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Table of Contents

01. The Story of Lonestar Transfer Family Owned and Operated Timeshare Owner Advocacy

02. The Services ProvidedTimeshare Title Transfer & Mortgage Cancellation

03. Factoring the Pros and Cons – Client-Centric Approach, but Geographical Limitations

04. Closing Thoughts – Links to Lonestar Transfer SNS & Overall Rating Review

In the intricate world of timeshares, where contracts can feel like unbreakable chains, Lonestar Transfer emerges as a beacon of hope. With a reputation for excellence and a commitment to client satisfaction, this law firm has carved a niche for itself.

But what makes them stand out in the crowded timeshare cancellation industry? Let’s delve deeper.

— The Story of Lonestar Transfer

Lonestar Transfer isn’t just another name in the timeshare industry; it’s a testament to dedication, family values, and a relentless pursuit of justice for timeshare owners. As a family-owned and operated business, its roots trace back to the compassionate vision of Karen and Bryan Holloway. Founded in 2012, the Holloways didn’t just set up the company and step back; they are the beating heart of its daily operations.

The Holloways’ journey in timeshare advocacy spans over a decade. Before Lonestar Transfer‘s inception, they had already made significant strides in consulting timeshare owners on alleviating the financial burdens of their contracts. Recognizing the growing demand for their expertise, 2012 saw the birth of Lonestar Transfer, a platform dedicated to assisting timeshare owners on a grander scale. Their commitment and unparalleled service have since aided over 20,000 clients in finding relief from their timeshares, a feat that earned them the Rockwall Chamber of Commerce’s “Emerging Business award.”

Date of Experience: April 16, 2023 – Diane T (Trustpilot Review)

Lone Star Transfer did an amazing job releasing me from the “thorn in my side” AKA my timeshare. With timeshare prices rising annually and the conditions of the available timeshare properties I had to choose from, I was stuck. I saw the commercials for Lone Star Transfer on TV but was wary. I knew it was next to impossible to get rid of that timeshare. I tried everything from selling it, to giving it back, to giving it to someone, to anyone for FREE. But Lone Star Transfer solved my dilemma with minimal work on my end. I am timeshare free !!!!! Thank you Lone Star Transfer for giving me peace of mind and removing all that weight and burden from my shoulders.

At the core of Lonestar Transfer’s services is the title transfer service, a lifeline for those burdened by their timeshare ownership. Through this service, they legally transfer the timeshare property title out of the owner’s name, effectively removing all financial liabilities. For those still grappling with a mortgage on their timeshare and unable to avail of the title transfer service, Lonestar Transfer offers a robust timeshare mortgage cancellation program. This service involves a direct collaboration with the client to cancel the timeshare with the resort of purchase.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the timeshare world, the Holloways find solace in their family ranch in Poetry (Terrell) TX. This haven, populated with horses, dogs, and ducks, is a testament to their love for nature and animals. Both Karen and Bryan are seasoned horse trainers and caretakers, a passion they indulge in when they aren’t championing the cause of timeshare owners.

— The Services Provided

In the vast landscape of timeshare ownership, Lonestar Transfer emerges as a beacon of hope, offering a haven of solutions tailored to the unique challenges faced by timeshare owners. At the heart of their esteemed reputation lies a duo of unparalleled services: Timeshare Title Transfer and Mortgage Cancellation. These services are meticulously designed to shield timeshare owners from the pitfalls of seemingly attractive vacation ownership deals that often come laden with hidden fees, unexpected assessments, and staggering mortgages.

It’s not uncommon for many to be blindsided by these unforeseen obligations, leading to a profound sense of buyer’s remorse. But with Lonestar Transfer, there’s a way out. With a decade-long legacy of assisting over 20,000 individuals in navigating out of their timeshare contracts, their expertise is undeniable. Their primary service, the title transfer, offers a legal pathway for owners to relinquish their timeshare property titles. For those ensnared in the web of timeshare mortgages, Lonestar Transfer extends a helping hand, working directly with resorts to cancel these mortgages.

Date of Experience: August 2, 2023 – Sally K (BBB Review)

After 10 years as timeshare owners it continued to be difficult, nearly impossible, to book into the actual resorts. The recommended planning time was not something we could always do, so it turned out to be a bad fit for our family…even though we were assured there would be no problem especially if we would buy in at an additional elevated rate. We did that…sigh. A few years ago we began attending seminars to get out of timeshares and ran into many questionable programs. We were offered a number of free dinners, they always turned out to be a cookie and bottle of water except for one, to hear a short presentation (read 4 hours). Frustration does not describe our feelings. One evening on the computer we saw the site for Lone Star Transfer. We were prepared for more of the same but the fact that ******* and “friends” supported them really bolstered our hopes. Our contact with Lone Star by phone the next morning proved to be nearly thrilling! They quoted a price literally half the price of the cookie and water people and promised to refund our money if they could not accomplish the task. We began in November 2022 and here we are in July 2023 signed papers in hand, free and clear! All contact with the folks at Lone Star was very pleasant and any necessary action was quickly handled. Thank you so much.

Nestled in the heart of Texas, USA, their headquarters is not just a place of business but a sanctuary where clients are treated with utmost respect and understanding. Here’s a snapshot of the comprehensive services they offer:

● Free Private Consultation

Before diving into solutions, Lonestar Transfer believes in understanding your unique situation, ensuring you make an informed decision.

● Liability Termination

Whether it’s a timeshare contract or a vacation club agreement, they assist in halting all associated liabilities.

● Fee Elimination

Maintenance fees and special assessments can be a constant drain on your finances. Lonestar Transfer supports clients in permanently eradicating these financial burdens.

● Guaranteed Timeshare Exit Solutions

Every exit strategy comes with a written guarantee, reinforcing their commitment to your peace of mind.

● Future-Proofing Your Finances

Lonestar Transfer ensures that future generations, especially your children, aren’t burdened with the debt of the timeshare.

Their holistic approach ensures that clients are not only freed from the financial burdens of timeshare ownership but also retain their good credit standing. With a team of seasoned professionals dedicated to a swift and efficient exit process, Lonestar Transfer remains the go-to timeshare cancellation agency. If you find yourself second-guessing your timeshare decisions, a consultation with Lonestar Transfer might just be the first step towards financial liberation.

— Factoring the Pros and Cons

Lonestar Transfer brings a lot to the table for those looking to exit their timeshare contracts. Their experience, diverse services, and client-centric approach make them a top contender in the industry. However, potential clients should consider all factors, including geographical location and costs, before making a decision.

Date of Experience: 2020 – Linda Kostenuk (Google Review)

Lone Star Transfer, you are everything you said you were going to be — and more! We heard your advertisement on Rush Limbaugh’s program and heard Karen talk. Karen sounded so sweet on the radio that her voice drew us in. I knew God wanted us to give you a call. I am so glad we did. My husband and I had a burden, and Lone Star helped to lift that right off of our shoulders. We highly recommend them without hesitation at all. They were worth every cent to relieve us out of that timeshare burden. Thanks so much, Lone Star Transfer, and your awesome, friendly staff who were involved in helping us!!

▶ Pros

● Decade of Expertise & Diverse Service Range

Lonestar Transfer isn’t a newcomer to the timeshare exit scene. With a decade of experience, they’ve honed their skills, ensuring a smooth exit process for clients. Their services aren’t one-size-fits-all. Whether it’s Timeshare Title Transfer or Mortgage Cancellation, they’ve got a solution tailored to various needs.

● Trustworthiness & Avoiding Scams

The written guarantee they offer isn’t just a piece of paper—it’s a testament to their commitment and confidence in their ability to deliver results. In an industry rife with scams, Lonestar Transfer stands as a beacon of trust, guiding clients away from potential pitfalls and dubious deals.

● Future Generations Protected & Client-Centric Approach

Their forward-thinking approach ensures that the financial burdens of a timeshare won’t trickle down to your children or grandchildren. Their free private consultation speaks volumes about their dedication to understanding and addressing each client’s unique situation. It’s not just about business; it’s about building relationships.

▶ Cons

● Geographical Limitations

Being based solely in Texas might pose a challenge for those who prefer face-to-face interactions and are located far away. While they likely handle many cases remotely, some potential clients might feel more comfortable with a local presence.

● Potential Wait Times

As with any reputable firm that’s in demand, there might be wait times associated with starting the exit process, especially during peak times.

● Costs

While they offer a free consultation, the overall costs of their services might be a consideration for some, especially when compared to other exit options or firms.

— Closing Thoughts

Navigating the timeshare waters can be daunting, but with Lonestar Transfer at the helm, clients can breathe a sigh of relief. Their impeccable track record, combined with an unwavering commitment to excellence, makes them a top choice for anyone seeking freedom from their timeshare burdens. So, if you’re looking to wave goodbye to that pesky timeshare, Lonestar Transfer might just be your knight in shining armor.

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