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Table of Contents

01. Company Overview Florida Based Timeshare Exit Company Since 2014

02. Client Experiences Generally Positive Reviews Across Platforms

03. Financial  Safeguards– Offers Full Refund From Escrow If Not Released Within a Year

04. Closing Thoughts Preferred Cancellation Services’ SNS and Overall Rating Review

Timeshare contracts offer a slice of vacation paradise, but escalating maintenance fees or changing personal circumstances often necessitate a reliable exit strategy. Preferred Cancellation Services (PCS), a Florida-based firm, dedicates itself to aiding individuals through the timeshare cancellation process, with a promise of transparency and a client-centric approach. They offer a range of services including consultations and attorney services, aiming for a holistic approach to timeshare exit solutions.

The credibility of PCS, like many in the timeshare exit industry, is significantly shaped by client experiences. Reviews and testimonials are crucial as they reflect real-world experiences, guiding potential clients in evaluating the reliability and effectiveness of PCS. Through a thorough examination of client testimonials and an analysis of their service framework, the subsequent sections aim to provide a comprehensive review of Preferred Cancellation Services, exploring their service delivery, client feedback, and financial safeguards to assess their reliability as a timeshare exit ally.

━ Company Overview

The mission and approach of Preferred Cancellation Services (PCS) reflect a dedicated effort to guide clients through the often tangled journey of timeshare cancellation. With a keen eye on employing modern and effective tactics, PCS aims to remain at the forefront of providing timeshare exit solutions. Their methodology is not just about navigating the present complexities, but also about looking forward to adapt to any evolving challenges in the timeshare industry, ensuring that clients have a smoother path towards cancelling their timeshare contracts​.

In terms of service provision, PCS has crafted a suite of offerings to cater to the varied needs of their clientele. At the outset, they provide free consultations, giving clients a clear initial assessment and a better understanding of the process that lies ahead. Additionally, they extend attorney services, which could be invaluable in a domain where legal intricacies are the norm rather than the exception. The availability of attorney services suggests a level of expertise and seriousness in handling each case with the required legal diligence. Moreover, PCS offers an escrow option, providing a secure financial arrangement that can bring peace of mind to clients amidst the often financially taxing process of timeshare cancellation​.

Date of Experience: May 24, 2021 – Karen S (BBB Review)

Thank you PCS for helping me “escape” from my timeshares after my husband passed away very expectedly six days after we purchased the third Hilton vacation timeshare. With the loss of my husband’s income, it would have been impossible for me to continue to pay the loans and the outrageous fees. I appreciate all the help, and the cost was very reasonable, considering the tremendous financial impact for me.

Communication Commitment

PCS underscores the importance of clear and open communication channels with clients throughout the timeshare cancellation process. Their commitment to communication is not just a service pledge, but a recognition of the anxiety and uncertainty that often accompany timeshare exit endeavors. By maintaining open channels of communication, PCS seeks to provide reassurance and clarity to clients, keeping them informed at every stage of the process. This approach reflects an understanding of the emotional and financial stakes involved for clients, and an endeavor to provide a more transparent and less stressful experience as they work towards exiting their timeshare contracts.

━ Client Experiences

The digital landscape reveals a bouquet of positive feedback for Preferred Cancellation Services (PCS), particularly noticeable on platforms like Google. As of mid-2019, a good number of individuals have expressed satisfaction with the services provided by PCS, signaling a level of contentment and approval of their methods​​. Additionally, the proactive response by PCS to a complaint lodged on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) platform exhibits a commendable level of responsiveness, an attribute that likely resonates well with clients and potential customers. This interaction not only reflects a willingness to address client concerns but also portrays a company ethos that values client feedback and seeks to maintain a positive public image.

Further enhancing the positive narrative are the specific features of PCS that have garnered appreciation. The provision of attorney services stands out as a significant asset, offering clients legal guidance in the complex realm of timeshare cancellations. The presence of Spanish-speaking agents is another commendable feature, fostering inclusivity and ensuring that language barriers do not impede the process of timeshare cancellation. Furthermore, the availability of an escrow option provides a financial safeguard, creating a secure environment for clients as they navigate the cancellation process​​. These features not only reflect a holistic approach to service delivery but also demonstrate a keen understanding of the diverse needs of clients.

Negative Feedback

However, the narrative is not solely rosy. A distinct complaint on Trustpilot sheds light on a communication lapse that seemed to occur post-contract. Despite an initially favorable interaction, the client experienced a drastic reduction in communication over a span of two years, leaving them in a state of uncertainty and dissatisfaction. This instance paints a picture of inconsistency in communication, which can be distressing for clients, given the financial and emotional investment embedded in timeshare agreements​​.

Date of Experience: 2020 – Annie Lall (Trustpilot Review)

At first you guys were great. Made all these wonderful promises to keep in contact, give updates get my case close in 7 month. These are all things in my contract. It’s been two years now and I’m getting no communication from anyone. Every time I try to contact “Paul” the attorney handling my case, I get no response or what tragic tendencies seams to be happening in his life. I have things going on in my life too and at this point need this to be over with. NOT IGNORED. I am about to report him and this company to the legal board as well as better business bureau. All I am asking for is someone to communicate with me and can’t even get that. I don’t think I’m asking for much when I ask for an update on my case

In addition to the communication concern, other drawbacks have been pointed out. The absence of credit protection can potentially leave clients in a vulnerable financial position. Additionally, the relatively short business tenure of PCS, being operational for less than five years, may raise questions regarding their experience and long-term stability. Moreover, the unavailability of services during weekends could pose challenges for clients who may require assistance or have concerns outside standard business hours​. These cons provide a more nuanced understanding of the areas where PCS could improve to enhance the overall client experience and satisfaction.

━ Financial Safeguards

In a domain often fraught with financial uncertainties, the provision of a 100% money-back guarantee by Preferred Cancellation Services (PCS) stands as a robust financial safeguard for clients. This feature underscores a level of confidence in the services offered and provides a safety net for clients should the timeshare cancellation process not yield the desired results. The money-back guarantee can significantly alleviate financial anxieties, fostering a sense of security as clients embark on the cancellation journey. It’s a testament to PCS’s commitment to ensuring client satisfaction and financial safety, which are pivotal in enhancing the company’s credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of prospective clients​​.

Date of Experience: 2020 – Jorge Parra (Google Review)

Great team, great people, great quote. I became PCS client after being thoroughly explained the truth of Timeshares. The rep I spoke with, Jason, was so transparent and honest while looking out for my interest and the companies as well! the level of customer service and the knowledge they have in their service is assuring and beyond fair! the fact that they want constant open communication with their clients when working with them is sign for me of great care and understanding. Highly recommend and I’m truly glad to be working with them on my case!

The legal terrain of timeshare cancellation is often complex and riddled with potential pitfalls. Recognizing this, PCS has invested in legal support by employing a general counsel. This move indicates a structured approach to navigating the legal intricacies inherent in timeshare cancellations. The presence of a general counsel not only provides a strong legal backbone for the services offered but also signals a professional and serious approach towards handling each case with the requisite legal diligence. Furthermore, the collaboration with advisors adds another layer of structural support, ensuring that clients have access to a well-rounded and informed team as they navigate the cancellation process. This combination of legal support and advisory collaboration likely instills a level of confidence in clients, assuring them that their cases are being handled with a high degree of expertise and professionalism​​.

━ Closing Thoughts

The diverse client reviews and service offerings of Preferred Cancellation Services (PCS) depict a company with strengths in legal support and financial safeguards, yet facing challenges in communication. The mixed reviews highlight the importance of thorough evaluation before engaging with PCS for timeshare exit needs. Potential clients should weigh the pros and cons, delving beyond mere promises to examine the actual experiences of past clients. This examination can significantly guide decision-making, ensuring choices are well-informed.

Moreover, the dynamic nature of the timeshare exit industry calls for continued research. Prospective clients are advised to seek recent testimonials to get an updated picture of PCS‘s service delivery, aiding in setting realistic expectations. In a domain where financial and emotional stakes are high, making an informed decision is crucial. A detailed evaluation of PCS, grounded on client testimonials and a clear grasp of the services offered, forms a sturdy basis for such a critical decision.

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OVERALL RATING: ✪✪✪✪ 4.5/5

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