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Table of Contents

01. About Timeshare Divestment Group  Florida Based Timeshare Exit Company Since 2022

02. Services Offered Assists with Fixed, Floating, Points, and Credit Forms of Timeshare Ownership

03. Industry Presence and Customer Feedback – Not BBB Accredited and Lack of Reviews on Online Platforms

04. Closing Thoughts – Links to Timeshare Divestment Group’s SNS & Overall Rating Review

Timeshare Divestment Group, based in Largo, Florida, offers services to assist individuals and families in managing or exiting their timeshare commitments. The company recognizes that while timeshares can be beneficial for many, there are instances where owners find themselves in need of divesting these properties due to changing circumstances. Despite the lack of accreditation by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), their mission is centered on aiding those who find their timeshare ownership burdensome.

━ About Timeshare Divestment Group

Timeshare Divestment Group specializes in assisting timeshare owners who aim to exit their contracts, establishing itself as a focused entity in the timeshare industry. The company recognizes that clients’ needs and circumstances can change, making their timeshare obligations misaligned. To address this, it offers a range of services to tackle the challenges and complexities of timeshare ownership.

To enhance client engagement, Timeshare Divestment Group has launched a unique initiative: a complimentary dinner event at Red Lobster, exclusively for a selected group of timeshare owners. This invitation-only event, taking place in Orlando, FL, reflects the company’s commitment to facilitating informative and relaxed discussions about timeshare ownership in a hospitable setting.


The dinner event hosted by Timeshare Divestment Group actively educates attendees on vital topics related to timeshare contracts. Discussions will focus on methods to permanently end timeshare obligations, legitimate ways to exit timeshare contracts that no longer benefit the owner, and how to get reimbursements for maintenance fees on unused timeshare weeks or points, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact.

Far from being merely a social gathering, this complimentary dinner for two represents an educational opportunity and reflects the Timeshare Divestment Group‘s commitment to providing value-added services to its clients. The event, with its limited seating, aims to create an intimate environment conducive to focused discussions. Timeshare owners wanting to join are advised to reserve their spots early due to the limited availability. They can make reservations by calling the toll-free reservation line at 855-483-4552.

Through this event, along with its range of services, Timeshare Divestment Group demonstrates its commitment to offering customized solutions and support to timeshare owners dealing with the complexities of their timeshare agreements.

━ Services Offered

Timeshare Divestment Group offers a service focused on timeshare contract cancellation. This service includes a comprehensive review of the client’s timeshare contract, assessing legal rights and potential exit strategies. They explore various aspects, such as whether heirs are willing to take over maintenance fee payments, and provide guidance on understanding the true costs and liabilities associated with the timeshare. This free consultation aims to help clients make informed decisions about divesting from their timeshares.

➤ Mortgage and Maintenance Fee Cancellation

Another key service provided by Timeshare Divestment Group is the cancellation of mortgage and maintenance fees associated with timeshares. This service is particularly beneficial for those who qualify under the group’s selection criteria and are struggling with ongoing financial obligations related to their timeshare. The company focuses on providing alternatives to traditional non-payment, which can lead to personal property levies or credit damage. Their goal is to offer legal options for families to alleviate the financial burdens imposed by these fees.

➤ Free Timeshare Consumer Rights Awareness Classes

In response to the unique challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Timeshare Divestment Group provides free timeshare consumer rights awareness classes. These classes are available both in-person and online, making them accessible to a wider audience. The aim is to educate timeshare owners on their rights and provide valuable advice on dealing with timeshare commitments. These sessions cover various aspects of timeshare ownership and are designed to empower owners with knowledge and practical solutions.

➤ Overall Approach

Timeshare Divestment Group emphasizes personalized service and comprehensive analysis in each client’s situation. They offer a variety of services and educational resources aimed at providing clients with a clear understanding of their options and the necessary tools to effectively manage or exit their timeshare commitments. The design of their services focuses on navigating the complexities of timeshare contracts with the support of professionals in relevant fields. These services provide a pathway for potential clients to resolve timeshare-related challenges, particularly useful for those facing financial difficulties or personal circumstance changes. However, like any service, it’s important for clients to do thorough research and consider all aspects before deciding.

━ Industry Presence and Customer Feedback

The Timeshare Divestment Group‘s industry presence and customer feedback can be a critical aspect for prospective clients evaluating their services. While they offer a range of services for timeshare owners, their reputation in the industry is somewhat unclear due to the lack of customer reviews or complaints on their Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile. This absence of feedback poses a challenge in assessing the company’s overall client satisfaction and effectiveness.

➤ Current Alerts for Timeshare Divestment Group

An important consideration is the current alert issued by the BBB regarding Timeshare Divestment Group. In April 2022, the BBB initiated an advertising review and contacted the business for clarification on several points related to their services. The concerns raised by the BBB included:

● Educational Materials

The BBB sought information about the materials provided to potential customers and the criteria to qualify for the company’s program.

● Advertisement Claims

Questions were raised about possible fees associated with complimentary services offered at restaurants and hotels.

● Pricing Structure

The BBB inquired about the pricing structure for the scope of services provided by Timeshare Divestment Group.

● “100% Real Guarantee” Claim

The BBB requested clarification on how the company would fulfill this guarantee advertised on their website.

As of the latest information, the Timeshare Divestment Group has not responded to the BBB’s inquiries. This lack of response to the BBB’s concerns might be significant for potential customers. It raises questions about the transparency and reliability of the company’s advertised claims and services.

➤ Implications for Potential Clients

For individuals considering Timeshare Divestment Group’s services, these factors are crucial. The absence of customer reviews or complaints does not provide a clear picture of client experiences, and the BBB’s unresolved queries regarding advertising claims add another layer of consideration. Prospective clients should exercise due diligence, possibly seeking additional information and reviews, and might also consider consulting with legal or financial advisors before making a decision to engage with the company.

Given these considerations, it’s advisable for individuals interested in Timeshare Divestment Group‘s services to thoroughly research and understand the company’s offerings and to approach with a degree of caution due to the unresolved concerns highlighted by the BBB​.

━ Closing Thoughts

Timeshare Divestment Group appears to offer a comprehensive suite of services for individuals seeking assistance with their timeshare obligations. Their focus on personalized solutions and educational resources is a significant aspect of their business model. However, the lack of BBB accreditation and customer reviews should be considered by potential clients. Those interested in their services should conduct thorough research and possibly consult with legal or financial advisors to make an informed decision about engaging with the company​.

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