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Resort Advisory Group is a timeshare exit company that may be able to assist you in canceling your timeshare. Like many other timeshare exit companies, they are based in California. They have been in business since 2011, making them one of the oldest timeshare exit companies on the market. 

As we’ve discussed in our other articles, there is not a very big market for timeshare resale. Most timeshares are left on the market for years, and end up selling at a fraction of the cost, if they ever sell at all.

This is why a lot of timeshare owners seek out timeshare exit companies to get rid of their timeshare. In a market saturated by scams, it’s hard to find a reputable one. 

The most accurate way to find a good timeshare exit company is by seeking out their client testimonials. 

Resort Advisory Group Reviews 

Client testimonials are something that stands out when researching Resort Advisory Group. 

The company seems to have a great rapport on several different review platforms. They seem to average around a 4.5-star rating on various websites. 

Resort Advisory Group also has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. They do have a handful of complaints, but it seems as though they were addressed instantly by the company. RAG also has a four-star rating on BBB, and a five-star rating on Facebook.

They do not yet have any reviews on Yelp or Trustpilot. Typically, we suggest going with a timeshare exit company that has positive reviews on a wide variety of sites. 

Resort Advisory Group also has a detailed FAQ page on its website. These are beneficial because a lot of customers have questions about the company and the process they use in timeshare exit. FAQ pages can address all the common questions and concerns that potential customers may have. 

There is an abundance of timeshare exit scams. It seems as though there are new fraudulent timeshare exit companies popping up daily. Many desperate timeshare owners fall victim to these scams, which is why it’s so crucial to do your research before choosing a company. 

Resort Advisory Group Cost 

According to the Resort Advisory Group website, their services can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000. The cost is on par with other timeshare exit companies, and the variation is normal too. The exit company fees will depend largely on the situation. 

Another positive for the company is that they offer an escrow payment option.

A lot of reviews state that the company requires no up-front payment. This is beneficial to customers because the timeshare exit company does not get paid until the service is completed. 

This is crucial when it comes to timeshare exit. Many fraudulent companies will take a high up-front payment and then never complete the service, leaving their clients out of thousands of dollars while still burdened with the unwanted timeshare.

Click here to speak directly to Resort Advisory Group and ask about their no up-front fees!

Resort Advisory Group also provides credit protection for their customers. Unlike many other timeshare exit companies, RAG cares about the impact exiting a timeshare has on your credit score. Preventing your credit from negative dings throughout the timeshare exit process is crucial. 

Resort Advisory Group Process 

Resort Advisory Group employs attorneys, which is a big plus. The hired attorneys will look for misrepresentations and false information in the timeshare contract to cancel the timeshare. 

Many timeshare exit companies will simply send out letters to the timeshare resorts in an effort to cancel the contract. Typically, this has a low success rate. However, if an experienced attorney takes the time to seek out falsehoods in the timeshare contract, this is when timeshare cancellation is much more realistic. Building a legitimate case against the resort has a much higher success rate, and it’s the safest way to get out of the timeshare contract. 

Resort Advisory Group also notes that they will help eliminate liability from the timeshare contract. These liabilities include debts and maintenance fees. 

This is the full statement RAG issued on the topic: 

“Our team at Resort Advisory Group has a proven track record of persuading developers to exit timeshare contracts. We will remove all liability from your timeshare contract. You will no longer be responsible for maintenance fees, assessment fees, or payments on debts. Your heirs will no longer be responsible for any liability. You will no longer have any liability for your timeshare contract.” 

A Step-by-Step of the Process:

According to the Resort Advisory Group website, their timeshare exit process is as follows: 

  • Enter and submit information 

Enter your contact information so we can send you a free booklet with explanations of what we will need to start our team of specialists on the path to resolve your timeshare contract. 

  • Return provided booklet 

Return the booklet with the requested information. 

  • Advisor will schedule a chall 

Our specialist will schedule a time for a 100% free consultation call to assess your timeshare contract. 

  • Advisor reviews your case 

Our specialist will prepare a file for your case advisor to review the case. 

  • Advisor discusses plan to exit contract 

Your case advisor will contact you to discuss the plan to exit your timeshare contract. 

  • Our team begins the process of resolution 

Your case advisor will send you a service agreement that will allow our team of professionals to begin the process of resolving your timeshare contract. 

  • Liability letter sent to developer 

We will provide you with a letter from the developer that relieves you of all further liability regarding the timeshare contract. 

  • Request a testimonial 

We will ask for your honest testimonial of the service we provided to exit your timeshare. 

How Long Do They Take?

According to their FAQ page, Resort Advisory Group will complete effective timeshare exit in 9-12 months. This timeframe is on par with the industry standard, which averages anywhere from 6-18 months for timeshare exit. 

Hiring an attorney to exit a timeshare is a lengthy process, but it also has a very high success rate. 

Resort Advisory Group Advertising

Resort Advisory Group has several methods of advertisement. They utilize TV, radio, and the internet for their ads. This is indicative of a strong marketing budget, which is a testament to how they run their business. In other words, it is very rare that fraudulent companies will spend a lot of money on advertising. 

One of the things that Resort Advisory Group offers is their free consultation. 

Resort Advisory Group Fees & Cost

Like many other timeshare exit companies, the fees are only determined after the case is evaluated. If a company gives you an up-front price without evaluating the facts of the case, it can be indicative of fraud. 

Based on reviews, we can estimate that the cost of Resort Advisory Group’s services range from $3,000 to $6,000, depending on the situation. This is also fairly common for the timeshare exit industry. 

The price will vary due to the cost of the timeshare mortgage, or whether or not your timeshare is paid off. The costs will typically be higher if you have a mortgage, and lower if your timeshare is paid off in its entirety. 

That being said, the price is negotiable for all timeshare exit companies. Exit companies want your business, so they will be willing to work with you in regards to price. Attempting to haggle with the exit company can never hurt, and it will only benefit you in the long run. 

What They Have to Say

The following is a statement from Resort Advisory Group regarding their fees:

“Answering this question requires our team of specialists to gather more information about your specific case. We cannot answer that question without fully understanding the extent of misrepresentation and unethical sales practices you suffered. Once we conduct a free consultation and complete our due diligence on your case, we will be able to quote a reasonable fee that will result in saving you thousands of dollars.

If we were to ask you how much it costs to build a house, you would not be able to answer that question without more information. Similarly, we cannot quote a fee because we do not know how many hours our specialists, analysts, and other professionals will need to devote to the case until we gather a full understanding of the misrepresentations you suffered. Further, we need to know more about the developer, whom we must persuade to exit your contract. To ease the burden, we offer escrow services—that way, Resort Advisory Group does not profit until you are legally and permanently out of your timeshare.”


The timeshare exit industry is saturated by fraud. Resort Advisory Group is a breath of fresh air in the timeshare exit industry. 

They advertise on several different platforms, have great reviews, and seem to always put their clients first. Resort Advisory Group is a company that will be able to help you eliminate the stress of a timeshare.