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Omni Ellis was founded in the year 2015 and is located in San Francisco, California. Possessing +5 years of experience in the field of exiting timeshare, Omi Ellis claims that they can help you get out of your timeshares and dissects every possible option to end your contract. Talking about the look of their website, there are a plethora of promising statements and best-in-class customer services besides a process that claims an immediate separation between you and your resort group. With the clickable button of free consultation everywhere on the company’s website, an essential question that you need to ask yourself is that merely an aesthetic and clean website should get you into deciding about hiring them to cancel your timeshare contract? Let’s further understand the experiences of the users of Omni Ellis. 

The very first thing that grips your attention is that Omni Ellis offers 1 but 2 services, namely student loan cancellation and timeshare exit. This feature definitely distinguishes Omni Ellis from other leaders in the industry but are their services reaping good results for customers who choose their services? Well, the customer complaints and escalations are spiking for Omni Ellis recently, and the company is not BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited with an F rating. The company also does not have Yelp or trust pilot reviews. So be cautious if you are deciding to hire the company and do your own due diligence not to fall prey to scams. 

If you are wondering about the company’s policy on 100% refund, then you don’t have to worry because Omni Ellis does provide a 100% money-back guarantee; however, they do not offer an escrow agreement that safeguards the seller against any risk of payment default by the buyer and ensures that the amount is released only on the fulfillment of specified conditions. Not offering an escrow policy is a little disappointing because an escrow payment eliminates up-front fees, causing no financial trouble to the owner. 

Likely, timeshare owners are not very aware of what approach they should take to make their way out of the contract, and any timeshare exit company using scare tactics is a big no. Within the website, an Omni Ellis section mentions, “you don’t wish to burden your heirs with the indefinite financial responsibility” without explaining that the heirs do have the option to turn the contract down by following a different procedure. This particular statement can put timeshare owners into worry and a lot of stress than they already are facing. Apart from this misinformation within the website, there is also a mention of the rescission period that is offered to the customers to exit their timeshares. Omni Ellis mentions that the rescission period is usually 3 to 7 days, while in reality, the period is somewhere between 3 to 14 days.

The news section, in particular, is impressive because Omni Ellis wants people visiting their website to know what is intriguing about the timeshare industry and the hot topics that are a point of conversation between timeshare owners. Another striking yet common feature is the FAQ section that you will see in most of the timeshare exit company’s websites with an aim to educate people about timeshares rights. But up until recently, Omni Ellis has more than 66 complaints registered in the name of BBB, out of which the company has resolved a few. According to many client testimonials, the company quotes a total price and give their customers a few days to get associated with them; however, they raise their prices for the clients who earlier rejected the company’s pitch it is ironic because the company mentions about how sales team use stressful tactics to get people to sign timeshare contracts.


  •  Aesthetic Website
  • 2 Services
  • Educational Content


  • 66+ Complaints on BBB
  • Not Accredited by BBB
  • Scare Tactics on website
  • No Yelp or Trustpilot Reviews

On further analysis, as pleasing as the company’s website is, there is no clear outline of the process that the company follows to set you free from your timeshare contracts, but the company offers a free consultation. You might also want to take note that the company does not have any legal attorney to help you out. You should get yourself out of a timeshare legitimately and take the services of a company that works with the company Attorneys. If you are looking out for a company that provides both escrow payment options and the support of attorneys, we might recommend you to look out for timeshare compliance reviews. It is highly unfortunate that the timeshare industry is riddled with scams since the time this concept was introduced. We would only like to edify companies that are helping people in possible ways that are not being done by the moment at Omni Ellis. 

While doing our research, we stumbled upon an article from News 5 Cleveland about a local couple struggling with timeshare and how Omni Ellis is now not contacting them at all. Few points that can be kept into observations were:

– Chuck McFarren (Timeshare Owner) talking about an ad in the newspaper by Omni Ellis stating that the company can help timeshare owners or else there is a 100% refund

– Chuck was contacted by Omni Ellis, and the company was ready to work with him at a negotiated price of $3,300

– Soon, in the article, Chuck mentions that it’s been 14 months, and he hasn’t heard anything from the company yet. He has also contacted the company multiple times, but there is a very minimal conversation between the 2 parties

While trusting this article and doing our own analysis, we saw that the bottom of the landing page of Omni Ellis clearly mentions that it is a BBB accredited business, but in reality, it is not valid.

Avoid Timeshare Exit Scam But How to Look Out for Red Flags?

Many predatory agencies in the timeshare exit market make fake promises to you and dry you out financially by stretching the exit process for their own rating. By now, you must be thinking about what are a few of the things that you must look out for if you are planning to end your timeshare contract through a trustworthy timeshare exit company. Below mentioned are a few of the suggestions that can help you sort the best companies for exiting your timeshare:

Market Experience

The more, the better. There are a multitude of companies claiming to have solved +15,000 cases, but that is not the ideal thing to look for. The very first priority should be to know how long the company has been standing in the industry. If any company is claiming to be an expert in the field of timeshare cancellation, then looking out for how long the company has been in business will be beneficial for your research. It is ideal if the company is serving in the industry for 10 years or more.

The Average Timeline

Depending on the type of timeshare contracts, there are fluctuations in the timeline defined by the company. A few timeshare agreements are resolved within 7 to 8 months, but there are a few of the contracts that can take a significant amount of time. As an advisor, we suggest you talk about the timeline based on the nature of your contract priorly. Also, please note that it is a true fact that no company can help with immediate cancellation. 

Money Back Policy or Escrow Service

If you are assessing a company’s website, always ensure that there is a 100% refund policy or an escrow agreement in place. It is important because now you don’t have to think about the company wasting your time and draining you financially. The escrow policy is even better because you pay only when the procedure of timeshare cancellation is complete. 

Flat All-Inclusive Cost

There are many reputable companies that offer an all-inclusive cost. In all honesty, this is a good choice as the company will not ask you for any money during any procedure throughout your association with them. 

Streamlined Consultation Process

As you are progressing with your research, you will definitely stumble upon the free consultation button. This offers you as well as the company a chance to know your contract better and formulate a full proof plan accordingly. This process not only helps in building trust for the company or assessing their customer service but also allows you to explain everything that you have gone through. 


Client testimonials hold an extraordinary place for every service-based company, and they speak volumes for the services offered by the company. Always search for constructive client testimonials before embarking on a journey of exiting your timeshare contract and see if the company maintains a good ratio of negative and positive testimonials. 

Impact On Your Credit Score

Out of many things, there is one piece of advice that a susceptible or predatory agency will give you, and it is not to pay your maintenance charges. Would you mind not falling for it ever? The reason behind this is that your timeshare company will quickly escalate the matter to your bank, impacting your credit score.

Please note that you have to continue paying your mortgage. If you are planning to stop doing that, then no timeshare exit company can help you get out of the contract because you have given the timeshare company leverage over your case. 

Attorney Support

A timeshare contract is a legally binding process, and you should have a compelling legal basis as to why your agreement should be deemed invalid. This is where attorneys come into the play, understand the legal jargon easily, and provide you enough room to speak your thoughts out. There are many advantages that only a timeshare exit company with attorneys can help you with, including protecting you from liability, putting a layer of insulation between you and the timeshare developer, and saving your credit. 

BBB Accreditation 

It is highly preferable if BBB accredits the company because then the company supports the BBB efforts to promote the truth in advertising and integrity in the business. BBB offers the company many vital benefits and offers you an opportunity to see how many complaints regarding the company have been registered so far and whether the company has participated actively in resolving the issue. 

It may require a lot of research to look for an ideal company, but if you find one, you will be saved forever. Always refer to authentic reviews such as timeshare compliance reviews and know what the company has to offer.

While you take out the time to read timeshare compliance reviews that are curated after conducting thorough research, here mentioned are a few of the signs that you should recognize during your discussions with a timeshare exit company:

  • Cold Calling by timeshare exit company Should Be Ignored
  • A Big No-No to the company Offering Immediate cancellation
  • Avoid companies who ask you to stop paying your maintenance fees
  • How to Avoid the escrow scam
  • Check if the timeshare exit company is licensed and bonded
  • Legitimate escrow company asks to wire money from their bank account to the company’s bank account
  • Know the market value of your timeshare property
  • Get every transaction and engagement on paper to protect yourself in the future

In a nutshell, whether Omni Ellis is the right choice for canceling your timeshare contract is a decision that should ultimately be yours. Still, according to our research, the company first needs to focus on existing complaints and solve them to move forward with new clientele. 

Don’t get lured by the promises of a timeshare exit company because last time you were fascinated by a pitch, you signed the dotted line of a timeshare contract. Timeshare Exit Bureau reviews can help you get past the hassle of choosing the right timeshare company that legally abides by every norm to help you exit the contract and not give you a headache.