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Table of Contents

01.  Background Overview North Carolina and Florida Based Timeshare Debt Cancelation Company

02. Services and Exit Process  – Free Consultation, Credit Protection, and Contract Resolutions

03. External Evaluation – BBB Accreditation, but Thorough Review and Consideration Still Advised

04. Closing Thoughts – Links to Interval Exit Services’ SNS & Overall Rating Review

Buying a timeshare often starts with dreams of great vacations and a piece of paradise. But over time, the charm can fade, and owners might want to get out of these contracts. Interval Exit Services, a company from North Carolina and Florida, leads the way in helping with this. They specialize in getting rid of timeshare debt, offering a way out for those stuck in timeshare contracts. This article will explore the services they offer, explain their process for helping people exit timeshares, and look at what reviews and claims say about their standing in the industry.

― Background Overview

Interval Exit Services, with its operational bases in North Carolina and Florida, emerges as a formidable entity in the timeshare exit arena, brandishing a rich legacy of over 40 years of combined industry experience. This tenure symbolizes a long-standing engagement in navigating the intricacies of timeshare contracts and a commitment to alleviating the financial encumbrances borne by timeshare owners. The firm’s journey commenced in 2017, and since then, it has steadfastly pursued the goal of timeshare debt cancellation, a venture that has seen it cancel thousands of contracts and be associated with over $50 million in cancelled timeshare debt. This notable achievement is not just a testament to its expertise, but a reflection of its client-centric approach, as encapsulated in its motto, “Our Reputation Is Our Future.”

The backdrop of Interval Exit Services is enriched by its unique operational model. Unlike traditional law firms, it delineates its role as a facilitator of internal negotiations rather than a participant in the buying or selling of timeshares. This distinction underscores the firm’s specialized focus on crafting bespoke exit strategies for timeshare owners enmeshed in undesired contracts. By adopting a methodology that pivots on internal negotiations with timeshare companies, Interval Exit Services endeavors to resolve the financial quandaries of its clients, striving towards a reduction or elimination of timeshare debt, and thereby, fostering a pathway to financial reprieve.

― Services and Exit Process

Interval Exit Services is a well-known firm in the timeshare exit industry. They offer various services to help timeshare owners get out of unwanted timeshare commitments. The main service they offer is reducing or getting rid of timeshare debt. They carefully check each case to find if there was any wrong information given during the sales process that led to buying the timeshare. This service aims to legally lower or cancel the timeshare debt and the related maintenance fees that burden the owners.

Date of Experience: November 1, 2022 – Jacynth M (BBB Review)

Thank you so much. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for your professionalism, patience, and persistence. The entire team has been exemplary in providing knowledge individualized assistance and customer service. I felt like I really had someone genuinely looking out for me and acting in my best interest through the entire process. I could not be any more satisfied. You are the best!!

Apart from dealing with the debt, the firm works to get money back for its clients. They navigate through legal and financial details to make sure clients recover any money wrongly taken by the timeshare company. Interval Exit Services also focuses on protecting clients’ credit scores while managing the exit process, aiming to lessen financial harm. Building strong relationships with clients is central to their approach. They aim to create a clear and supportive environment to help clients through the exit process easily. The company takes pride in efficiently and effectively solving contract issues. They negotiate with the timeshare company’s owner service department to get good deals for their clients, aiming to put an end to their timeshare troubles.

➤ The Exit Process

The process to cancel timeshare debt starts with a free detailed check of the client’s situation. This step is crucial as it guides the actions that follow. After this check, the firm uses its deep knowledge to find any high pressure sales tactics, wrong information, or lies that might have pushed the client to buy more timeshare points. Then, they start talking with the timeshare company’s owner service department. They aim to get a good deal, like reducing or getting rid of the debt, or getting money back. The firm says they succeed in about 95% of the cases they take on. They also offer a 100% money-back guarantee, showing they believe they can get good results.

Interval Exit Services gives a free consultation service, making it risk-free for timeshare owners to start. This is a big plus as owners can see their options without spending any money upfront. The combination of these services and a well-planned exit process shows Interval Exit Services‘ dedication to a client-focused approach in canceling timeshare debt. With a mix of legal skills, financial knowledge, and committed client service, the firm aims to provide financial relief and peace of mind for timeshare owners stuck in unwanted contracts.

― External Evaluation

Interval Exit Services shows a confident and capable image through its official statements. But looking closely at external reviews and comments shows a more complex picture. This section explores different parts of external evaluations including operational claims, online reviews, and some noted inconsistencies.

The firm claims to have solved thousands of cases and given back over $2 million to clients. Some people find this hard to believe, especially since the firm has been operating only since 2019. These claims might need more investigation to check if they are true. When it comes to online reviews, Interval Exit Services doesn’t have many. As of May 28, 2020, only a few reviews were found on Google and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Some reviews mention an unusual cold-calling method to get clients, which isn’t common for reputable companies in this field.

Reviews point out some issues like the firm’s view on the need for a timeshare attorney for debt cancellation, and some inconsistencies about timeshare buyback programs. The firm says a timeshare attorney isn’t needed, which goes against the common belief that legal help is important for exiting timeshares. Also, while the firm’s website talks about a 100% Money-Back Guarantee, the lack of an escrow payment option is seen as a worry. An escrow payment option is often advised as it ensures the timeshare exit company gets fully paid only after cancelling the timeshare, giving more financial safety to the client.

Date of Experience: 2022 – Rodger Sutter (Google Review)

My wife Christine and I hired Interval Exit to help us get out of our timeshare “ownership”. After several point upgrades, constant lies and pressure from the sales people, we were in a huge financial mess. The team at Interval Exit made us feel comfortable by showing us past client results similar to ours, which 2 other companies we spoke with never did. The entire process was a bit slow taking 8 months to complete, but we were told it could take 2 years in some instances. We got a full cancellation of the product and even a small refund from the timeshare developer! I certainly recommend using this team, as they were responsive and knowledgeable every step of the way. Special thanks to or case managers Shelsey, Caitlin & Dave. We were able to contact their department and get assistance from all of them throughout this process. 5 stars for sure!

The review praises Interval Exit Services for telling timeshare owners with paid-off timeshares to talk to their timeshare developer directly for an exit, instead of using a timeshare exit company. But it also mentions a contradiction. The firm’s website has a page for paid-off timeshares under “services.” The review also looks at the services offered, especially the Ownership/Debt Reduction and Ownership/Debt Elimination services. It mentions that these services can lower or get rid of timeshare debt but won’t cancel the timeshare. This is different from many other timeshare exit companies that offer cancellation services.

On the bright side, the company has been accredited by the BBB since September 18, 2019, and there are no customer complaints on the BBB platform. This shows some credibility and client satisfaction. It indicates that despite some concerns, there is trust and good interaction between the clients and the company. This external evaluation provides a range of experiences and observations that could be very useful for potential clients. While Interval Exit Services presents a strong image through its official channels, the external review highlights the need for careful review and consideration before using the firm’s services.

― Closing Thoughts

Interval Exit Services stands out in the timeshare exit field, mainly focusing on timeshare debt cancellation. It claims many successes and has a good rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). However, mixed reviews from other sources tell a more complex story. If you’re thinking about using their services, carefully checking both their claims and outside reviews will help you make a smart choice. As the company moves forward, being more open and addressing issues raised in reviews can improve trust. This can also attract more clients, helping the company secure a stronger position in the timeshare exit market.

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