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Overall, Timeshare Termination Team reviews are primarily positive. But still, there aren’t as many online reviews as we’d have hoped for a company that’s been in business for 10 years. Genuine customer reviews and feedback can be resourceful. Reviews can reveal how a company treats its customers and how it operates.

Reviewing Timeshare Termination Team in further detail, we landed on their website homepage. Immediately a couple of things stood out. We first noticed the company has a clean, elegant website. Very slick, and easy to navigate. But one thing, in particular, caught our eye. Their site offers a tremendous amount of timeshare information. They did a great job here by makeing their website an excellent source of information. Now owners can click here to inform themselves more about the industry. A company willing to go to these lengths to educate its viewers is an outstanding sign. 

As we mentioned earlier, the company states they can “LEGALLY CANCEL YOUR TIMESHARE.” Normally this translates to the exit company uses timeshare attorneys to cancel your timeshare contract. We always say the most legitimate way to cancel your timeshare contract is by doing so legally. Hiring an experienced exit company, that works directly with attorneys, adds an extra layer of protection. Attorneys can force timeshare developers into litigation, thus leading to your timeshare freedom. So we admire the company here for its use of timeshare attorneys

A timeshare cancellation process can get ugly fast if handled by the wrong people. The best way to cancel a timeshare is by hiring the right team to help. You will save yourself tons of problems by cancelling your timeshare the right way. Not involving an experienced attorney does lower your chances of success. So why risk thousands for another service that you’re not fully confident in? 

Continuing our review, we discovered the company has a couple of video testimonials from past customers. Video testimonials are an excellent way customers can share their experiences. It’s also a great resource to learn more about the company’s customer service and cancellation services. Video adds credibility to the company’s work. Where written testimonials, well anyone could have written them. We admire the extra effort Timeshare Termination Team made here to give their customers an opportunity to share their experiences. 

Underneath the videos, we discovered the company offers a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. A guarantee is crucial so you stay protected during a timeshare cancellation. Still, we would have liked it if the company offered an escrow payment option. Yes, a 100% Money-Back Guarantee is cheaper since escrow typically requires an extra fee. But a money-back guarantee does not protect you from all exit scams. Do you really want to take that risk? Learn more about escrow and why it’s important here.

Below our team came across Timeshare Termination Team’s “Learning Center” and “Blog” page filled with more information on the top questions owners have. They also include helpful tools such as a “Mortgage Cost Calculator.” Here owners can get a visual of how much their total mortgage is.

The company does an excellent job of displaying how much they value their customers. And numerous positive Timeshare Termination reviews add more to their reputation. Overall the company does seem honest. We did not see anything strange about the way they run business. In fact, both of their in-house attorneys are mentioned online, which is a +1 from our team. Not every exit company is this transparent about its assets.  Still, we do not agree you should pay up-front fees. And that goes for any exit service. But because Timeshare does not offer an escrow payment option, this puts owners at risk. Learn more about the many timeshare scams that exist here.

Timeshare Termination Team Cost

Timeshare Termination Team costs are not listed online. This is just like almost every timeshare exit company. When it comes to exit fees, they are usually determined after a free consultation. Timeshare Termination fees depend on the complexity of your timeshare agreement. With the hundreds of resorts in the world, there are even more timeshare owners. Meaning, the number of combinations of each timeshare contract that exists is infinite. 

After reading through tons of past customer reviews, however, we have concluded Timeshare Termination Team costs run from $3000-$7000. Prices do increase for owners who own a mortgage on their timeshare. Still, we always recommend haggling the price. At the end of the day, it will only benefit you!


Timeshare Termination Team Ratings

Update as of March 2021. The Timeshare Termination Team BBB page has an “A+” rating with a 4.59/5-star rating out of 27 customer reviews. They also have 0 complaints and accreditation with the Better Business Bureau since 12/21/2017.  On Trustpilot, the company has a 4.4/5-star rating out of 15 reviews. They also have 1 review on Yelp who gave them 5 stars. And the Timeshare Termination Team Facebook page has a 5-star rating out of 3 reviews.  Our team was unable to find Timeshare Termination Team complaints; until recently. 

Below is a recent BBB and Trustpilot review from a past Timeshare Termination Team customer:

Final Thoughts

Overall the Timeshare Termination Team does seem like a reputable exit company. There are a few things we wish they would change. At the same time, a few points did raise some concern for our team. If you’re looking to exit your timeshare contract, we suggest you reach out to us first. 

Contact our team so that we may help you find a reputable exit company that is ideal for your current timeshare situation. Our team only recommends hiring timeshare exit companies that offer escrow, so you eliminate all up-front fees. Fill out the form on the right or contact us through Live Chat for a free personalized consultation. Learn more about how you can protect yourself against a timeshare exit scam!