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Table of Contents

01. About Timeshare Owner Justice Colorado Based Timeshare Exit Company Since 2020

02. Services Offered Timeshare Contract Cancelation, Timeshare Education, Credit Repair, and More

03. Customer Feedback – A+ BBB Rating and Overall Positive Online Reviews Across Platforms

04. Closing Thoughts – Links to Timeshare Owner Justice’s SNS & Overall Rating Review

Timeshare Owner Justice, based in Boulder, Colorado, is a company that focuses on helping timeshare owners exit their contracts. Established in October 2020, the company provides services to timeshare owners who find themselves in unfavorable contracts, aiming to liberate them from ongoing financial obligations. This review assesses the effectiveness and customer satisfaction based on available information and reviews.

━ About Timeshare Owner Justice

The deceptive practices of the timeshare industry gave birth to Timeshare Owner Justice, a company deeply rooted in the personal struggles of the founder’s mother. Multiple timeshare vacation programs and timeshare exit companies victimized her, fueling the company’s creation with a mission to fight for those trapped in similar situations.

A major timeshare developer repeatedly misled the founder’s mother, who struggled with bipolar disorder and early dementia. They coerced her into multiple timeshare upgrades, leading to a staggering debt of $96,000. Her efforts to exit these contracts at the timeshare location only led to more deceit, trapping her in an additional $69,000 timeshare contract with false promises of an exit strategy. Additionally, a timeshare exit company exploited her vulnerability, charging $18,200 for non-existent services.

➤ The Vision and Goals

Frustrated and disillusioned, the founder, leveraging extensive experience in consumer advocacy and financial services, stepped in to assist his mother. He assembled a team of professionals skilled in consumer advocacy and contract law. Utilizing this expertise, they managed to secure a full refund of $18,200 from the timeshare exit company and successfully challenged the timeshare companies, achieving contract cancellation and partial fee refunds.

Date of Experience: January 25, 2023 – Leslie Scott (Google Review)

I had a bad timeshare deal with Hilton and due to health issues could no longer travel or use it. We tried to get Hilton to work with us and release us from the contract but they said sorry, you signed, just have your adult children use it. I found Timeshare Owner Justice and they were on top of it. they had my case ready to go in a couple of weeks and went after Hilton. Any time I needed information or an update they would also get back to me within 24 hours. Within a couple of months Hilton agreed to release me. Very thankful they did a great job

Timeshare Owner Justice is driven by the goal of delivering justice to victims like the founder’s mother. They aim to advocate for their clients and guarantee an exit from exploitative timeshare agreements. The company prides itself on a proven cancellation program that promises efficient and cost-effective results without resorting to lawsuits, payment defaults, or credit damage.

➤ Timeshare Exit Approach

Timeshare Owner Justice claims to have revolutionized the approach to timeshare exits. They challenge the vacation ownership companies on their deceptive practices, using aggressive strategies and leveraging legal expertise. Their process involves exerting pressure through regulatory and government agencies to hold timeshare companies accountable.

Timeshare Owner Justice prides itself on an effective cancellation program, renowned for its 100% effectiveness in facilitating quick and cost-efficient exits from burdensome timeshare contracts. The company employs aggressive advocacy, strategically avoiding the complications of lawsuits and potential credit damage, while robustly pursuing contract termination. Their comprehensive support system ensures that clients receive end-to-end assistance, alleviating any additional stress or burden. Importantly, they warn clients about the common pitfalls in the industry, particularly highlighting the issues with other timeshare exit companies that function merely as sales platforms, often outsourcing their work with minimal effort and poor results.

The company actively compels timeshare companies to release clients from their contracts, secures refunds or compensation for prior payments, and restores credit standings damaged by timeshare companies. This approach stems from the founder’s deep personal motivation, driven by witnessing his mother’s financial struggles with the timeshare industry. He passionately dedicates himself to championing the rights of those manipulated and wronged, ensuring they receive accountability and justice from the industry.

━ Services Offered

Timeshare Owner Justice claims to have revolutionized the process of exiting timeshares. They combat the unfair tactics of vacation ownership companies using powerful strategies and legal expertise. By applying pressure through government agencies, they challenge timeshare companies.

Known for its successful timeshare cancellation program, Timeshare Owner Justice boasts a 100% success rate. This program allows people to exit their challenging timeshare contracts quickly and affordably. The company practices strong advocacy, steering clear of legal issues while safeguarding clients’ credit. Their focus is on terminating contracts effectively, providing comprehensive support to clients throughout the entire process. Additionally, they educate clients about common industry pitfalls and caution against timeshare exit companies that overcharge for minimal work.

The company makes timeshare companies let clients out of contracts. They get refunds and fix clients’ credit. The founder started this because he saw his mother struggle with timeshares. He wants to help people who were tricked and treated unfairly. He works to make sure they are treated right by the timeshare industry.

➤ The Process at Timeshare Owner Justice

The process starts with Timeshare Owner Justice offering a complimentary consultation to understand each client’s unique situation and determine their eligibility for services. Clients then complete a concise intake application, which helps the company decide if the case meets their criteria for a successful timeshare exit. The company briefs eligible clients on their methods and the benefits of their approach to timeshare exits.

Date of Experience: December 7, 2023 – Patricia P. (Yelp Review)

I was stuck in a timeshare contract with Vacation Village. Due to health issues I could no longer use travel and I tried to get them to work with me but they kept sending me bills and calling me and saying I owed them thousands of dollars in missed fees. I found Timeshare Owner Justice and am very happy that they were able to get this timeshare out of my name. They were very determined because Vacation Village at first said sorry, you signed the contract. After more pressure from Timeshare Owner Justice they agreed to accept $750 to settle the matter but that was too much and I did not think I had to pay that. TSOJ did not give up and kept fighting until Vacation Village gave me full release without having to pay anything. I am glad to put that timeshare behind me and thank the team at Timeshare Owner Justice.

Timeshare Owner Justice‘s strategy focuses on holding timeshare companies accountable for their false representations. They use skilled advocacy and exert pressure through consumer protection laws and regulatory agencies. Typically, the company assures clients of resolving their cases within 4-6 months, thanks to their innovative and effective strategies. Timeshare Owner Justice guarantees a 100% successful exit from timeshare contracts and maintenance fees.

━ Customer Feedback

Customer feedback for Timeshare Owner Justice, gathered from various credible sources including the Better Business Bureau (BBB), consistently reveals a high degree of client satisfaction. This positive response underscores the company’s effectiveness in handling timeshare contract issues.

➤ Key Aspects of Customer Praise

A recurrent theme in the reviews is the company’s strong communication skills. Clients frequently mention the clarity, frequency, and transparency of communication from Timeshare Owner Justice, highlighting how this aspect kept them informed and at ease throughout the process. Reviews often commend the professionalism and expertise of the agents at Timeshare Owner Justice. Customers appreciate the helpful guidance and support provided by the staff, noting that their questions were answered promptly and thoroughly. The primary measure of satisfaction for many clients is the successful termination of their timeshare contracts. Numerous reviews express relief and gratitude for being freed from what they describe as deceptive and burdensome timeshare agreements.

Date of Experience: July 19, 2023 – Josefina L. (BBB Review)

We were celebrating my husband’s birthday in ***********, **, one day we were in a shopping center someone approached us and offered us free things, who refuses this? Nobody!. We only had to go to talk for about an hour as they would show us a tourist complex and they wanted our opinion. At the end of the day we agreed, this was a hoax, they involved us with a timeshare, where without our authorization they ran our credit, they opened a credit card with a debit of **** dollars, and with deceit we signed a membership of 25 thousand dollars with Wyndham Timeshare. When we realized that it was all a hoax, we wanted to cancel but we couldn’t. So I looked for different lawyers, some expensive, others unreliable, I talked to Timeshare ************ is very kind, he is in *******, we made an appointment and we met at his office, from that first day he gave us the confidence to file our case in his hands, then we were contacted by ****************, who handled our case, he always kept us informed on what was going on and the communications was excellent. I would recommend this company to anyone!! They go above and beyond and make sure the customer is satisfied. We are truly grateful and relived to be free of the timeshare. THANK YOU TO TIMESHARE OWNER JUSTICE, ****** AND ****, I’m glad to know you.

➤ High Ratings and Recommendations

Many customers have shared their personal experiences, detailing how they were initially trapped in misleading timeshare agreements. These narratives frequently include stories of high-pressure sales tactics, financial strain, and the frustration of navigating complex exit processes. Timeshare Owner Justice is often credited with providing a lifeline in these challenging situations. Clients express relief and appreciation for the company’s intervention in resolving what seemed like inescapable agreements The company has accumulated numerous 5-star ratings across different platforms, indicating a consistent track record of customer satisfaction. Clients not only praise the company for their direct services but also often recommend Timeshare Owner Justice to others in similar predicaments. This word-of-mouth endorsement further reinforces the company’s reputation in the field of timeshare exit services.

━ Closing Thoughts

Timeshare Owner Justice appears to be a reliable option for timeshare owners seeking to exit their contracts, as evidenced by the positive customer reviews. Their approach, which involves pressuring timeshare companies using legal and regulatory avenues, has proven successful for many clients. However, the lack of professionalism in their online presentation may cause some hesitation for potential customers. Despite this, their track record of customer satisfaction suggests that Timeshare Owner Justice is an effective ally for those trapped in burdensome timeshare agreements.

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