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Table of Contents

01. A Look Into Worldwide Property Transfer’s Background  – Florida Based Timeshare Solution Company Since 2011

02. The 5 Step Timeshare Cancellation ProcessFree Consultation to  Timeshare Freedom

03. Their Reputation and Reviews – “F” BBB Rating and Not BBB Accredited

04. Closing Thoughts  Links to Worldwide Property Transfer’s SNS & Overall Rating Review

Navigating timeshare exits can be tricky, especially for owners eager to break free from their timeshare commitments. Many firms offer services to ease this process, and Worldwide Property Transfer is one of them. This article explores the background, process, and reputation of Worldwide Property Transfer, offering a clear perspective for potential clients to evaluate its services.

― A Look Into Worldwide Property Transfer’s Background

Worldwide Property Transfer entered the timeshare industry in 2011 and has been active for a decade. The company operates from Florida, offering timeshare resale, rental, and exit services to its clients. Despite its long operation, the company has a limited online presence and reputation. This lack raises questions about its transparency and client satisfaction over the years.

Date of Experience: May 27, 2023 – Faith S (BBB Review)

I signed up with WPT last 3/22/22 and still haven’t had any news about my timeshare. I initially had high hopes that WPT would actually help me cancel my timeshare because at the beginning when I signed up, they make it sound so legit. But a year later, I still haven’t heard from anyone about any updates. Communication with the company is so hard. After leaving voicemails, I finally got one call from someone who says he is the owner of WPT telling me it’s almost done and maybe in another month my timeshare will be cancelled. But now it’s been over a year since I signed up and I still haven’t heard from WPT again. I have been trying to call and no one answers. And now when I call, my number seems to be blocked. I paid $6,620.00 and this is the service I get. It’s such a shame that they initially gave me hope and now it seems like they just stole my money, and I still continue to pay this timeshare that I never use. This company is a ****.

The ownership of Worldwide Property Transfer isn’t clearly disclosed on the company’s official website. However, external sources reveal that Dharmeshkumar S Patel is the owner of the firm. Interestingly, Patel also owns another entity called Worldwide Vacation Properties, LLC, indicating a broader involvement in the timeshare and vacation property sector. Moreover, Patel’s name has been associated with other organizations in the timeshare domain, including Resort Access Network and Timeshare Freedom Group, although the exact nature of these associations is not clear​.

― The 5 Step Timeshare Cancellation Process

The timeshare exit process as facilitated by Worldwide Property Transfer is structured in a systematic manner to help timeshare owners terminate their ownership ties.

Date of Experience: January 13, 2023 – Madison D (BBB Review)

I signed up with WPT in November of 2021 with our Wyndham ownership. I had previously spoke with two companies before and had zero progress. Last year in October of 2022 we finally were notified that we are timeshare free. It did take longer than expected, but WPT was successful. I’m very grateful for their commitment and communication, I would indeed recommend Worldwide property Transfers.

This process unfolds through five distinctive steps, each aimed at ensuring a smooth transition out of the timeshare contract:

01. Initial Consultation

The journey starts when a potential client contacts Worldwide Property Transfer for a free consultation. They can do this by filling out a form on the company’s website or by making a direct phone call. In this consultation, the company reviews the client’s timeshare ownership circumstances to determine how they can help.

02. Paperwork Preparation

After the consultation, the company guides clients on collecting and filling out the necessary paperwork. This step is crucial as it sets the foundation for the rest of the process. Clients need to return the documents promptly to ensure a smooth flow for the following steps.

03. Strategy Formulation

Once the company receives the paperwork, it understands the client’s ownership scenario fully. With this information, it creates a specific timeshare cancellation strategy to aim for a permanent termination of the client’s timeshare ownership, freeing them from any associated liabilities or obligations.

04. Progress Updates

During the negotiations or the transfer phase, the company keeps clients updated on the process. The timeline for this process can vary based on many factors, and it might take between 9 to 18 months or even longer. The company pledges to work hard to find the quickest possible exit for the client.

05. Timeshare Freedom

The final step marks the successful conclusion of the process where the client is officially free from their timeshare ownership. Confirmation paperwork is provided to the clients as proof of their legal release from the timeshare ownership and all associated obligations​. This delineated process is crafted to navigate the complexities of timeshare exit, aiming at a hassle-free experience for the clients. However, prospective clients are advised to conduct thorough due diligence, especially given the concerns surrounding the company’s transparency and the lack of substantial positive reviews online.

― Their Reputation and Reviews

Despite its decade-long operation, the company has a surprisingly low online footprint with scant reviews, which are more negative in tone than positive. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) page of Worldwide Property Transfer sports a “F” rating due to few reviews and 8 complaints in the last three years. Moreover, the company lacks accreditation with the BBB. The only other review found online, on their Facebook page, rates the company at a dismal 1 out of 5 stars​.

Date of Experience: May 23, 2020 – Amy Grey Arneric (Facebook Review)

This photo is the address of their “company headquarters” in Orlando FL, a PO Box in a UPS store. The other address I have is at a “virtual office.”
There is another company with a nearly identical name. This company is rated as A by Better Business Bureau because there are no complaints or reviews for them. One place online says they have been in business for 9 years. Other places stated the company was “inactive”. This FB page contains nothing but the same ad repeated. The only reviews I can find are through another company “Redweek” a place to rent or sell your timeshare. The comments did not paint them in a positive light.

Furthermore, concerns are raised over the lack of transparency regarding the company’s ownership and the absence of crucial information on their website. The claims of having assisted “thousands of owners” as per their process page juxtapose oddly with the negligible number of reviews found online. Additionally, the absence of a money-back guarantee or an escrow payment option, which are usually seen as trust-inducing measures by timeshare exit companies, further exacerbate the skepticism surrounding Worldwide Property Transfer​​.

― Closing Thoughts

To navigate the complex world of timeshare exits, clients need a firm that showcases transparency, offers a solid and proven process, and enjoys a good reputation. Despite a decade of operations, Worldwide Property Transfer appears to struggle with transparency issues, customer satisfaction, and online reputation. Potential clients may want to proceed with caution and consider exploring other reputable firms that offer clearer and more transparent paths to exiting timeshares.

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