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Get Out Of Your Timeshare

A timeshare agreement might look lucrative, but it is no less than a recipe for disaster for the buyers. Many of them desperately end up and separate their ways following the obligations imposed by the timeshare. Timeshare companies don’t give up on the maintenance fees even if you have made the mortgage payment. Their business model provides them with protection.

Timeshare agreements have eaten up many potential investors and left them bankrupt. However, the process becomes feasible if an attorney is with you. Many cancellation companies with attorneys help clients in this industry.

Here’s all you need to know about how to get out of a timeshare easily. 

What Is A Timeshare Exit? 

Before you look for a timeshare exit company with attorneys, you must know about the timeshare exit or cancellation. The customers use terms like timeshare exit and timeshare cancellation to terminate the membership or ownership benefits for which they pay an annual fee.

A timeshare cancellation can normally be made during the brief period of timeshare purchase and the date when you are legally allowed to cancel. In contrast, timeshare exit occurs once you have passed that period.

So while choosing the attorney for exiting the timeshare, you must know that you are looking for an exit, not a cancellation. 

What Are Timeshare Exit Companies?

Timeshare Exit Companies provide services to help clients cancel or exit their timeshares. They have dedicated attorneys to handle certain cases. The cost of services depends on results, but exits and timeshare cancellations are guaranteed. Buyers who want to exit their timeshare contract without facing foreclosure can use timeshare cancellation companies.

However, one must remember this because timeshare contracts are hard to sell out, and cancellation periods may exist. In these conditions, it becomes practically impossible to sell your timeshare without taking help from attorneys.

Timeshare companies typically send a letter to the timeshare creator and ask them to stop contacting you. However, you still have to pay the annual fee. Several people think hiring an attorney means the contract will end, and you don’t have to pay the fee. However, this is a wrong concept. 

When a buyer buys the timeshare, they are bound to the contract and have to start paying the annual fees. If they fail to pay the fee, the contract is breached, affecting their credit score. The only time a buyer can cancel the contract is within the recession period written on the contract.

Why Choose Timeshare Exit Companies With Attorneys?

Dealing with lawyers is complex, but in case of legal disputes, it becomes necessary to have one to fight back against unfair practices. An attorney can help you get out of a dispute, help you find your footing, and get out of the matter without much loss.

Similarly, timeshare contracts require legally binding documents, and disputes that occur are legal. So, a timeshare exit company with attorneys is the best option. They have lawyers that are experienced in handling real estate matters.

Timeshare owners get stuck in difficult situations regarding their units, and it becomes difficult to choose an attorney that knows how to help them get out of the problem. Several cases arise in a timeshare that needs a Timeshare Company with an attorney to settle things. Following are some of them, along with the details of how they can make cancellation easier.

Sales Representation Misconceptions

Several problems in vacation timeshare ownership arise from false representation by timeshare developers. The buyer may get an overwhelming salesperson who promises to get them a particular unit. Or you might be told that your annual timeshare fees will be capped, but in the end, you find that the outcome is not as promised. You can take it as a salesperson lying to you while buying the timeshare.

It might happen that you were told something else but were scammed by the negligent representation of a timeshare representative. It is a fraud and can affect your timeshare rights.

In case of fraudulent representation by the salesperson, you need help from an attorney. The earlier you recognize the problem, the cheaper the fix is. You can cancel or exit your timeshare contract after a certain period you sign it. However, if your cancellation period on the contract has passed, the situation becomes difficult for you. Here, a timeshare company with attorneys can help you get rid of the scam. The case is forwarded to the judge, who then rescinds the contract. So for this, you need an exit company with attorneys.

Timeshare companies also provide professional assistance. The exit can be done through negotiation in case of a misconception by the salesperson. However, a timeshare attorney is needed if this problem is not resolved through negotiation.

Timeshare Contract Issues

Salesperson misconception is a rare problem, but contract problems are frequently observed. The contract written while buying a timeshare has a legal and enforceable term in your state. For instance, if your contract states you must pay all legal resort fees, whatever the condition, most states prefer to enforce it.

Things cannot go bad only in a timeshare contract. The information in your deed for real estate can also go wrong. In this case, information is to be corrected. Information issues in foundational legal documents can be fixed through an attorney. If you try to do them yourself, you might end up in a mess. The legal headaches in documentation can be avoided by choosing a timeshare company with attorneys.

Also, documentation problems can be difficult and expensive to fix without timeshare exit companies. You first have to head to the resort to fix the problem. If they are not responsive, which happens in most cases, you must look into the timeshare exit company without looking any further. However, you must pay a lump sum after considering the hire to enjoy the privileges. 

In case of mistakes in legal documentation, the contract, and the recorded deed, the attorney will file a lawsuit to go to the judge. In this case, a timeshare exit company lawyer can provide extensive services.  


The problems mentioned above might never grow bigger to the extent you need an attorney for them. However, some problems related to lawsuits are bigger and push you into a lawsuit. You might get sued for a condition in or around your property, or a contract breach could lead you to a lawsuit. The attorney’s advice is needed in both cases to eliminate problems and use your rights.

A foreclosure can also make you sued if you fail to pay the fee or mortgage payment. In some places, these issues are sorted out by the court’s involvement, but in others, you need help from an attorney to prevent a lawsuit and avoid foreclosure.

The lawyer associated with this can get your legal paperwork completed and will give legal advice immediately. This way, you can get out of problems by using your rights and property laws.

Other Timeshare Issues

Timeshares are riskier than the issues mentioned above. Most people face issues due to maintenance fees on the timeshare unit when the time comes to get rid of the contract, and they use the resort’s way of exiting the contract. In this case, taking the help of the attorney is necessary.

Moreover, you might be looking for resale or transfer of timeshare. In this case, you can take the help of a timeshare exit company. If you try to solve these issues on your behalf, you might get into trouble because your attorney knows better to deal with real estate issues. 

Advantages Of Choosing Timeshare Exit Companies with Attorneys

A timeshare exit company doesn’t only help you with legal issues related to a salesperson’s fraud but also with mistakes in deeds or contracts and foreclosure. Certain other advantages are there except negotiating your interests. They include:

Protection From Debt Collection Complicated Process

Timeshare properties are famous for acquiring the services of assertive debt collectors and often make you pay them more than their maintenance fee. Unfortunately, these collectors become a headache for you due to payment failure. You might be unable to understand, but in reality, they are tactics of the third-party collectors to become invasive on the timeshare holder.

While you want to come out of the timeshare, these debt collectors mistreat you and try to make the most out of your situation. Hiring an attorney saves you from these aggressive debt collectors and makes debt-paying practice easier.

Strategy Adjusting

Timeshare laws are different from place to place. The terms of the agreements are also different. So, no clear guideline is available online on how to get out of a timeshare. It means that exiting a timeshare is impossible on your own. Hire an attorney to invest in a timeshare and get out of it conveniently when you feel the need.

Timeshare exit company attorneys have experts that could examine your contracts and create an exit strategy based on your contracts’ details. The legal team guides you throughout the case according to the contract’s terms.

Cost Reduction

Timeshare is a headache, but the bills will make it severe. If you hire a timeshare exit company, you can get rid of the timeshare contract earlier, and exit is straightforward. The biggest advantage is that timeshare bills are stopped when you exit the contract. It means no more bills to pay; the sooner you exit, the less you have to pay.

In most instances, legal teams find part of agreements that invalidate the initial timeshare contract and get you money in return. You cannot figure out these strategies independently, so getting assistance from a timeshare exit company can benefit the situation.

Prevents Exhaustion

Hiring a timeshare attorney is not the only way to get rid of a timeshare. Many other ways are available too. Most people solve issues related to the timeshare by negotiating directly with the vacation resort. To get rid of exhaustion related to these matters, timeshare professionals are hired. If you have tried the other methods but get no success, the last option is to get the help of an experienced attorney to cancel the contract.

Tips To Find The Best Timeshare Exit Attorney

Finding the best timeshare exit company is not like performing a simple web search to select the best one. Some key factors that should be kept in mind while doing this are given below:


The most important factor while choosing an attorney is experience. To make the timeshare exit easier, you must choose the one experienced in handling cancellation cases. Check the company’s profile about the number and nature of cases it has dealt with. If you find something similar to yours, you can trust them for the process.


Lawyers specialize in different areas. To get your timeshare contract canceled, you need to hire one who specializes in real estate and timeshare contract formation and cancellation. This way, you can hire the one who is updated about the latest timeshare cancellation trends.


The most important thing to consider is the budget. Many timeshare companies have attorneys that charge per hour, and few of them charge per case. You must ensure that their services are according to your budget and see how many additional costs are associated.


A timeshare company’s reputation is an important factor too. This will help you predict your case’s result and ensure that the company is not fraudulent. The best way for this is to ask for recommendations and inquire from friends and family members. Moreover, check the reviews about the company and lawyers online to ensure you are safe.

Direct Representation

You can go for a lawyer alone without involving a timeshare company directly. Look for lawyers who have experience in handling timeshare contracts and cancellations. This way, you can have more control over the legal process while knowing that your interests are valued with the cost you are paying.

Great care should be ensured while choosing a timeshare company. Several names present themselves to be legal timeshare companies, but they are NOT. They provide no legal services and leave you in the middle of nowhere. You might come across better lawyers throughout your search, so choose wisely.  

Are Timeshare Exit Companies Legit? 

Attorneys are not only restricted to timeshare services. Many advertise themselves as team owners and tell the owners that they are entitled to compensation if they are lied to while making timeshare purchases. Owners that want to get rid of timeshares believe them to cancel their timeshares. Much like other contracts, timeshare contracts are harder to cancel than they seem.

The timeshare industry takes measures to make sure that the sales are ethical. Moreover, your developer must follow business ethics if you are a timeshare member. So, you must consider the abovementioned factors while choosing a timeshare company to save your time and fortune. 

How Companies Without Attorneys Get You Timeshare Exit? 

Companies that don’t use attorneys to help you get rid of the timeshare may seem like paradise, but they are a hassle. Following are the options they employ for a timeshare exit.

Recession Period

Buyers who recently purchased the timeshare might be able to get the recession period. It’s a short window when the buyer can terminate the contract. In some states, it is long; in others, it’s short. For example, in Kansas, it is 3 days, and in Alaska, it is 15. The recession period may start on the day when you buy a timeshare, but it also depends on when you get the public offering statement or timeshare disclosure statement. Exiting this way is only possible if the recession is not over.

Timeshare Exit Letter

You need to write a timeshare exit letter and send it to the resort. However, resorts are devious and deceitful, and many hide their address from the members. They go to an extent to avoid cancellations and exits that cost them a lot. If you can’t find the address anywhere, go to the resort and find it.

If the resort refuses to provide the address to you, tell them it is legal. Get the letter mailed through a timeshare exit company via a verified mail service. The resort has to sign it or prove that they got it. Always keep an extra copy of everything with you when exiting without lawyers. You need to pay cancellation penalties. However, make sure that they don’t rob you.

Ask The Resort To Take It Back

If you have passed the recession period and want to exit the timeshare, you can use other ways too. Some of them are simple such as a timeshare deed back. This is the best way to give the property back while paying a small compensation fee. However, this process needs extensive paperwork.

Timeshare exit through this process is difficult too. The resort sees the opportunities in the contract to upgrade the timeshare rather than cancel it. They might play games to chain you into the shackles of additional contracts. Find a way to walk away while trying to break free.  

Sell Your Timeshare

The best way to get rid of a timeshare is to sell it. It involves many processes. Firstly, you have to prepare to sell the timeshare. If you have pending loans, you can list the timeshare as encumbered. In this case, no one will buy from you until the debt is paid off. Once it becomes eligible to be sold, you can look for a real estate agent or timeshare resale sites to find the sale prices.

Selling a timeshare is worth it if the resort is a famous place. If the resort is not famous, you won’t get any profits from it. You can list your timeshare for sale on websites too. Just find some good real estate websites and purchase a slot to advertise. Moreover, you can look in the resort directory to check for people who could buy the resort.

Why Timeshare Exit Company Is The Best Way For Timeshare Exit? 

Timeshare Exit involves many legal issues and documentation that cannot be handled independently. Timeshare exit companies have lawyers that can help you get rid of legal matters and provide legal advice to make an exit easier.

The resort can put many compensations on you if you are unaware of timeshare exiting. Hiring an exit company with attorneys is better to avoid paying extra in compensation, mortgage payments, and annual fees. 

Though a timeshare exit company can cost you a lot in terms of money, hiring one can save you from the mess and exhaustion you might face at a resort. Moreover, legal notices are more effective than letters mailed from verified local mail services. 


Timeshare might seem a profitable investment to many, but it can become a headache when handling becomes difficult. In this case, a timeshare exit is needed to free yourself from contracts and annual fee payments. You can get an easy exit by hiring a timeshare company with attorneys. It will save you from exhaustion or mistreatment and prevent someone from overcharging you for simple services. Therefore, go for hiring a timeshare company with attorneys for timeshare exits.