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Table of Contents

01. Company Overview California Based Timeshare Exit Company Since 2015

02. Services Offered Personalized Service and Guarantee Refund if Timeshare Contract is not Canceled in 12 to 16 Months

03. Customer Experiences – Generally Positive Client Feedback Across Online Platforms

04. Closing Thoughts – Links to Timeshare Solutions Plus’s SNS & Overall Rating Review

Timeshare Solutions Plus, headquartered in the serene town of Apple Valley, California, has carved a niche for itself in the specialized field of timeshare cancellation services. Established with a focus on aiding clients to navigate the often complex and stressful process of exiting their timeshare commitments, this company stands out in an industry fraught with challenges. Their expertise is not just in offering a pathway out of timeshare contracts but in doing so with a promise of integrity and a customer-centric approach. Emphasizing their commitment to ethical practices, Timeshare Solutions Plus has become a beacon of hope for many who feel trapped in their timeshare agreements.

━ Company Overview

Established in 2014 and rooted in Apple Valley, California, Timeshare Solutions Plus has rapidly emerged as a leading figure in the timeshare exit industry. Initially, the company has shown a profound commitment to assisting customers in breaking free from the often oppressive and burdensome contracts associated with timeshare agreements. Furthermore, Timeshare Solutions Plus is recognized for its exceptional service quality and ethical conduct, boasting an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. This prestigious endorsement serves as a testament to the company’s unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and its strict adherence to the best business practices, thereby establishing a high standard in a market notorious for its complexities and consumer grievances.

Moreover, positioning itself as the nation’s premier timeshare cancellation company, Timeshare Solutions Plus utilizes a robust and proven elimination strategy to help timeshare owners permanently and completely rid themselves of their timeshare obligations. Additionally, the company’s mission is rooted in a vision to assist individuals who have been adversely affected by timeshare ownership. Consequently, they aim to counter the deceitful sales tactics prevalent in the timeshare industry, which often trap unsuspecting vacationers into lifetime commitments characterized by ever-increasing depreciation, annual maintenance fees, and exorbitant special assessments.


Timeshare Solutions Plus is well-equipped to address a variety of issues that timeshare owners frequently encounter. These include the burden of increased maintenance fees, special assessments, and the common scenario where the annual cost of the timeshare outweighs its value. Understanding that personal circumstances such as financial or physical hardship can prevent owners from traveling, the company offers strategies to alleviate these burdens. Moreover, they provide solutions for clients who have faced troubles selling their timeshares, including those who have paid upfront listing fees with no results.

The company also addresses concerns about family members inheriting unwanted timeshare fees and assists those who have regrets about their timeshare purchases. By tackling these specific issues, Timeshare Solutions Plus not only aids in the immediate cancellation of timeshares but also helps prevent the long-term financial and emotional distress often associated with timeshare ownership.

━ Services Offered

Timeshare Solutions Plus specializes in providing comprehensive timeshare cancellation services, catering to customers seeking to legally and effectively terminate their burdensome timeshare contracts. The company stands out in the timeshare cancellation sector through its client-focused approach and specialized expertise. Notably, they offer a written guarantee for the successful cancellation of timeshares, underlining their commitment to their clients’ freedom from these contracts. Furthermore, their full refund policy reflects a strong confidence in their ability to deliver results, providing an extra layer of assurance for clients.

One of the critical aspects that set Timeshare Solutions Plus apart is their dedication to providing exceptional customer service. The organization prides itself on offering personalized attention, ensuring that clients speak to a live person rather than navigating automated systems or voicemail. Their case manager advocates go above and beyond in keeping clients apprised of the progress of their timeshare termination, ensuring transparency and open communication throughout the process.


Their system is not only efficient and proven but also cost-effective. The passion driving Timeshare Solutions Plus is helping individuals who desire to rid themselves of their timeshare obligations. They cater to a wide range of customers, including those who have recently purchased a timeshare or those who have been tied to one for decades. Regardless of whether a client still has a balance owed on their timeshare mortgage, the organization is equipped and ready to assist using their proven system.

The timeshare cancellation process at Timeshare Solutions Plus is typically completed in less than twelve months. However, they offer a guarantee that if they don’t cancel your timeshare contract within twelve to sixteen months, they will provide a refund of any fees charged. This assurance speaks volumes about their confidence and commitment to their service.


Understanding that many potential clients might wonder about the feasibility of canceling a timeshare contract, Timeshare Solutions Plus assures that with the right advocacy, it is indeed possible. They have helped tens of thousands of individuals successfully cancel their timeshare contracts. The company operates on a policy of only taking cases they believe they can successfully resolve, thereby offering a 100% guarantee of any fees charged for the elimination of your timeshare contract.

Timeshare cancellation, as defined by Timeshare Solutions Plus, is a comprehensive process that aims to relieve clients from all legal and financial obligations related to their timeshare. This includes removing the timeshare mortgage, annual maintenance fees, and any special assessment fees owed to the timeshare resort or the financial institution holding the mortgage. In return, clients forego ownership and any future rights to the timeshare, leading to a complete and total separation from the timeshare obligations.

━ Customer Experiences

The customer testimonials featured on the Timeshare Solutions Plus website paint a vivid picture of the relief and satisfaction experienced by those who have engaged their services. Clients frequently express profound gratitude, often describing a journey from the burden of their timeshare obligations to the liberation following successful cancellation. These accounts are not just stories of service satisfaction but narratives of regained financial freedom and peace of mind.

Many testimonials highlight the effectiveness of Timeshare Solutions Plus in navigating the complex processes required to exit timeshare contracts. Clients appreciate the professionalism with which their cases are handled, noting the transparency and communication they received throughout the process. This level of professionalism not only reassures clients but also enhances the overall customer experience, contributing to the positive reputation of Timeshare Solutions Plus in the industry.

Date of Experience: October 17, 2022 – Tammy A (BBB Review)

After my husband died, I was looking for a way to get out of the 2 timeshares we had. I chose to have Yvette help me after seeing all of the positive reviews. I am so glad I did!!! She is so nice to work with and really cares. She told me exactly what to do and was available for me to talk to any time I had a question. It has been less than a year and I am finally rid of the timeshares! What a relief! I couldn’t have done it without her and would highly recommend her and her Company!! Thank you!!

Clients frequently mention the customer-friendly approach of Timeshare Solutions Plus in their testimonials. They recount the understanding and empathy the team provided, noting how these human touches significantly eased their stressful situations. The company’s commitment to providing a live person to talk to, rather than an automated service, garners particular appreciation. This personal approach builds a sense of trust and support, crucial for clients facing the often-overwhelming prospect of timeshare cancellation.

Moreover, clients often express surprise and relief at the smooth and effective handling of the cancellation process, despite the industry’s reputation for complexity and resistance. They feel well-informed and supported throughout their service, often highlighting the consistent updates and clear explanations Timeshare Solutions Plus provides.

Date of Experience: February 26, 2023 – Valerie C (BBB Review)

Yvette was such a pleasure to work with. She answered all my phone calls and e-mails in a very timely fashion. She was incredibly patient and supportive throughout the whole process and I was able to complete the relinquishment of my timeshare within 5 months. I highly recommend Yvette as the person to turn to when and if you need help getting out of a timeshare.

The testimonials also underscore the company’s reputation for delivering on their promises. The sense of trust and reliability that emanates from these customer experiences is a testament to the company’s dedication to its service guarantees, including the full refund policy and the commitment to successfully cancel timeshares within a specified timeframe.

━ Conclusion

Based on the available information, Timeshare Solutions Plus appears to be a reliable and effective option for those seeking timeshare cancellation services. With an A+ BBB rating and positive customer testimonials, they demonstrate a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. Their written guarantee and full refund policy further enhance their credibility. While individual experiences may vary, the overall impression is that Timeshare Solutions Plus is a trustworthy choice for navigating the complexities of timeshare cancellation.

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