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Table of Contents

01. About Oasis Exit Solutions Georgia Based Timeshare Exit Company Established in 2015

02. Reputation and Online Presence An Initially Positive Reception that Gradually Decreased Over Time

03. The Sudden Disappearance and Its Implications – Oasis Exit Solutions’ Non-Existent Internet Presence in Present Day

04. Closing Thoughts  Oasis Exit Solutions’ Overall Rating Review

In the dynamic and often unpredictable timeshare industry, companies like Oasis Exit Solutions emerge with the promise of revolutionizing the sector, only to sometimes disappear unexpectedly. Based in Rome, Georgia, Oasis Exit Solutions emerged in 2015 with the goal of aiding timeshare owners in navigating and exiting their complex contracts. Despite initial promise, the company’s recent digital disappearance and potential closure in 2023 have raised significant questions about its business strategies, client relations, and the overall stability of the timeshare exit industry.

━ About Oasis Exit Solutions

Oasis Exit Solutions, with its initial mission to help timeshare owners, embarked on a path filled with potential. However, their journey was marred by challenges, chiefly arising from a lack of transparency in critical areas such as attorney collaboration and pricing strategies. These issues, pivotal in the client decision-making process, likely contributed to a lack of trust and confidence among potential clients. As the company faced these growing challenges, it became increasingly clear that transparent communication and clear service offerings are not just beneficial but essential for success in the timeshare exit industry. Oasis Exit Solutions‘ experience serves as a crucial lesson for other companies in this sector, emphasizing the importance of openness, clarity, and client trust in building a sustainable and reputable service business.

➤ Initial Mission and Client-Oriented Approach

Oasis Exit Solutions embarked on its business journey with a clear and noble mission: to assist timeshare owners, particularly those struggling with overwhelming maintenance fees and mortgage cancellations. Their approach was not only comprehensive but also intensely client-focused. They recognized the complexities and nuances inherent in timeshare contracts and dedicated themselves to helping clients navigate these challenges. Their educational platform on their website was a testament to this commitment. By dissecting topics such as “Rescission v. Cancellation v. Termination,” the company aimed to demystify the often-confusing world of timeshare ownership. This educational effort was designed not just to provide a service, but to empower timeshare owners with knowledge, thereby enabling them to make informed decisions about their properties.

➤ Collaboration with Attorneys and Lack of Transparency

Oasis Exit Solutions distinguished themselves through their active collaboration with attorneys in the timeshare cancellation process. This collaboration offered significant strength by providing a layer of legal expertise and reassurance to their clients. Legal professionals were poised to offer authoritative advice on contract law, negotiate with timeshare companies, and protect clients’ rights throughout the exit process. However, the company did not effectively communicate this service aspect. They failed to prominently display or detail this critical information on their website, which might have reassured potential clients about the legitimacy and thoroughness of their services. This lack of transparency represented a major oversight, potentially leading to doubts and reservations among those considering their services.

➤ Pricing Strategy and Impact on Client Trust

The company’s approach to pricing further complicated their market position. In an industry where the costs for timeshare exit services can range significantly, clear and upfront pricing is essential for building client trust. However, Oasis Exit Solutions chose not to disclose their fee structures publicly, opting instead for a case-by-case pricing strategy. While personalized pricing can be beneficial in catering to the specific needs of each client, the lack of any indicative pricing or fee range on their website likely caused potential clients to feel uncertain. This approach, although possibly intended to be flexible and client-friendly, may have inadvertently led to perceptions of unpredictability and lack of transparency. In a service sector where trust and clarity are paramount, this ambiguity in pricing could be seen as a significant disadvantage.

━ Reputation and Online Presence

Despite maintaining an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau as of May 2021, Oasis Exit Solutions struggled to translate this into a strong digital presence or gather substantial customer reviews. In the digital age, such an online footprint is crucial.

Date of Experience: February 10, 2021 – Karen (Timeshare Exit Advice)

A complete waste of time and money!! This company did nothing but send us poorly written demand letters for US to send certified to the company for a year. Every time I asked what the next steps were, the answer was always, “we have to wait on a response”. After a year and a half, and sending 9 letters nothing has been resolved and my credit has been ruined and I am having to pay more money to settle a credit card that the timeshare company opened when we signed up. This company is a scam just like the timeshare company!

Date of Experience: November 26, 2022 – Mark (Timeshare Exit Advice)

Both Jonathan Jayne 727-252-8653 and Kim Daggett 615-649-0045 (if that is even their real names) string clients along with false claims and assurances of successful contract terminations. This process started for us in 2019, writing and sending many certified letters. Most of there online presence is unavailable or negative, they will not respond to emails or phone calls. Avoid these scammers and us a legitimate service provider.

However, the path was not without its hurdles. Client feedback on Oasis Exit Solutions was mixed and somewhat scarce, making it challenging to fully evaluate the company’s effectiveness. Their commitment to a 100% money-back guarantee was overshadowed by the lack of an escrow service, forcing clients to pay fees upfront. This policy likely created discomfort among potential customers, impacting the company’s credibility and trustworthiness.

━ The Sudden Disappearance and Its Implications

As 2023 unfolded, the most notable development was the disappearance of Oasis Exit Solutions‘ digital presence. The inaccessibility of their website and the absence of recent updates have led to speculation about the company’s current status and possible closure. This sudden vanishing act has sparked discussions about the company’s sustainability and the implications for the timeshare exit industry as a whole.

━ Closing Thoughts

The story of Oasis Exit Solutions, beginning with its promising inception and leading to its uncertain demise, effectively encapsulates the myriad challenges that niche service providers encounter in the volatile timeshare industry. Initially, their trajectory illuminates the crucial importance of transparency, customer engagement, and a robust online presence in the modern business landscape. Furthermore, as the industry undergoes continuous evolution, the unfolding case of Oasis Exit Solutions emerges as a stark reminder. It underscores the necessity for businesses not only to adapt but also to maintain open communication with their clients. Additionally, it highlights the imperative for these businesses to fully embrace the digital landscape, a strategy essential for preventing their fade into obscurity.


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