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Table of Contents

01. Company Background and Affiliations – Timeshare Exit Company since 2018 Under Square One Development Group

02. BBB’s Alerts and Pattern of Complaints  Caution Advised: Square One Help, Consumer Law Protection and Consumer Rights Council

03. Press Releases and Government Action – BBB Press Releases and PPP Loan Indictment

04. Closing Thoughts Links to Square One Help’s SNS and Overall Rating Review

In the intricate realm of timeshare exits, Square One Development Group, Inc., operating under the brand Square One Help, presents a controversial profile. This article delves into the company’s background, operational history, and the serious concerns highlighted by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). As consumers navigate the timeshare exit landscape, understanding the intricacies and warnings associated with Square One Help is paramount.

━ Company Background and Affiliations

Since its establishment in 2005, Square One Development Group, known as Square One Help, has navigated a path of diversification and expansion, significantly marking its entry into the timeshare exit industry in 2018. This move was not merely an addition of services but represented a strategic shift into a complex and often contentious field. The company’s pivot to timeshare exits introduced new challenges and opportunities, positioning it within a sector known for its intricate contracts and the desperate consumers seeking relief from burdensome agreements.

➤ Deepening Affiliations and Shared Operations

Square One Help‘s affiliations with Consumer Rights Council, Consumer Law Protection LLC, and VOI Consulting Group are notable for their depth and complexity. These aren’t just partnerships or collaborations; they represent a network of intertwined operations and shared resources. The BBB‘s findings of shared addresses and personnel suggest a level of operational integration that blurs the lines between the entities, potentially complicating consumer interactions and accountability. These affiliations raise important questions about the transparency of their operations and the clarity with which consumers can understand who they are dealing with and who is ultimately responsible for the services provided.

➤ Consumer Rights Council and Consumer Law Protection LLC

The Consumer Rights Council and Consumer Law Protection LLC are particularly noteworthy affiliates. With overlapping addresses and personnel, as well as a shared mission to provide timeshare exit services, these entities appear to function as extensions of Square One Help‘s operations. The registration of Consumer Rights Council as a non-profit organization and the involvement of key personnel from Square One Help in its operations suggest a strategic approach to segmenting their services and market approach. Consumer Law Protection‘s formation and its managerial ties to Square One Help further illustrate the interconnected nature of these organizations.

➤ VOI Consulting Group’s Role

VOI Consulting Group adds another layer to this network. Based in Las Vegas and with managing members listed as employees of Square One Help, it represents a geographical and operational expansion of the company’s reach. This affiliation potentially broadens the scope of services and market reach of Square One Help, but it also adds to the complexity of the corporate structure, making it more challenging for consumers and regulators to navigate and understand the full scope of their operations and responsibilities.

The intricate web of affiliations under the umbrella of Square One Help has several implications. For consumers, it can lead to confusion and difficulty in discerning who is actually providing the services and who to hold accountable in case of disputes. For regulators and industry watchdogs, it presents a challenge in monitoring and ensuring compliance with legal and ethical standards. And for the industry at large, it reflects the complexities and potential for obfuscation that can tarnish the reputation of the timeshare exit sector.

━ BBB’s Alerts and Pattern of Complaints

The Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) alerts regarding Square One Help are not just routine notices; they are a reflection of a growing concern over the company’s practices. The pattern of complaints, characterized by significant financial losses and emotional stress reported by consumers, has prompted the BBB to issue stern warnings. Potential consumers are advised to tread carefully, a testament to the severity of the issues reported. The array of grievances includes, but is not limited to, failure to honor contracts, inability to cancel contracts, lack of communication, misleading sales presentations, and consistently poor customer service.

➤ Nature and Impact of Complaints

The nature of the complaints is diverse, yet they collectively point to a systemic problem within Square One Help‘s operations. Customers report feeling misled by sales presentations that promised seamless timeshare exits, only to find themselves entangled in even more complex situations. The inability to cancel contracts has left many in a state of financial limbo, with significant amounts of money paid for services that were either partially fulfilled or completely unmet. The lack of communication exacerbates the situation, as customers find themselves unable to get clear answers or updates on their cases, leading to increased frustration and despair.

Date of Experience: April 21, 2023 – Charles C (BBB Review)

It’s been 3 years now and still no results and no contacts from the company so I think they are a scam and I have put over $10,000 into all of this with absolutely zero results and no contacts no reputable firm would do that

➤ Company’s Response to Consumer Grievances

Square One Help‘s acknowledgment of the complaints does little to assuage the concerns of the BBB and affected consumers. While the company admits to receiving grievances, its suggestion that some complaints might be unjustified does not align with the volume and consistency of the issues reported. More troubling is the lack of a clear and actionable plan to address and rectify the problems identified. This non-committal response has left many consumers feeling neglected and further mistrustful of the company’s intentions and capabilities.

Date of Experience: October 3, 2023 – Eileen L (BBB Review)

We have the same story as others below. Paid Square One Group $7500 in October 2019.Have tried on several occasions every year since to communicate with Square One. Numerous phone calls only to get lied to by whomever happened to be answering the phone that day, saying our file was in review with their team of lawyers. The last year they do not even answer the phone/line was disconnected.

➤ The Need for a Proactive Approach

The situation calls for more than just recognition of the issues; it demands a proactive and transparent approach to reform. Consumers and the BBB alike are waiting for Square One Help to not only acknowledge the full extent of the problems but also to take concrete steps towards resolution. This includes engaging with dissatisfied customers, offering tangible solutions or refunds, and overhauling internal processes to prevent future grievances. Without such actions, the company risks further damage to its reputation and the possibility of more severe repercussions from consumer protection agencies.

━ Press Releases and Government Action

The Better Business Bureau’s press releases on July 7, 2020, and June 3, 2021, serve as critical milestones in understanding the trajectory of consumer dissatisfaction with Square One Help. These documents don’t just tally complaints; they narrate the ongoing struggles of consumers who have found themselves at a significant loss. The July 2020 press release was a dire warning, shedding light on consumers who reportedly lost thousands of dollars to Square One Help, with allegations including misleading sales practices and failure to honor agreements. By June 2021, the situation had escalated, with the BBB noting an alarming increase in complaints, further amplifying the call for caution among potential consumers. These press statements are pivotal in highlighting not just individual grievances but a persistent pattern of alleged deceit and malpractice.

➤ Nature and Impact of BBB’s Findings

The press releases detailed not only the number of complaints but also their nature, providing a window into the experiences of consumers across various states. Reports of unfulfilled promises, substantial financial losses, and the emotional toll of dealing with Square One Help‘s alleged inadequacies painted a grim picture. These narratives contribute to a broader understanding of the impact on consumers, many of whom entrusted the company with their finances and hopes for a resolution to their timeshare burdens, only to be reportedly met with indifference and inaction.

➤ Government Action: The PPP Loan Indictment

The indictment of Christopher “Chris” Lee Carroll and George Reed introduces a more sinister aspect to the concerns surrounding Square One Help. Allegations of engaging in a scheme to defraud a federally insured financial institution and engage in unlawful monetary transactions raise serious questions about the company’s ethics and operations. The misuse of Paycheck Protection Program funds, intended to support employees during a critical time, suggests a profound disregard for legal and moral standards. This pending government action not only casts a long shadow over the reputation of Square One Help but also aligns with the narratives of deception reported by consumers.

The press releases and government action collectively contribute to a narrative of a company potentially deeply entrenched in unethical practices. For consumers, these revelations are a stark reminder of the need for vigilance and thorough research before engaging with timeshare exit companies. For the industry, it’s a call to elevate standards and ensure transparency and accountability. And for regulators and consumer protection agencies, it underscores the importance of monitoring and taking decisive action to protect consumers from potential exploitation.

━ Closing Thoughts

The expansion of complaints and warnings against Square One Development Group, Inc. and its affiliates paints a troubling picture of a company and an industry fraught with issues of trust, performance, and accountability. As consumers nationwide report substantial financial losses and unfulfilled promises, the call for vigilance and a reevaluation of practices within the timeshare exit sector becomes increasingly urgent. The accounts and data collected by the BBB serve not only as a warning to potential customers but also as a clarion call for industry-wide reform and stricter oversight to protect consumers from predatory practices.

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