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Table of Contents

01. Introduction to Timeshare Remedy  – Florida Based Timeshare Exit Company From 2020 to 2024

02. Services and Approach Compressive Timeshare Cancelation Services Offered

03. The Dissolution in 2024 – Voluntary Dissolution Filed in February

04. Closing Thoughts Overall Rating Review

In the ever-evolving landscape of timeshare exit companies, Timeshare Remedy once positioned itself as an alternative for many looking to navigate the complexities of timeshare dissolution. Based in Florida, a hotspot for timeshare properties and the issues that come with them, Timeshare Remedy offered specialized services aimed at assisting timeshare owners in exiting their contracts. However, recent developments have led to the company’s dissolution, marking the end of its operations in February 2024. This article aims to review Timeshare Remedy, highlighting its approach, services, and the circumstances leading to its closure.

━ Introduction to Timeshare Remedy

Timeshare Remedy made a name for itself in the tough and sometimes unclear timeshare exit business. It aimed to be a company people could trust, focusing on helping its customers. The company wanted to be different in an industry where it’s hard to find trust. It helped people get out of timeshare contracts that were too costly or stressful to keep. Timeshare Remedy was all about making customers happy, being open, honest, and doing the right thing.

The company knew that owning a timeshare could be hard, especially when trying to leave one. Timeshare Remedy wanted to make leaving easier. It wasn’t just about ending contracts. It was about giving people back their peace of mind. With clear advice and help, Timeshare Remedy guided its clients through the tricky process of leaving a timeshare, always looking out for what was best for them.

In a world where people are often skeptical because of scams, Timeshare Remedy aimed to bring back trust. They wanted to show that there are honest ways to leave a timeshare. Their dedication to doing the right thing and caring for their clients made them stand out. This made Timeshare Remedy a company that timeshare owners could turn to for real help with their timeshare problems.

━ Services and Approach

Timeshare Remedy‘s methodology for facilitating timeshare exits was deeply rooted in a philosophy that placed the client’s needs and experiences at the forefront of every action. This client-centric approach was manifested through personalized consultations that served as the cornerstone of their service. During these consultations, Timeshare Remedy‘s experts took the time to listen and understand the distinct circumstances surrounding each client’s timeshare dilemma. This initial step was crucial, as it allowed the company to tailor a strategy that was not only effective but also aligned with the specific goals and concerns of the client.

The range of services offered by Timeshare Remedy was comprehensive, covering various aspects necessary for a successful timeshare exit. Legal advice played a significant role in their approach, with the company providing access to knowledgeable legal professionals who specialized in timeshare law. This legal expertise ensured that clients were well-informed of their rights and the best legal pathways to pursue timeshare cancellation.


Timeshare Remedy offered a key service: negotiating with timeshare companies. They used their deep knowledge of the industry and timeshare company tactics to make deals that helped the timeshare owner. They aimed to end contracts in a way that reduced any financial or legal problems for the client. Helping clients through every step of the exit process was a big part of what Timeshare Remedy did. They knew leaving a timeshare could be hard and stressful. So, they promised to help with everything, from paperwork to talking to timeshare companies and lawyers. Timeshare Remedy made sure clients didn’t feel alone as they worked to leave their timeshare.

Timeshare Remedy focused on being clear, honest, and straightforward. They wanted to make the process of leaving a timeshare easier to understand. They kept clients updated about what was happening and any problems that came up. This open way of doing things built trust and respect. It made things easier for timeshare owners and gave them peace of mind. Clients knew they had someone on their side, working hard to help them leave their timeshare.

━ The Dissolution in 2024

Despite the valuable services and client-centered approach that characterized Timeshare Remedy, the company took a decisive step to file for dissolution in February 2024. This closure marked a pivotal moment, not only for Timeshare Remedy but also for the many clients who had placed their trust in the company’s ability to assist them with their timeshare exit needs. The dissolution brings to light the inherent challenges and pressures that timeshare exit companies face in sustaining their operations and living up to the promises made to their clients.

The reasons leading to Timeshare Remedy‘s decision to dissolve remain largely undisclosed, leaving room for speculation and concern among both former clients and those still navigating the timeshare exit landscape. This development serves as a stark reminder of the timeshare exit industry’s unpredictable nature, where companies may struggle to navigate the legal, financial, and operational hurdles that come with providing such specialized services.

Date of Experience: February 8, 2024 – Robert B. (BBB Review)

If this is affiliated with *************************, it is probably just another scam. He was paid 4 grand to get me out of my time share over 18 months ago. Needless to say , due to his inability to perform as promised, I am still making payments on my maintenance fees for the time share. Thanks ****************, did you eat well on my money? ***********

The dissolution of Timeshare Remedy underscores a critical lesson for individuals seeking assistance with timeshare exits: the importance of selecting a service provider that not only offers comprehensive and effective solutions but also demonstrates a strong track record of stability and reliability. In an industry marked by uncertainty and frequent changes, the ability of a timeshare exit company to maintain consistent operations and fulfill its commitments to clients is paramount.

For those affected by Timeshare Remedy‘s closure and individuals still in search of a timeshare exit solution, this event highlights the need for thorough research and due diligence when choosing a service provider. Evaluating a company’s history, client testimonials, and financial health can provide valuable insights into its reliability and the likelihood of its long-term success. As the timeshare exit industry continues to evolve, the dissolution of Timeshare Remedy serves as a cautionary tale, emphasizing the critical need for stability, transparency, and trustworthiness in selecting a timeshare exit partner.

━ Closing Thoughts

Timeshare Remedy started as a promising company aiming to help people exit their timeshares. However, by February 2024, it had to shut down. This turn of events reminds us how complex the timeshare exit industry can be. For those looking for help with their timeshares, Timeshare Remedy‘s story shows how important it is to carefully choose the right company. It’s essential to pick companies known for their good track record, clear practices, and steady operations. As things in this industry keep changing, Timeshare Remedy‘s closure underlines the continuous need for companies to be honest, dependable, and protective of their customers in helping them achieve freedom from their timeshares.


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