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Table of Contents

01. Introduction to Lakeside Closing Service – Florida Based  Timeshare Exit Company Since 2007

02. Services and Approach – Timeshare Transfer and Related Services Offered 

03. The Pros and Cons – Positive Online Customer Reviews, but Not Recommended for Timeshare Legal Assistance

04. Closing Thoughts – Links to Lakeside Closing Service’s SNS & Overall Rating Review

Buying or transferring a timeshare should make planning a vacation more fun, not less. Lakeside Closing Service, located in Florida, helps timeshare owners deal with the complicated process of transferring timeshares. They aim to do more than just meet client expectations; they want to make transferring timeshares easy and stress-free. This article looks at what this offers, focusing on how they work to make clients happy and ensure a smooth transfer process.

━ Introduction to Lakeside Closing Service

Lakeside Closing Service emerges as a leading figure in the provision of timeshare transfer services, placing a strong emphasis on ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience for all its clients. Recognizing the potential for the vacation purchasing and transfer process to become a source of undue stress, rather than the joyful anticipation it should bring, Lakeside Closing Service has dedicated itself to transforming this narrative. By prioritizing each timeshare transfer as their foremost concern, the company demonstrates a commitment to excellence and client satisfaction that distinguishes it within the timeshare industry.

Date of Experience: August 2, 2023 – Tom C. (BBB Review)

Keri at Lakeside was great. I only wish I had found them first. I am frustrated that I signed up with another company, years ago, and the process fell through, costing me several thousand dollars. Then recently I answered another ad, thinking to try again. They gladly took my money, and connected me with Lakeside. My frustration is that I had to pay intermediaries for something which should be easier in the first place. Officially, the process was handled directly through the timeshare company, but I’m pretty sure that nothing would have happened without Lakeside Closing. I’m not naming any other company, because I can’t claim innocence in the process. I only wish that the timeshare industry was better managed.

This dedication comes from knowing the unique problems and complexities timeshare transactions can involve. Lakeside Closing works to ease these issues, aiming to make the process as simple and stress-free for timeshare owners as possible. The company is deeply committed to offering excellent customer service. This commitment shows in every interaction, making sure clients get the support and advice they need during the whole transfer process. Moreover, Lakeside Closing Service prides itself on delivering consistent and timely results. The company understands the value of time in the context of vacation planning and timeshare management, and it works diligently to complete transfers efficiently, without compromising on accuracy or attention to detail. This blend of speed, reliability, and high-quality service further solidifies the company’s reputation as a premier provider in the timeshare transfer market.

━ Services and Approach

Lakeside Closing Service builds its timeshare transfer approach on care, efficiency, and reducing stress. The company focuses on excellent customer service, delivers consistent and timely results, and ensures a stress-free experience. This way, they not only addresses the practical needs of timeshare owners but also improves their overall experience with the transfer process. This thorough and client-focused method highlights Lakeside Closing Service as a reliable and successful partner for timeshare transfers.

➤ Superior Customer Service

At the heart of their ethos is a deep commitment to exceptional customer service. The company takes great pride in ensuring that every client feels thoroughly supported and appreciated from the beginning to the end of the transfer process. This level of care is designed to foster a sense of trust and confidence among clients, reassuring them that they are in capable hands.

➤ Consistent and Timely Results

Understanding the critical role that efficiency plays in the timeshare transfer process, Lakeside Closing Service pledges to complete every transaction both promptly and accurately. The company recognizes that clients value swift resolutions to their timeshare transfer needs, and it commits to meeting these expectations without sacrificing the quality or thoroughness of its services.

➤ Stress-Free Experience

Lakeside Closing Service focuses on managing the entire transfer process, reducing stress and concerns for the timeshare owner. By taking care of all the transfer details from start to finish, the company enables owners to enjoy the benefits of their vacation property. This approach ensures that clients can anticipate their vacations without being overwhelmed by the transfer process’s complexities.

━ The Pros and Cons

Lakeside Closing Service offers a strong choice for timeshare owners who want a smooth and supportive way to transfer their timeshare contracts. The company focuses on making customers happy, working efficiently, and keeping the process stress-free, providing big benefits to its clients. However, potential customers need to consider these benefits alongside any limits, like what services are available and how much they cost, to see if Lakeside Closing Service meets their needs for leaving their timeshare. Like with any service, doing careful research and thinking about your own situation will help timeshare owners make the best choice for themselves.

➤ Pros of Working with Lakeside Closing Service

Lakeside Closing Service commits to providing excellent customer service. Clients will feel supported and valued from start to finish of their timeshare transfer, greatly improving their overall experience. The company prioritizes quick and accurate completion of transactions. This emphasis on speed means that timeshare transfers happen swiftly, letting clients move on without delay. Lakeside Closing Service takes charge of the entire transfer process to eliminate any stress or concern for the timeshare owner. This method lets clients concentrate on enjoying their vacation ownership instead of getting bogged down by the transfer details. The team  with its deep understanding of timeshare cancellation, provides expert advice and support. They ensure every transfer is managed with great care and professionalism.

➤ Cons of Working with Lakeside Closing Service

Lakeside Closing Service focuses on helping with timeshare transfers. If you need more help, like legal advice against timeshare companies, this company might not cover all your needs. They try to keep costs low, but some people might still find their fees too high, especially compared to doing it yourself or other options. Since they are in Florida, it’s unclear how good they are at handling transfers in other places or in other countries. If you need to take legal steps or negotiate with timeshare companies, you might need to find additional help beyond what Lakeside Closing Service offers.

━ Closing Thoughts

Lakeside Closing Service offers a custom service for handling timeshare transfers in Florida. They work hard to meet and exceed what clients expect, providing excellent customer service and quick results. This has made them a reliable partner in the timeshare industry. If you’re looking for a trusted and effective service for transferring your timeshare, Lakeside Closing Service is a great choice. As the timeshare market changes, having this company as your partner can make the transfer process easier. This ensures you can keep enjoying your vacation property without any hassle.

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