.

━ About Trash Your Timeshare

Trash Your Timeshare is a company that specializes in helping timeshare owners cancel their contracts. They focus on providing complete contract cancellation services directly with the timeshare company, ensuring clients receive written documentation upon completion. Their approach includes cancelling maintenance fees and any mortgage balance on the timeshare, aiming to save clients as much money as possible. The company emphasizes a quick and easy start to the cancellation process, which can be initiated in less than 15 minutes through a simple 3-step system.

━ Innovative Fee Structure

One of the standout features of Trash Your Timeshare is its low up-front fee escrow option, a model that deviates from the norm in the timeshare exit industry. Traditionally, companies in this sector have been known to charge significant up-front fees, leading to customer dissatisfaction due to the financial risk involved. The escrow model implemented by Trash Your Timeshare mitigates this risk. Clients pay into an escrow account, but the company only receives these funds upon successfully completing the timeshare cancellation. This aligns the company’s interests with those of the client and is promoted as a safeguard against scams and unfulfilled promises, which have been problematic in this industry.

The company’s website is a noteworthy aspect, particularly for its transparent guidance for timeshare owners. Unlike many in the industry, Trash Your Timeshare advises owners to initially contact their resort to explore available exit options. This recommendation indicates a level of honesty and customer-first thinking not always prevalent in the sector. Furthermore, the website realistically addresses the limited market for timeshare resales, reflecting a truthful understanding of the current timeshare landscape.

━ Customer Feedback and Service Concerns

Despite these positive attributes, there are areas of concern. A 2023 review on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website from a customer expressed dissatisfaction with the company’s services. The customer reported that after paying for timeshare release, they continued to receive notices from their timeshare company, indicating unresolved issues and highlighting potential service delivery and customer support shortcomings at Trash Your Timeshare.

Date of Experience: November 22, 2023 – Cindy H. (BBB Review)

In 2018 i paid $1500 to be released from my timeshare. I received many letters from the timeshare company stating that i was still the owner and owed the maintenance fees. *********************** owner of Trash Your Timeshare told me to just ignore the letters. It is now almost *********************************************************************************** legally. There is no way to contact Trash Your Timeshare now to get this resolved.

On the other hand, as of August 2018, Trash Your Timeshare had garnered over 50 positive reviews on the BBB. This indicates a history of customer satisfaction and lends credibility to the company. While the company’s website features positive testimonials, the genuineness of such testimonials can be uncertain. In the realm of customer reviews, third-party platforms like BBB are generally seen as more reliable due to their independent verification processes.

━ Closing Thoughts

Trash Your Timeshare presents a unique approach in the timeshare exit industry with its low up-front fee escrow option, offering a potentially safer and more client-aligned service. The company’s transparent advice and acknowledgment of the challenges in the timeshare resale market are commendable. However, prospective clients should also be aware of the mixed reviews and consider the potential risks, as evidenced by the negative experience reported by a customer in 2023. As with any service, it’s crucial for individuals to conduct thorough research and consider all aspects before making a decision.

Please note as of the date this article is posted, Trash Your Timeshare is currently not accepting any new cases. Check back on their website periodically to see when they’ll be accepting new clients, if you wish to work with them for your timeshare exit.

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