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Table of Contents

01. A Peek into Timeshare Specialists’ Background Award Winning, Montana Based Timeshare Divestment Company

02. Services Offered by Timeshare Specialists Transfer Program, Timeshare Brokerage, Owner’s Advantage Plan, and Transfer & Escrow

03. Evaluating the Pros and Cons –  Free Consultation and No Upfront Fees, but Must have a Current Standing with Timeshare Company

04. Closing Thoughts – Links to Timeshare Specialists’ SNS & Overall Rating Review

If you’ve found yourself in the intricate web of timeshare agreements and are seeking a way out, you’ve likely stumbled across Timeshare Specialists. Touting themselves as experts in the timeshare cancellation realm, this company certainly raises curiosity. But is their expertise as ironclad as their name suggests? Read on as we peel back the layers.

― A Peek into Timeshare Specialists’ Background

Timeshare Specialists isn’t just another name in the timeshare divestment industry; they’ve built a reputation as a trusted beacon for those navigating these waters. Founded on principles of ethics, effectiveness, affordability, and flexibility, this company understands that every timeshare owner’s journey is unique. Unlike a one-size-fits-all solution, they’re all about personalization. And to add layers to this commitment, they have an expansive range of solutions – whether you’re looking to sell, collaborate with your resort, or simply pass on your timeshare.

One of the many feathers in their cap is their enduring partnership with Resort Closings, allowing them to have a commanding presence in the timeshare resale market for over 15 years. It’s not every day that you come across a company that has successfully transferred over 60,000 ownerships. But numbers alone don’t paint the full picture. The company’s integrity is underscored by an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and glowing reviews on Trustpilot. More notably, their commitment to ethical practices earned them the coveted BBB Torch Award for Ethics, an accolade that celebrates their endeavors to keep the timeshare resale market transparent and scam-free.

Date of Experience: 2020 – Stephanie M (Google Review)

Great job! I had much reluctance about this process, but Timeshare Specialists delivered what they stated. Beware of other companies that tell you your timeshare is worth money because it is not. I started this process in Sept. 2019, and by Dec. 19, 2019 my timeshare was sold! Just before the annual $750 maintenance fees kicked in too! Aspen was my representative and she was great – very responsive and informative.

Diving deeper, Timeshare Specialists stands tall with a promise – tailoring their services to meet the specific needs of each client. From drafting quick deeds to offering guaranteed transfers or even assisting clients in identifying and reporting scams, their client-first approach is evident. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed. Their dedication to corporate responsibility and ethical business practices has been consistently recognized. Bagging awards such as the ABA 2020 Gold for Corporate Social Responsibility and Best in Biz 2019 Gold, they have consistently showcased their commitment not just to business, but to the community at large.

In addition to all of this, the Timeshare Specialists umbrella extends to various brands. Resort Closings, Inc, specializes in the legalities of timeshare transfers, ensuring the process is smooth and above board. For those looking to list their timeshare, Buy and Sell Timeshares offers a cost-effective solution. And last but certainly not least, the Timeshare Scam Hotline exists as a vital resource, aiming to safeguard those in the timeshare market from falling prey to scams.

Timeshare Specialists isn’t just a company, it’s a robust ecosystem dedicated to ensuring timeshare owners have the resources, support, and expertise they need at every turn.

― Services Offered by Timeshare Specialists

Timeshare Specialists is your go-to partner to navigate the tricky world of timeshare ownership. Their top service is the Guaranteed Transfer Program. What sets them apart? They don’t ask for any money upfront. This means you won’t face extra maintenance fees. Timeshares are great if you use them often. But sometimes, things change, and you might want out. Selling your timeshare can be hard. Why? Because there are so many timeshares for sale and buyers are scared of scams. But with Timeshare Specialists, the process becomes easier. They have found new owners for over 50,000 timeshares. They manage everything, from advertising your timeshare to handling the legal work. And the best part? They charge you based on how hard it is to find a buyer, and they don’t ask for any money until the job is done.

However, not all timeshares devalue over time. Some weeks, especially at elite resorts, retain significant demand. This is where their Timeshare Brokerage Services come into play. If your property is among these premium timeshares, Timeshare Specialists will showcase it to a vast network of industry contacts, working on a commission that’s only claimed post a successful sale. They even offer an obligation-free 10-minute evaluation of your timeshare, guiding you on the best available programs tailored to your ownership.

Date of Experience: March 21, 2023 – Jim Sinnema (Trustpilot Review)

We were kept in the know as the process was moving forward. We began process mid November, 2022 and was completed by mid March, 2023. We were glad to have “stumbled” upon the website as we were exploring options for getting rid of our time share. Their price was very reasonable compared to other companies we explored.

Their Owner’s Advantage Plan addresses the challenges of selling a timeshare. In a market where professional sales teams and massive marketing budgets dominate, individual sellers can often feel overwhelmed. This plan levels the playing field a bit, ensuring that your timeshare gets exposure on six leading listing platforms, all while being shared with a vast network of brokers. The process prioritizes client privacy, keeping personal details shielded from potential scammers in the timeshare resale market. As a cherry on top, they throw in an exclusive discount on closing fees through their affiliate, Resort Closings, Inc., a discount that stands valid indefinitely.

Lastly, the intricacies of timeshare ownership transfers shouldn’t be overlooked. The Transfer & Escrow Services cater to this need, whether it’s a transfer post-sale, changes post-divorce, or adding a family member for future planning. Their affiliate, Resort Closings, Inc., specializes in this, ensuring all transfers adhere to both local and resort-specific protocols. Founded in 2002, this firm’s sole focus on timeshare transfers means reduced costs for clients compared to larger title companies.

Timeshare Specialists have positioned themselves as a one-stop-shop for all timeshare-related needs. Whether selling, transferring, or merely seeking guidance, their range of services promises to simplify the often-tumultuous journey of timeshare ownership.

― Evaluating the Pros and Cons

While Timeshare Specialists offer a straightforward, transparent, and efficient approach to timeshare exits, it’s essential for potential clients to assess their financial situation closely. The company’s clear-cut requirements, though beneficial for ensuring a hassle-free exit, might necessitate some preliminary financial maneuvering on the owner’s part. 

Date of Experience: January 11, 2022 – Christine S (BBB Review)

I get tons of offers to help me get rid of my timeshare from people who want to run an expensive ad or ask for some other kind of upfront fee. I had a very nice chat with ***** from this company. He was honest in telling me that this company could not help with my timeshare for a few reasons. You might think that I was disappointed, but I was actually impressed to have a useful chat with someone in the field who wasn’t pressing to sell me anything. It is certainly worth having a conversation with this company. Given the approach, I would trust advice about working with them if you timeshare qualifies.

Let’s unpack these.

▶ Pros

No Upfront Fees & Clearance of Maintenance Bills

One of the standout features of Timeshare Specialists is their financial transparency. In a field often riddled with hidden costs and surprise charges, their approach is refreshingly straightforward. Drawing parallels to a classic real estate sale, nothing is due from the client until the paperwork, which transfers the timeshare to its new owner, has been completed and signed. This not only eases the financial strain for many owners but also fosters a climate of trust, assuring clients that their interests are at the heart of the transaction.

Their rigorous emphasis on clearing all maintenance fees, special assessments, and tax bills before the initiation of their programs might seem stringent but actually serves the client’s interests. This ensures that when you do transfer your timeshare, you’re handing off a clean slate, devoid of financial encumbrances. This streamlined approach can make the transition smoother and free of potential legal complications down the line.

▶ Cons

Outstanding Maintenance Fee Challenges & Mortgaged Timeshares

While their emphasis on cleared maintenance bills is beneficial in the long run, it can pose a hurdle for those currently struggling with outstanding fees. This means before utilizing their services, one would have to find a means to settle these bills, which might not be feasible for everyone immediately.

A significant limitation of their service is the stipulation regarding mortgaged timeshares. They mandate that all mortgages must be fully paid off before any ownership transfer can commence. While this is a standard practice in many real estate transactions to avoid complications, it can be a significant obstacle for those who took on a timeshare with financing. Their suggestion of refinancing can be a potential remedy, but this route comes with its own set of challenges. Refinancing might not be feasible for all due to factors like credit scores, existing financial obligations, or prevailing market conditions. Furthermore, the process of refinancing can be time-consuming, extending the timeframe for those looking to exit their timeshare promptly.

― Closing Thoughts

Timeshare Specialists undeniably hold a place in the expansive world of timeshare cancellation. With a history that’s intriguing and a process that aims to be comprehensive, they do garner attention. Yet, potential clients would be wise to ask for more transparency, ensuring they truly understand the process they’re undertaking. In a realm as tricky as timeshare agreements, clarity isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity.

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