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Table of Contents

01. About Release Consulting – Nevada Based Timeshare Exit Company Since 2021

02. Services and Approach 5 Step Timeshare Cancelation Process with Guarantee

03. The Pros and Cons –Was Featured on Fox News, but Overall Poor Customer Reviews / Ratings Online

04. Closing Thoughts – Links to SNS & Overall Rating Review

In the realm of timeshare ownership, the journey from acquisition to exit is often fraught with complexities and unforeseen challenges. Consequently, for those seeking a way out, Release Consulting, based in Henderson, Nevada, emerges as a beacon of hope. Furthermore, this review delves into the services offered by Release Consulting, exploring how they stand out in the crowded market of timeshare exit companies.

━ About Release Consulting

Release Consulting is an option for timeshare owners seeking an exit from their contracts. This firm distinguishes itself by prioritizing the effectiveness of its solutions over profit margins, a choice that sets it apart from many competitors in the industry. Where others might opt for shortcuts that compromise the process and leave clients vulnerable to recurring timeshare dilemmas, Release Consulting adopts a comprehensive and detailed approach. Their strategy is meticulously crafted to ensure the timeshare termination process is not only executed without fault but also provides complete liability protection for their clients.

The firm’s unwavering commitment to sealing any loopholes commonly exploited by less scrupulous timeshare removal companies underscores their dedication to client welfare. Release Consulting‘s approach is exhaustive, ensuring that every aspect of the timeshare exit process is carefully considered and addressed. This thoroughness guarantees that clients and their families are not just temporarily distanced from the burdens of timeshare ownership but are permanently protected from the aggressive tactics of resort companies.

Date of Experience: December 28, 2023 – Dale S. (BBB Review)

We were charged 13,360 a year ago 7/2022. This company promised to release us of our time share. It’s now 12/2023. Still paying maintenance fees, Ignore our emails and phone calls. This establishment is bogus, disrespectful, scamming people ! Beware! We want our money back!

Moreover, Release Consulting‘s philosophy extends beyond the mere termination of contracts. They aim to empower their clients with the knowledge and support needed to navigate the often opaque and complex landscape of timeshare ownership. This includes providing transparent insights into the potential challenges and legal considerations involved in the exit process, thereby fostering a relationship based on trust and confidence.

In essence, Release Consulting‘s dedication to excellence, client protection, and ethical practices in the timeshare exit process not only offers a path to freedom for those entangled in undesirable contracts but also redefines the standards of service within the industry. Their commitment to integrity, combined with a client-first approach, ensures that individuals seeking to end their timeshare obligations do so with a partner who is genuinely invested in their long-term well-being and financial security.

━ Services and Approach 

It’s clear that Release Consulting‘s mission centers on providing a comprehensive solution for individuals looking to navigate the often complex and stressful process of exiting a timeshare contract. Their emphasis on a detailed, client-focused approach highlights a commitment to personalized service, ensuring that each client’s unique situation is thoroughly understood and addressed.

Detailed and Personalized Strategy

Release Consulting tailors its timeshare exit approach to meet the individual needs of each client. Understanding that every timeshare situation is unique, the company likely starts with a detailed assessment of the client’s specific circumstances. This process may include reviewing the terms of the timeshare contract, understanding the client’s reasons for wanting to exit, and identifying any previous attempts to resolve the issue. With this information, Release Consulting develops a strategy aimed not only at terminating the timeshare contract but also at minimizing any potential financial or legal repercussions for the client.

➤ Comprehensive Process

The emphasis on avoiding shortcuts and ensuring a comprehensive process is particularly noteworthy. In the timeshare exit industry, some companies may opt for quicker, less thorough methods that can leave clients vulnerable to future legal or financial claims from the timeshare company. Release Consulting‘s commitment to a comprehensive process suggests that they take every possible step to ensure that the exit is permanent and legally sound. This might include negotiations with the timeshare company, legal actions if necessary, and thorough documentation of the entire process to protect the client’s interests.

Client-Centered Communication

A key aspect of Release Consulting‘s approach is likely their focus on client communication. Navigating the process of exiting a timeshare can be daunting, and many clients may feel overwhelmed by the legal and financial complexities involved. By maintaining open and transparent communication, Release Consulting can provide reassurance and clarity to their clients throughout the process. This could involve regular updates on the status of their case, explanations of any legal proceedings, and guidance on any actions the client needs to take.

Release Consulting‘s emphasis on ethical practices and closing loopholes that could leave clients vulnerable is a significant advantage. In an industry where some operators may engage in questionable practices, a commitment to ethical and responsible behavior is reassuring. This suggests that Release Consulting not only aims to achieve the best possible outcome for their clients but also to do so in a way that is fair, transparent, and in compliance with all legal standards.

━ The Pros and Cons

When considering Release Consulting for your timeshare exit strategy, it’s important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of engaging their services. Here’s a detailed look at the pros and cons based on the information available from their website and general practices in the timeshare exit industry.

➤ Pros of Working with Release Consulting

Release Consulting emphasizes a comprehensive process aimed at fully terminating your timeshare contract. Consequently, this approach ensures that clients are completely freed from their timeshare obligations, providing peace of mind and a sense of finality. Moreover, the company takes pride in its refusal to cut corners, a prevalent practice in the industry that often leads to loopholes and potential future complications. Their detailed process strives to eliminate any gaps that might allow timeshare companies to ensnare clients once again.

Furthermore, Release Consulting offers a guarantee of complete liability protection for their clients. This assurance is particularly significant, as it promises to safeguard clients and their families from any future claims or liabilities from the resort companies. Additionally, their service is notably client-centered, highlighting the importance of protecting the client’s interests throughout the timeshare exit process. This client-focused approach can offer considerable reassurance to those overwhelmed by the complexity of their timeshare situation.

➤ Cons of Working with Release Consulting

While the company’s website emphasizes their thorough process and commitment to detail, it provides little information on the specific methodologies employed. Potential clients may find this lack of transparency concerning and may wish for more detailed information before committing. As with any timeshare exit company, there are likely to be costs and fees associated with the services provided by Release Consulting. While this is standard for the industry, potential clients should be aware of these costs upfront and consider them in their decision-making process. The website does not provide detailed information on fees, which could be a drawback for those trying to budget for their exit strategy.

Date of Experience: February, 2023 – Jean G. (Google Review)

We were promised exit within 6-8 months after paying this company $28,000.00. When we submitted the timeshare we wished to exit we were sent documents to have notarized which we did. Recently we received a letter from another company saying they were employed by you to cancel our membership but we needed to send them more money. $1200 more. We have continued paying our yearly maintence not only for 2022 but also 2023 even though we are not using the timeshare. We have no expectations that this will be the last funds they are asking for and have been advised by an attorney not to send more funds. BEWARE

The effectiveness of a timeshare exit company can often be gauged by reviews and testimonials from past clients. The absence of these on the company’s website may make it challenging for potential clients to assess the company’s success rate and customer satisfaction levels. The timeshare exit industry is fraught with companies that have come under scrutiny for unethical practices. While Release Consulting emphasizes their commitment to ethical and thorough processes, potential clients should conduct comprehensive research and seek out independent reviews to ensure the company’s reputation aligns with their expectations.

━ Closing Thoughts

For those entangled in the complexities of timeshare ownership and seeking a way out, Release Consulting offers a promising solution. Based in Henderson, Nevada, their focus on complete timeshare termination through a meticulous and client-centered approach sets them apart. While the journey to timeshare freedom is rarely straightforward, the assurance of a company dedicated to closing the loopholes and protecting clients from future liabilities is a significant relief.

As with any service of this nature, potential clients should conduct their due diligence, seeking out reviews, testimonials, and additional information to ensure that Release Consulting is the right fit for their specific needs. However, for many, the promise of a thorough and dedicated approach to timeshare termination may be the light at the end of a long and challenging tunnel.

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