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Timeshare-Adventures is a re-sale company that is located in St. Petersburg, Florida and has been in business since 2004. As we mentioned before, there is no resale market for timeshares due to the internet age and most timeshares are worth less than a $1 dollar on sites such as ebay.com and craigslist.com. As our team analyzed Timeshare-Adventures website, we came across an interesting find, the first thing we saw is a tab that states ‘What is it worth’, Timeshare-Adventures is boasting about their accomplishments, the company claims it has sold or rented over 16 million dollars worth of timeshares and has an average of 1 million dollars sold on a yearly basis. In other words, Timeshare-Adventures stating there is a strong resale market which is incorrect. A re-sale market is only available for timeshares that are in tourist hot-spots or desired locations, Timeshare-Adventures states these hot-spots are usually Hawaii, Orlando, Hilton Head, Aruba, and Las Vegas.

As we tried to match their information on ebay.com, we saw multiple timeshares that were listed for a dollar in Las Vegas on ebay.com and that discredits the claim made by Timeshare-Adventures. Another claim made by Timeshare-Adventures is a 50% money-back guarantee if their ‘Platinum Ad’ helps sell your timeshare property, this is very odd because why would a company only want to refund you half and boast about themselves? Another unique page on the website states “25 reasons why you should sell your timeshare”, if you are visiting our website and reading our reviews you most likely are interested in canceling your timeshare and we highly recommend you read multiple reviews on each company before making a decision.

If you need help finding a timeshare exit company, give us a call, initiate a live chat or fill out the form below for a free consultation so we can find you the right timeshare exit company that works for your situation. Timeshare-Adventures charges an up-front fee and that is slightly a warning flag because we believe a company should not charge you till your timeshare is sold, and on top of that Timeshare-Adventures boasts about their visual marketing tactics that make them stand out from the rest. The company also has a testimonials page which only has text testimonials and such testimonials could be written by anyone and that automatically questions their authenticity. The processing time is all dependent on when they find you a buyer but there is no set time and as far as the cost, we have seen some timeshares being sold for a few hundred to a few thousand dollars and if they charge you 30-50%, that can add up for you. If you are skeptical and rather have an extra layer of protection, we recommend looking into a timeshare exit company that provides an escrow option, click here for more information.


Timeshare Adventures Licensing

Timeshare-Adventures is not a Better Business Bureau accredited company and has a ‘D’ rating given by their customers. An interesting find we saw is that this company has also received a ‘Patter of Complaints’ given by the Better Business Bureau, “BBB has received a pattern of complaints from customers alleging that once they have paid the business to market their timeshares, the customers do not receive offers for their properties. Customers stated they have had certain expectations of the business’s ability to market their timeshares for a timely sale, but their properties have not sold and have not received any offers. Other complaints allege issues with customer service”. This is not a good sign if your clients are complaining about you, that means there is something wrong with your business practices. Yelp has given Timeshare-Adventures a 1-star rating, which is a red flag. There is no Trust Pilot Reviews.


TimeshareExitReviews Rating

Our team at TimeshareExitReviews has assessed a 1.0/5.0 MyTER Rating and this is primarily due to their negative standing with the Better Business Bureau and reviews by their past customers. We always want our clients to put first so Timeshare-Adventures is a company that we will not recommend to anyone. On top of that, the re-sale market is very little to none for timeshares and this can be seen on many public platforms.