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CLICK TO READ: Newton Group Transfers Review (UPDATED 2023)

Newton Group Transfers reviews are overall mixed. As our team reviewed their website, a few things stood out. The first thing that came to our attention was a free E-Book labeled as “The Consumer’s Guide to Timeshare Exit.” As our team reviewed this e-book, there is certain information that was very informative such as “Donate Your Timeshare” programs along with numerous other details on “why you can’t sell your timeshare.” Newton Group Transfers get a +1 from our team for providing helpful information for timeshare owners.

The company also has video testimonials from various past clients on their homepage. After reviewing these testimonials, the company gets a +1 from our team for providing authentic testimonials. Newton Group Transfers states that if your timeshare situation requires a transfer, they will pursue that option. If your situation requires attorneys, they will hire a specialized attorney for your case. 


After reading through multiple Newton Group Transfers reviews, the company does charge an up-front fee. Our team always recommends working with a timeshare exit company that offers an escrow option. With escrow, you do not have to pay the timeshare exit company directly. Instead, you pay a third-party company that keeps your money safe while the timeshare exit company is helping you exit your contract, preventing any timeshare scams.

Newton Group Transfers reviews and website has stated the company has been featured on CBS, NBC FOX, Forbes, which is another +1 from our team. The company also states they have been in business for over 15 years and have a positive track record. The process to exit your contract after reading various Newton Group Transfers reviews is dependent on your case, but you can expect 6-18 months on average.

The company does do a lot of marketing and offers its customers a 100% money-back guarantee. The company states its money-back guarantee is backed by a financial commitment guarantee providing real protection for their clients. As our team reviewed the FAQ page, the company states timeshares are difficult to resell, and our team agrees. There is no resale market for timeshares, and exiting your timeshare is the only option for many owners. You can find a timeshare on ebay.com listed for a dollar and still not sold.


Newton Group Transfers offer a free consultation, and the process to exit or transfer your timeshare was not listed on the website. You will have to get in touch with the company and ask them for the process. There are numerous timeshare exit scams, so we do suggest if you decide to work with Newton Group Transfers without speaking to our team, make sure to get everything in writing. Numerous timeshare exit companies overpromise and underdeliver, always get everything in writing.

Another interesting page we came across on the website was a “Scam Alert” page where the company helps timeshare owners understand the common scams in the timeshare industry. The company once again has provided valuable information for timeshare owners that are looking to exit their contracts. Wouldn’t you want to trust a company that is educating you before you purchase their product? Newton Group Transfers gets another +1 from our team.

newton group transfers reviews

Newton Group Transfers Cost

The Newton Group Transfers cost will vary depending on your timeshare situation. From the various reviews, our team has read, the cost to exit your timeshare by either using their attorneys or transfer process will cost you from $3,000-10,000. This is a fairly average price point in the timeshare exit industry. We do recommend you negotiate the fee with any timeshare exit company. Many timeshare exit companies will work with you and lower the cost to keep your business.

Newton Group Transfers Ratings

Newton Group Transfers BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating is an A+ with 4.8 stars. The company also is accredited from the BBB with 146 customer reviews. On the BBB profile, the company has had 29 total complaints in the last three years, and 6 of those complaints were closed during the previous 12 months. Looking at the complaints, many customers were stating the company still hasn’t got them out of their timeshare, and Newton Group Transfers promptly found a solution. We’ll attach a complaint below so you can get a better understanding.

 After reviewing the Trustpilot reviews, the company has a 4.5-star rating with 169 reviews, now that is impressive. The company does not have any Yelp reviews but has positive ratings on Google and Glassdoor. After carefully assessing the company, our team has assessed Newton Group Transfers a 4.0/5.0 MyTER Rating. We would have liked it if the company offered escrow for its customers for an improved score.

Overall, the reviews are positive, aside from the few complaints on the BBB. Due to the nature of complaints, we suggest you reach out to our team to inquire if your timeshare situation best-fits this company.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Newton Group Transfers has helped numerous timeshare owners exit their contracts. After reviewing the past complaints, we suggest all timeshare owners that are interested in exiting their contracts to get everything in writing before you sign the contract with Newton Group Transfers.

Contact our team so we can help you find and determine if a timeshare exit company is legitimate. We recommend working with timeshare exit companies that offer escrow, so you pay no up-front fees. Know your legal right so you can exit your timeshare contract legally. Read over our website and fill out the form on the right or contact us through Live Chat for a free informational consultation.