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——————————– The Truth About Buying and Exiting Timeshares————————

Based out of Irvine, California, Resort Advisory Group is a self proclaimed full-service advocacy group that speaks to have a long record of helping their clients end their timeshare contracts both time-efficiently and legally.

When looking at the company website, it’s both flashy and fast moving. Showing an informative intro video that captures their busy work environment. Their site allows visitors to locate any information about the company and their services provided. 

Also, the Resort Advisory Group website holds a small FAQ section allowing their possible clients to learn more details about their timeshare exit strategies.

Additionally, their website holds a unique feature of a calculator holding a headline that inquires whether you were made aware of the actual cost of your timeshare. This is to help add to their business model, helping current timeshare owners cancel them off the basis of fraudulent misrepresentations during the selling of the property.

Resort Advisory Group’s 7 Step Process

Known as their 7 Step Process, Resort Advisory Group explains how the process of cancelling your timeshare will play out. From the initial consult, to the final step of taking client testimonials.

Step 1

The first step to cancelling your timeshare with Resort Advisory Group is to complete a form that begins the initial ‘free no-obligation consultation’. This is an industry standard. 

Step 2

The second step in the process is for an advisor to contact the potential client to review their timeshare contract. 

During this step, the Resort Advisory Group will begin to gather all needed information to help them better understand the contract and any uniqueness of the case. The company will also provide a booklet explaining the process and what would be needed to complete a proper assessment.

This shows a goodwill effort on behalf of Resort Advisory Group to carefully review each potential client’s case in detail before working with a potential client, which appears a favorable sign towards their legitimacy and credibility.  

Step 3

Thirdly, the advisor then prepares a file for the case advisor. Assuming the case advisor is a timeshare attorney, although this is not clearly stated on their website. While Resort Advisory Group does not claim to be a law firm, the company states that a timeshare Attorney and a Resort Advisory Group representative will contact a potential client to understand more about their case.

In other sections of the site, the company only mentions an “advisory” or “case advisor”, so this can be confusing for the average visitor to their site. It is a possibility that the attorneys are part of their professional staff or a third-party relationship, however this is not made clear on the website.

Step 4

The fourth step is when the formal “case advisor” contacts the client to review their case and discuss their timeshare exit plan.

Step 5

Step number five is considered finished once the case advisory sends a service agreement that allows their team of professionals to start the process of resolving the unwanted timeshare contract. The service agreement will describe any fees required to resolve your case.

The company also offers “fee escrow services” which means Resort Advisory Group will not get paid unless the company successfully relieves the client of all timeshare liability.

In simpler words, the company is not paid in full until services are successfully completed.

Step 6 

Step six is finished upon successful resolution which Resort Advisory Group will provide a letter to the client from the developer that relieves them of all further liability.

Step 7

The final step, number seven, is when the Resort Advisory Group asks the client for an honest testimonial to use as a future review. 

The Diamond Lawsuit vs Resort Advisory Group

While doing research, we located a news story dated January 21, 2021 discussing a pending lawsuit involving Diamond Resorts and Resort Advisory Group alleging false advertising. 

During Diamond’s discovery process it looks like the company was able to dig up a concerning note in the Resort Advisory Group customer relationship management system.

We highly recommend never to work with exit companies that tell their clients to stop paying their maintenance fees in order to achieve a successful “exit” from their timeshare. If you were to stop paying the maintenance fees, the timeshare will likely go into foreclosure and your credit score will likely suffer significantly.

Someone telling a timeshare owner to not pay any further maintenance fees in order to drop their timeshare is not a proper timeshare exit service. That’s something that anyone could do on their own, without the need to hire a timeshare exit company. 

Resort Advisory Group Reviews

When looking at their website, customer testimonials aren’t easily found. Though there is a list of written customer testimonials located on the site’s home page in the sliding banner. This can easily be missed by a customer when looking at the content on the website.

Similar to other companies, it’s not expected to see negative reviews posted on a company’s website. That’s why we also reviewed the company on other websites, such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This was done to gain more information about this company’s practices and services.

Stated on the website, the company does have an A+ rating from the BBB. This is a favorable rating, however Resort Advisory Group has had 8 complaints between 2018 and 2021. With only a total of 22 reviews.

Five of the complaints were specific to the products and services provided by Resort Advisory Group.  

As the Resort Advisory Group and it’s team appear to be quite involved in the customer complaint resolution process, for example you can see them respond on BBB to any bad customer experiences.Though this is required in order to maintain a good rating on BBB.

However, we have seen other timeshare exit companies completely ignore their current and former client posts on the BBB.

While doing our review, Google had a 4.3 star rating, out of 5 stars. That’s with a total of 32 reviews and the overall takeaway were positive reviews related to their transparency, quick communication time and lack of pushy salesmen.

One of their reviews was allegedly written by a former employee who called the environment toxic and that Google reviews are mostly positive as the company provides gift cards to client’s for positive reviews. We, of course, are not able to verify this claim.

A high percentage of past employees use, which is a place for past workers to leave reviews normally, so using Google isn’t common for that. Resort Advisory Group does not seem to have a profile so are not able to find any additional reviews about the company’s workplace practices, company size or reviews.

Resort Advisory Group Cost

Though they don’t have a flat cost, more of a case to case basis, that’s not unusual for a timeshare exit company.

In exchange, they conduct due diligence in order to fully see all sides to a future client’s contact and other determining factors before figuring out an end cost. This could be seen as fair practice.

Resort Advisory Group Process Time

Their website states a time frame between 6 and 12 months.

We encourage all our readers to read through reviews posted about their potential timeshare exit company so you can learn more about their practices.

Concluding Thoughts

It’s not unfair to come to the conclusion that someone needing to exit their timeshare contract would be skeptical of all companies, so we try to hold onto that mindset when conducting reviews on a timeshare cancellation company.

To conclude our thoughts, there are clearly outlined steps, the full experience with Resort Advisory Group isn’t really clear. For example, their review by the BBB was created in 2011 and accredited in 2016.

The company doesn’t seem to have a very big presence online and that’s not very usual for a business that’s been going for over 10 years. That’s why it’s hard to learn more about the company and the employees behind the busy scene on the businesses website.

If you do decide to work with Resort Advisory Group, we encourage you to educate yourself as much as possible and be prepared with questions when you contact them for your free “no-obligation” consultation.

As always, we suggest you work with a timeshare exit company that provides low up-front fee escrow payment options. Allowing service charges to be paid to a third-party holding account. Rather than the timeshare exit company themselves.

Having this low up-front fee escrow payment option allows the payment to be released to the timeshare exit company once the cancellation is successful for the client. This prevents any company from stealing a customer’s money.

We believe that finding a company with such a payment option is the best way to protect yourself from scams.