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When people want a great vacation that’s both fancy and flexible, many are choosing timeshares. Timeshares let families and people buy a part of their dream vacation place, so they can go back every year. If you’re thinking about the best state in the U.S. to get a timeshare, keep reading. This article talks about the top 10 states that are really famous for timeshares. They have awesome beaches and beautiful mountains, and there’s something fun for everyone who visits.

1. Florida: Sunshine and Diversity

At the top of this top 10 list is Florida. It’s dubbed as the Sunshine State and is a top pick for people who love timeshares. Florida has famous theme parks, nice beaches, and busy cities like Miami and Orlando. There’s something for everyone here. If you like fun things to do with your family, shopping at fancy stores, or eating at great restaurants, Florida is perfect if you are looking into getting a timeshare.

Examples of popular timeshares across Florida include:

2. Hawaii: Tropical Paradise

Hawaii is like a paradise with beautiful nature. It has lush green places, clear blue waters, and a mix of local culture and exciting things to do. Having a timeshare in Hawaii means you can have amazing experiences. You can ride on waves in Oahu or explore the cool volcanoes on the Big Island. Every day in Hawaii can be relaxing or full of adventure.

Examples of popular timeshares across the Hawaiian islands include:

3. California: The Golden State

California has a lot of different places to explore if you’re interested in timeshares. There are famous sunny beaches in Southern California, nice vineyards in Napa Valley, and the breathtaking views of Yosemite National Park. If you choose a timeshare in California, you can visit different places every year and always have a great time.

Examples of popular timeshares all across California include:

4. Nevada: Las Vegas and Beyond

Nevada is not only about Las Vegas. If you get a timeshare here, you can enjoy great shows, delicious food, and lots of fun in Las Vegas. But you can also explore natural wonders like the Grand Canyon and Lake Tahoe. Nevada has exciting city life and beautiful outdoor adventures.

Examples of popular timeshares in Nevada include:

5. Colorado: Alpine Retreats

At the half waypoint in this top 10 list is the state of Colorado. Colorado is perfect if you love being outdoors. With a timeshare here, you can enjoy stunning mountains and do lots of activities. Skiing in Aspen during winter or hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park during summer are awesome experiences. If you like nature and adventure, Colorado is a great choice.

Examples of popular timeshares across the state of Colorado include:

6. New York: Urban Energy

New York is a big city with bright lights and lots of things to do. With a timeshare here, you can see famous Broadway shows, visit interesting museums, and see iconic places like the Statue of Liberty. New York is full of energy and things to explore.

Examples of popular timeshares present in New York include:

7. Arizona: Desert Charms

Arizona has unique desert landscapes that are really appealing. With a timeshare here, you can watch beautiful sunsets over red rocks in Sedona, explore the Grand Canyon, and relax at fancy spas. Arizona offers a different kind of getaway.

Examples of popular timeshares based in Arizona include:

8. South Carolina: Southern Charm

South Carolina is known for its Southern charm. With a timeshare here, you can walk on historic streets in Charleston and enjoy the nice beaches in Hilton Head. This state has a relaxing atmosphere and a taste of Southern hospitality.

Examples of popular timeshares currently in South Carolina include:

9. Texas: Lone Star Experiences

Texas has a lot of things to offer timeshare buyers. Whether you’re into music in Austin, cultural experiences in Houston, or the peaceful landscapes of the Hill Country, Texas has something for everyone.

Examples of popular timeshares local to the state of Texas include:

10. Utah: Adventure Awaits

The final entry on this top 10 list is Utah. This state is a paradise for people who love the outdoors. With timeshares in Utah, you can explore stunning national parks like Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Arches. You can go on thrilling hikes and climb rocks. Utah is all about exciting adventures in nature.

Examples of popular timeshares established in Utah include:


Picking the right state for your timeshare is about what you like – sunny beaches, snowy mountains, busy cities, or peaceful deserts. The top 10 states we talked about have different things to enjoy, so they’re popular for people who like timeshares. Whether you want to relax, have fun, learn about new things, or do all of them, a timeshare in one of these states will give you lots of amazing vacations for a long time.

If you or a loved one have a timeshare that you no longer want, contact Timeshare Exit Bureau today and we’ll be happy to guide you through the exit process.