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Nationwide Settlement Solutions is a timeshare exit company based out of Springfield, Missouri and has been in business since 2011. As we analyze the website the first statement that stands out is the company claiming it can ‘Terminate Your Timeshare’ and they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee they will cancel your timeshare to help you get the freedom from timeshare debt that you deserve. As we dive in deeper, Nationwide Settlement Solutions mentions about the “The Darker Side of Timeshares” and they state “Nationwide Settlement Solutions was founded because we were tired of seeing timeshare corporations taking advantage of people. Our team knows first hand the darker side of the timeshare industry and we are committed to freeing our clients from these unscrupulous business practices.

In response to the ever-growing number of legal complaints and negative stories about timeshare companies, another industry was formed and has since prospered: resale companies. While these businesses claimed to help people get back their hard-earned investments and release customers from the ever piling maintenance fees, they only served to cause further financial loss and more headaches”.We agree with this statement because re-sale companies are a headache since there is no re-sale market and typically they are scams and take your hard-earned money. The process of how they get you out of your contract consists of:


“looking at your situation to determine if you’re eligible for Resort Timeshare Fraud Victim status. Because of the numerous disreputable tactics used by timeshare companies, there are a large number of ways that qualify clients as Resort Timeshare Fraud Victims. Whether the company that sold you the timeshare created a false sense of urgency or conducted an excessively-long tour at the time of sale, was dishonest about tax incentives, failed to disclose the termination period accurately or was not clear in explaining maintenance fees, or signed documents at the time of closing, these all constitute illegal practices within the timeshare industry. We know how to use these practices in order to get your timeshare terminated, permanently”.

The process seems legitimate because they have to assess your case, and that usually is a tactic to lure you in to see if you really are interested in getting out of your timeshare contract or if you are shopping them as a company. The company states it has a 100% success rate but does not make it clear about what if they are not successful, will then refund you the money? As in one of our other reviews, the company is owned by the same individuals that own “American Settlement Solutions”, we suggest you read the review to assess more about if this company is right for you. The company does not state the cost which is common or explains the processing time. If you are skeptical, we highly suggest you work with companies that provide an escrow or some type of 100% money-back guarantee. Need help? Have our team find you the right timeshare exit company for your situation absolutely free. Give us a call, initiate a live chat or fill the form below.

Nationwide Settlement Solutions Licensing

Nationwide Settlement Solutions has an F rating on the Better Business Bureau and is not a BBB accredited company. A BIG red flag is ‘Pattern of Complaint’ issued by the BBB and an Advertising Review warning. This is not a good sign and some customer reviews state the company took their money and did not complete the service as promised. The company has a 1.5-star rating on Yelp with 10 reviews. The company has no Trust Pilot reviews.

MyTimeshareExitReviews Rating

MyTimeshareExitReviews.com always recommend working with a company that has a strong positive presence in the timeshare exit industry. After carefully reviewing Nationwide Settlement Solutions, our team has decided to give the company 1.0/5.0 MyTER Rating. This rating is based on the horrible reviews on the BBB and Yelp and their customers claiming the company took their money and did not complete the services as promised.