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Timeshare ownership, once heralded as a gateway to luxurious vacations and stress-free getaways, has increasingly become synonymous with consumer dissatisfaction and financial entrapment. In recent years, several top vacation ownership companies, including Wyndham Vacation Ownership, Diamond Resorts International, and Westgate Resorts, have faced mounting criticism and scrutiny. This article delves into the controversies surrounding these companies, shedding light on their sales tactics, contract challenges, and the myriad issues reported by disillusioned customers. By exploring these concerns, prospective timeshare buyers can gain valuable insights into the potential pitfalls and complexities of entering into a timeshare agreement with these industry giants.

Wyndham Vacation Ownership: Sales Tactics and Contract Challenges

Wyndham Vacation Ownership has garnered an unfortunate “F” rating from the BBB, primarily due to a plethora of customer complaints. Critics have highlighted the company’s aggressive sales tactics, undisclosed fees, and the complexities involved in contract cancellations. Many customers have voiced concerns about being misled regarding the true costs associated with their timeshares.

Diamond Resorts International: Misleading Information and Cost Concerns

Similarly, Diamond Resorts International faces numerous grievances from dissatisfied clients. Issues include allegations of deceptive pricing information, misrepresented availability of resort accommodations, and inflated promises about timeshare resale values. These challenges often leave customers feeling financially ensnared in a commitment they now regret.

Westgate Resorts: High-Pressure Sales and Contract Issues

Westgate Resorts has also come under scrutiny for employing high-pressure sales tactics that coerce potential buyers into purchasing timeshares. Customers have reported significant difficulties when attempting to cancel contracts, coupled with misleading representations regarding the investment value of their timeshares.


In conclusion, potential timeshare owners should approach these prominent companies with caution. Before committing to a timeshare, thorough research, including reading reviews from current and former owners, is crucial. Understanding the terms and conditions of any timeshare contract is paramount to avoiding potential controversies associated with ownership.

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