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Table of Contents

01. The Closure and Owner’s Response Closure Due to Multiple Factors such as COVID-19 Aftermath

02. Client Transfer and Scam Allegations Transition to Tradebloc, Inc. and Timeshare Defense Attorneys

03. Online Presence and Service Offerings – Former Timeshare Legal Assistance and Credit Protection

04. Closing Thoughts – Links to Resort Legal Team’s SNS & Overall Rating Review

Resort Legal Team emerged on the timeshare exit scene in Las Vegas, Nevada, with a promise of legal guidance for those entangled in the convoluted web of timeshare contracts. The company prided itself on an approach grounded in legal expertise, with a network of attorneys at the disposal of clients seeking to sever ties with their timeshare obligations. However, the voyage of Resort Legal Team hit an iceberg on November 22, 2022, as they announced the closure of their operations, citing various adversities including the indomitable COVID-19 pandemic.

― The Closure and Owner’s Response

The curtains fell on Resort Legal Team in late 2022 amidst a backdrop of global health and economic turmoil. Responding to a critique on Google, the owner delineated the arduous decision to cease operations while repudiating accusations of dishonest practices. The response revealed a lack of communication from the complainant since the closure notification, which underscores the owner’s defensive stance against the malfeasance claims.

Date of Experience: 2022 – Response From Owner (Google Review)

Our decision to close our business was a difficult one due to factors including COVID-19. To say that Resort Legal Team was run by Crooks is an offensive opinion. Considering we have had ZERO communications from you since our notice of closure was sent out on November 22nd, this statements has no merit if you had any questions about anything with our company closing. Do you write reviews like this much about companies and their situations they have no control over? I only offer you blessings and better life.

― Client Transfer and Scam Allegations

Upon closure, Resort Legal Team exhibited a sense of responsibility by transitioning its client base to Tradebloc, Inc., and Timeshare Defense Attorneys. This move was ostensibly aimed at ensuring that the clients’ needs continued to be addressed even in the absence of Resort Legal Team. The transition was a logistical endeavor that aimed at minimizing the disruption caused by the sudden closure of Resort Legal Team. However, the effectiveness and smoothness of this transition remain unclear, raising concerns about the level of communication and guidance provided to clients during this critical phase.

The scam allegations emerged as a dark cloud over the transition process. Reportedly, another law firm that Resort Legal Team was collaborating with had scammed clients out of a significant amount of money. The nature and specifics of the scam remain shrouded, but the impact was evidently detrimental, casting a pall of mistrust and financial loss over the already complex scenario of timeshare exit. The allegations further tainted the reputation of Resort Legal Team, with advisories being issued against engaging with the said law firm and other associated entities​.

Date of Experience: 2021 – Kimberly Thompson (Google Review)

We signed up with Resort Legal Team, Inc in January of 2020 and are currently in our 20th month and we have had little to no follow up on the progress of being released from our timeshare. We were assigned to Federal Financial Law Group and we have attempted to call the office only to be put in voice mail, sent emails with little or no response or explanation of process. We were told we would have an attorney assigned to our case that would provide updates which we have never been contacted by. Our initial representative Christopher Wasik who has been included in several email correspondence provided no support in updating or even putting us in touch with a contact. At this point we want to be released from the timeshare or receive a full refund.

The scam allegations not only blemished the reputation of Resort Legal Team but also likely exacerbated the financial and emotional distress of the affected clients. The financial loss coupled with the feeling of betrayal could have left clients in a precarious position, further entangled in the timeshare quagmire they were seeking to escape from. The transition, meant to be a soft landing, may have turned into a rough tumble for many, as they navigated the repercussions of the alleged scam amidst seeking new avenues for timeshare exit.

― Online Presence and Service Offerings

The digital footprint of Resort Legal Team was relatively faint, with scarce online reviews, which typically serve as a reflective mirror of customer satisfaction. The scantiness of reviews could signify either a lack of business or dissatisfied customers reluctant to share their experiences. A distinctive review on Google from a David O’Harra, allegedly a staff member, further muddles the online reputation landscape of Resort Legal Team​.

Date of Experience: 2022 – Kaisha Prince (Google Review)

If I could give zero- or negative stars- I would. It’s very sad how this company promised to get us out of our timeshare- with a 100% money back guarantee- and then disappeared. Never responded to the countless emails I sent them, asking for updates about my timeshare. When they said they were closing- they asked us to reach out (like I hadn’t been doing that already) and they would help us. But it appears that they have scammed not only me- but others that have left negative reviews on here as well. Really disappointed with them. Not sure how they think what they did is okay- or to just forget about their clients- and run off with their money.

The service offerings of Resort Legal Team were a blend of legal expertise, financial protection, and client engagement. These services were designed to provide a structured and secure pathway for clients seeking to exit their timeshare contracts. However, the veiled nature of some claims, like the “100% Risk-Free” service, could have raised eyebrows and evoked caution among clients and industry observers. Nonetheless, the spectrum of services showcased RLT’s attempt to provide a comprehensive and client-friendly approach in the often murky waters of the timeshare exit industry.

➤ Legal Assistance 

At the core of RLT’s service offerings was the provision of legal assistance. By harnessing a network of attorneys, RLT sought to provide a legal roadmap for clients looking to exit their timeshare contracts. This emphasis on legal expertise set RLT apart from many competitors, underscoring a commitment to adhere to legal frameworks while navigating the intricacies of timeshare exit. The access to a pool of attorneys was not only a hallmark of RLT’s service model but also a reassurance to clients about the legitimacy of the exit process.

➤ Credit Protection

A unique and commendable service offered by RLT was credit protection. Exiting a timeshare contract can sometimes be a financial quagmire, with potential negative ramifications on a client’s credit score. RLT’s credit protection service aimed at shielding clients from such derogatory credit impacts, providing a safety net during the often tumultuous journey of timeshare cancellation. This service showcased RLT’s understanding of the broader financial implications of timeshare exit and their willingness to provide a holistic service to their clients​.

➤ Free Initial Consultation

Offering a free initial consultation was another client-centric service provided by RLT. This service allowed potential clients to explore the viability of their case without financial commitment. It reflected RLT’s confidence in its service delivery and its client-first approach. The free consultation was also a platform for RLT to demonstrate its expertise and to establish a rapport with clients, providing them with a glimpse of the journey ahead should they choose to engage RLT’s services.

➤ 100% Risk-Free Claim

RLT also touted a “100% Risk-Free” service, although the specifics of this claim were not publicly articulated. Typically, such a claim translates to a money-back guarantee, but the absence of detailed information on RLT’s exit process and the corresponding risk-free claim left some room for speculation. This claim was potentially an assurance of financial safety to clients, but the lack of transparency could have been a red flag to prospective clients and industry reviewers alike​​.

― Closing Thoughts

The closure of Resort Legal Team encapsulates the tumultuous journey many businesses have had to traverse in the face of unforeseen adversities like the pandemic. While their service offerings were robust, the veil of scant online reviews and allegations post-closure casts a long shadow on what could have been a beacon of hope for many trapped in undesirable timeshare contracts. The story of Resort Legal Team serves as a stark reminder of the convoluted nature of the timeshare exit industry, where the line between legitimate assistance and fraudulent exploitation can sometimes blur, leaving stakeholders in a quagmire of trust and financial security.


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