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Timeshare Cure is a timeshare re-sale based company out of Branson, Missouri and has been in business since 2013. If you did not know, Branson Missouri is a tourist destination that has tons of timeshare resorts. The companies website is not appealing to the eyes and is very basic with images taken off google. If a company is not willing to invest in its own website, that usually is not a good sign. The company starts off by stating how many timeshare owners love their timeshare when they first purchase it but over time the maintenance fees increase and the mortgage seems like it never decreases due to the high-interest rate. This is a true statement because if your contract had a high-interest rate you would be paying more than double the mortgage during the span of your loan.

Another thing that stood out was reviews on the companies page that were actually negative and stated the company took their money and still has not sold their timeshare. As we mentioned before, there is no real market for timeshares due to the internet age and if a company lists your timeshare and it never gets sold, what is the main purpose of even listing it? The company website has multiple red flags and we would recommend staying clear of them. The customer reviews on the main homepage states it cost over thousands of dollars and they had paid up-front with no luck selling the timeshare. One other customer stated:

Timeshare Cures did NOT sell my property. In fact, after 1 year, they transferred my contract to a law firm in Florida that subsequently went out of business without selling my contract. 2 years later I was forced to make up 3 maintenance payments costing my $1500 and losing the weeks for those years. My recommendation is belive NOTHING that is said by Timeshare Cures or any company representing themselves as a guaranteed seller of your property.

Our team always recommends working with companies that offer an escrow option or a 100% money-back guarantee so you are always protected. If you are not sure if a timeshare exit company is right for you, give us a call, initiate a live chat or fill the form below so we can find you the right timeshare exit company that fits your situation at no cost to you.


Timeshare Cure Licensing

Timeshare Cure has an NR Rating on the Better Business Bureau and it is not accredited by the BBB. The company has 3 customer reviews at 3.8 stars with 6 complaints in the last 3 years and 4 complaints in the last 12 months. There are no Trust Pilot or Yelp reviews.


TimeshareExitReviews Rating

TimeshareExitbureau.com always recommend working with a company that has a strong positive presence in the timeshare exit industry. After carefully assessing EZ Exit Now, our team has decided to give the company 1.0/5.0 MyTER Rating. This rating is based on negative reviews on the web and keeping in mind their past clients claiming the company is a scam and they have lost thousands of dollars.