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Table of Contents

01. About Timeshare Guardians – Missouri Based Timeshare Exit Company Since 2017

02. Services Offered 3 Package Plans Offered for Timeshare Ownership Solutions

03. The Pros and Cons – 16+ Years of Experience in Timeshare / Travel Industry, but not Explicitly a Timeshare Contract Cancelation Service

04. Closing Thoughts – Links to Timeshare Guardians’ SNS & Overall Rating Review

Located in Branson, Missouri, Timeshare Guardians stands out as a dedicated service provider for timeshare owners seeking alternatives or exit strategies from their current vacation ownership situations. With a firm foundation in offering tailored support, the company skillfully navigates the complex landscape of timeshare ownership. Moreover, they concentrate on developing customized strategies that align precisely with the distinct requirements of every client.

━ About Timeshare Guardians

Founded by the visionary pair, Billy and Dasa Hayes, Timeshare Guardians is firmly rooted in the complex world of the timeshare and travel industry, with more than 16 years of comprehensive experience under its belt. Throughout their careers, Billy as a Resort Property Manager and Dasa as a Loan Officer, they have directly encountered many timeshare owners overwhelmed by the intricacies of handling their vacation properties. These direct experiences with the difficulties that timeshare owners face served as a catalyst for Billy and Dasa, propelling them toward establishing Timeshare Guardians.

The main goal of Timeshare Guardians is to make the confusing world of timeshare ownership simpler and to give owners clear and effective plans. They want to do more than just help owners understand their timeshares; they aim to help owners make the most of their investments. This includes improving vacation experiences and helping owners make money through smart timeshare management.

Date of Experience: August 6, 2021 – Susan B. (BBB Review)

I have been so pleased with our experience of working with Billy at Timeshare Guardians. From the beginning I have been confident that he is looking out for our best interest. He is efficient, well organized and flexible with our family goals. I highly recommend this company for any rental needs.

By founding Timeshare Guardians, Billy and Dasa Hayes embarked on a transformative quest to morph the complex landscape of timeshare ownership into a field ripe with potential for creating enduring memories and securing genuine financial advantages. Their strategy is profoundly shaped by the belief that armed with knowledge, strategic foresight, and a dedication to client-specific solutions, one can successfully navigate the obstacles and unveil new opportunities within the realm of timeshare management.

This initiative not only highlights the Hayes’ unwavering commitment to service excellence but also reflects their dedication to reshaping the perception of timeshare ownership. Through Timeshare Guardians, they aspire to shift the narrative from one of complexity and confusion to a story of empowerment, enjoyment, and economic advantage. In essence, Timeshare Guardians stands as a beacon of hope and guidance for timeshare owners, charting a course toward more enriching and profitable vacation ownership experiences.

━ Services Offered

Timeshare Guardians is known for its carefully planned services that make owning a timeshare better. They start by talking in detail with each owner. This talk is very important. It helps them know exactly what each owner needs and wants, whether it’s better management of the timeshare or help leaving it. They make sure their help fits exactly what the owner is looking for. This way, they work well together with the timeshare owners from the beginning.

A key service provided by Timeshare Guardians centers around the marketing of timeshare properties to prospective guests. This service entails strategically promoting properties to boost occupancy rates, which in turn, enhances the rental income for owners. Through accessing a broad network of potential renters and implementing focused marketing tactics, Timeshare Guardians assists owners in turning their timeshares into profitable investments.

Date of Experience: August 9, 2022 – Margaret P. (BBB Review)

We have been very pleased with the service Timeshare Guardians has provided. They have done what they said they would do – advertise the rental, rent the unit, notify us of the rental and pay us promptly. We look forward to doing business with them in the future.

Additionally, comprehensive property management services form a significant part of their offerings. This service is designed to relieve owners of the day-to-day burdens of managing a vacation property. From handling bookings and guest inquiries to overseeing maintenance and housekeeping operations, Timeshare Guardians ensures that every aspect of property management is handled with professionalism and efficiency. This allows timeshare owners to enjoy the benefits of their investment without the stress and time commitment traditionally associated with property management.

Timeshare Guardians is proud of its clear and simple pricing. They offer different packages to fit various needs and budgets. This makes it easy for timeshare owners to choose the right service for them. They promise no hidden costs, so owners know exactly what they are paying for. They also offer flexible options for continuing the service, showing they care about meeting their clients’ changing needs.

Date of Experience: September 15, 2018 – Adam H. (Facebook Review)

Billy has been great with helping us manage our timeshare and setting up rentals. He is always very responsive anytime day or night. He knows the business very well and provides great advice on how to give us more bang for the buck. I highly recommend his services. Thanks Billy!!

Crucially, Timeshare Guardians operates independently of any timeshare ownership, ensuring an unbiased and objective approach to the services they provide. This independence allows them to offer assistance to both members and non-members interested in renting out their timeshare properties, broadening the scope of their services and reinforcing their position as a versatile and client-focused company.

At its core, Timeshare Guardians has developed a wide array of services focused on improving the experience of owning a timeshare. They offer tailored advice, targeted marketing efforts, careful property management, and promise openness and adaptability. This way, they equip timeshare owners with everything necessary to make the most out of their vacation homes.

━ The Pros and Cons

Choosing Timeshare Guardians for help with leaving or managing your timeshare comes with its pros and cons, just like with any company in the timeshare field. Timeshare Guardians provides a helpful service for people wanting to manage or leave their timeshare agreements. They focus on making the most out of timeshares and managing them well. But, timeshare owners should think carefully about what they need. They should also consider how much it costs and the overall issues with their timeshare. This is important before choosing to work with Timeshare Guardians or any company that offers similar services.

➤ Pros

Billy and Dasa Hayes, the founders of Timeshare Guardians, have over 16 years of experience in the timeshare and travel industry. They have worked as a Resort Property Manager and Loan Officer. They use their experience to help improve timeshare management and exit strategies. Timeshare Guardians creates custom plans for each owner. This means they make a plan that fits your specific needs and goals.

Date of Experience: 2023 – Michael B. (Google Review)

I have been using Timeshare Guardians for 4 years to help rent out available timeshare that I cannot use to assist in covering my maintenance costs. I have found them to be totally honest and dependable. Renters have responded that they enjoyed dealing with him also. If you have questions, check themout on Better Buisness Bureau under “Timeshare Guardians, LLC” Branson MO.

They offer many services, including marketing your property and managing it. This makes it easier for owners because they don’t need to work with many different companies. They are very open about their prices and promise not to add hidden fees. This lets owners make clear choices without surprises in costs. Timeshare Guardians works independently, so they don’t own the timeshares. This allows them to give fair advice and services to everyone, even if they are not members. This is helpful for owners looking for honest support.

➤ Cons

Timeshare Guardians is in Branson, Missouri, but they help people in other places too. However, being far from Missouri might mean they can’t offer as much local help and knowledge. Even though they are clear about their prices, the cost of their services can still be a lot. Owners should think about if the benefits are worth the cost. Timeshare Guardians aims to help owners get the most from their timeshares and manage properties.

But, if an owner only wants to leave their timeshare, they might need to look elsewhere. Timeshare Guardians does help with leaving timeshares, but it’s not their only focus. Their marketing and management might not always work as hoped. There’s no promise of quick sales or rentals. Also, when solutions are made just for you, there can be misunderstandings if Timeshare Guardians and the owner don’t communicate well.

━ Closing Thoughts

Timeshare Guardians seamlessly establishes itself as an indispensable partner for timeshare owners, not only within the confines of Branson, Missouri, but also extending its services to a broader audience. Equipped with an array of services meticulously crafted to tackle the multifaceted nature of timeshare ownership challenges—ranging from devising exit strategies to undertaking property management—they pave the way for a journey toward a more gratifying and less burdensome experience of vacation ownership. Furthermore, their dedication to delivering personalized services and achieving client satisfaction emphatically reinforces their stature as a reliable and esteemed pillar within the timeshare industry.

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