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Inheriting a timeshare can bring about mixed emotions. While the idea of enjoying a vacation getaway might seem appealing, the reality is that timeshares come with financial obligations and responsibilities that might not align with your plans or preferences. If you’ve inherited a timeshare and find yourself questioning whether you want to keep it, rest assured that you have options. In this article, we’ll explore the steps you can take to navigate this situation and make an informed decision that suits your circumstances.

Inheriting a Timeshare You Don’t Want? Consider Your Options

When faced with an inherited timeshare that doesn’t align with your plans, the first step is to thoughtfully consider your available options. This decision can impact your finances and future vacation plans, so taking the time to weigh your choices is crucial.

Evaluate the Financial Implications

Before diving into any decision-making process, it’s essential to understand the financial commitments associated with the inherited timeshare. Begin by reviewing the terms of the timeshare contract, including annual maintenance fees, property taxes, and any outstanding payments. Calculate the total cost of ownership over time and compare it to the potential benefits of using the timeshare. Assess whether these expenses comfortably fit within your budget and whether the value of the timeshare justifies the costs.

Explore Resale or Rental

If the idea of owning a timeshare doesn’t resonate with you, exploring the option of selling it or renting it out could be a viable solution. Research the current market value of similar timeshares, keeping in mind that resale prices might be lower than the original purchase price due to market fluctuations and the secondary nature of the transaction. Online platforms specializing in timeshare resales can provide insights into what potential buyers might be willing to pay. Additionally, consider the potential income if you choose to rent out the timeshare to other vacationers.

Contact the Resort or Management Company

Reach out to the timeshare resort or management company to discuss your situation. Some resorts have programs in place to assist owners or inheritors who wish to exit their timeshares. These programs might include deed-back options, where the resort takes the timeshare back from you, or facilitated resale services that the resort can assist with. Exploring these possibilities can provide you with more clarity on the available pathways to exit the timeshare.

Consult Legal and Financial Professionals

Handling an inherited timeshare involves legal and financial intricacies. To ensure that you make informed decisions, it’s wise to seek advice from professionals who specialize in estate planning, real estate transactions, and financial matters. Legal experts can guide you through the legal steps necessary to transfer or exit the timeshare, considering any potential tax implications. Financial professionals can help you assess the broader financial impact of your decision and how it aligns with your overall financial goals.


When you inherit a timeshare you don’t want, it’s a unique situation that requires important choices. If you’re in this position, take a proactive approach by evaluating your options. First, carefully look at the financial impact. Next, explore selling or renting. Additionally, don’t hesitate to contact the resort for help. Getting advice from legal and financial experts is smart too; they can offer clarity. Always remember, you have the power to decide what’s best for your situation, even when facing an unexpected timeshare inheritance.

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