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Table of Contents

01. About International Timeshare Legal Consultants California Based Timeshare Exit Company Since 2019

02. Customer Journey and FAQs 4 Step Cancelation Process with Free Consultation and Money Back Guarantee

03. Current Alerts and Consumer Feedback – BBB Accreditation Revoked and F Rating in 2023

04. Closing Thoughts – Links to International Timeshare Legal Consultants’ SNS & Overall Rating Review

Navigating the complexities of timeshare ownership and its legalities can be overwhelming for many. Located in Costa Mesa, California, International Timeshare Legal Consultants emerges as an alternative for those entangled in timeshare agreements seeking a way out. With a specialized team of professional consultants well-versed in real estate and timeshare law, this company promises a legal pathway to timeshare dissolution, ensuring clients can sever ties with their timeshare obligations both financially and legally.

━ About International Timeshare Legal Consultants

The firm prides itself on a structured approach to timeshare dissolution. Initiating the process involves immediate action from their attorneys, who start by submitting the necessary documents to begin litigation. This diligent process, varying from four to fourteen months depending on individual circumstances, is tailored to each client’s unique situation.

International Timeshare Legal Consultants stand out with their promise of a 100% money-back guarantee, asserting a complete dissolution of timeshare agreements or a full refund. This bold commitment underscores their confidence and purported success rate in freeing clients from their timeshare burdens.

━ Customer Journey and FAQs

The journey with International Timeshare Legal Consultants begins with a comprehensive understanding of the client’s timeshare dilemma, followed by a precise proposal and quote. The duration of the dissolution process is influenced by whether the client has an outstanding mortgage on the timeshare, with processes typically ranging from four to six months for those without a mortgage. Upon successful dissolution, clients receive a notarized legal document, a Mutual Release and Termination of Vacation Ownership Agreement, signifying the official end of their timeshare obligations.

Date of Experience: July 6, 2023 – Joseph D. (BBB Review)

We hired this company based on the BBBs giving them an A+ rating. At that time (January 2023) ITLC did not have any bad reviews. After hiring them to represent ** and paying them, they have stopped answering our calls and emails. Our representative, *******************, will not call us back after we leave voicemails. Now, they have 5 bad reviews under the BBB website. We feel like we have been scammed. We are also filing a complaint through the BBB.

━ Current Alerts and Consumer Feedback

However, it’s crucial for potential clients to be aware of the company’s recent challenges, including the revocation of its BBB accreditation due to non-compliance with certain standards, including legal and ethical advertising practices and the resolution of disputes in good faith. An investigation by the BBB raised concerns about the company’s delivery of services and communication with clients. These issues highlight the importance of due diligence and seeking multiple sources of information before engaging with any service provider.

Date of Experience: July 12, 2023 – Felicia W. (BBB Review)

We hired them because they had an A+ rating, but since we have paid them, they have stopped responding to my phone calls, emails, and texts. The person who contacted us, is currently not responding and he hasn’t since April. They said that if we weren’t satisfied, we would receive a full refund, but as I’ve already stated, I can’t reach anyone because he’s not responding. It is absurd and pitiful that someone would steal money from hard-working individuals. I have had no contact whatsoever with one of their attorneys. The person I spoke with informed me that we would not hear anything from the attorney until the matter is resolved or until they require additional information. Which is not acceptable; there should be some form of communication. I would NOT recommend them to another person. We would like our FULL refund back. This wouldn’t have any stars if it were up to me, but I had to put one to even post this.

━ Closing Thoughts

While International Timeshare Legal Consultants offers a promising service for those looking to exit their timeshare agreements, the recent scrutiny and consumer feedback call for a cautious approach. Prospective clients should consider all aspects of the company’s practices, guarantees, and the recent BBB investigation outcomes. It underscores the importance of thorough research and possibly seeking personal legal advice before proceeding with any timeshare exit strategy.

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