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Get Out Of Your Timeshare

Before deciding whether to hire a timeshare exit company, you should know a few things about the process. 

Most of these companies advertise heavily online and on the radio. 

Their ads promote the idea that timeshare owners are victims of unfair contracts, which is not the case. 

They provide vague legal advice, working with lawyers to cancel timeshare contracts. Some companies promise guaranteed refunds, but that is hardly a guarantee.

Many timeshare exit companies claim to be able to help you, but some end up compounding their clients’ problems. For example, some timeshare exit companies advise clients to stop paying their maintenance fees. 

This can leave them with huge bills, which can ruin their credit. Even worse, some of these companies consider foreclosure a successful exit. 

Other timeshare exit companies simply terminate the contracts for a fee, allowing you to pay off the debt yourself.

How to Find a Legit Timeshare Exit Company

Before deciding on a timeshare exit company, you should be sure to find out as much as you can about the company. 

Do not pay for their services, and make sure you ask questions of them. It is best to contact the developer directly or look online for reviews. Most companies have contracts and are bound by them. 

You should check whether the company is legitimate before handing over any money to them.

It is important to remember that timeshare exit companies are not allowed to make false promises. 

They will use unethical or illegal methods to get out of your contract and leave you liable for the consequences. 

Avoid these companies at all costs. You may end up owing more money than you planned to, so it is best to find a legit company first. This will ensure you receive the best service possible.

Clients’ Feedback and Testimonial 

timeshare exit - customer feedback

A proven way to find a legit timeshare exit firm is to look for companies that have received good feedback from their previous clients. 

A legit timeshare exit company will always consult with potential clients and explain their processes and fees upfront. You should never pay an upfront fee without consulting the company. 

It is best to avoid these companies if you are not prepared to pay any fees. This is a great way to avoid scams and save money.

If you are concerned about getting scammed, consider looking for a timeshare exit company that has positive reviews online. 

A legit timeshare exit company is one that will work with your contract and will not charge you for consultation. 

There are also companies that offer free quotes and will consult with you on the process. It is important to understand that not every timeshare exit company will be able to help you.


timeshare state regulation

Another way to find a legit timeshare exit service is to check whether they are regulated by your state. 

If the company has been caught swindling consumers or is in trouble with the Attorney General, it is a bad sign. 

A legitimate company will comply with the laws and regulations of your state. 

It is also a good idea to check a company’s reviews online. This is an essential part of comparing timeshare exit companies.

Reach the Company’s Owner Services Department

The first step in contacting a timeshare exit company is to contact the company’s owner services department. 

In many cases, major timeshare chains are willing to purchase back a deeded week at a high-value resort. 

For example, Marriott will often buy back a deeded week at some of their high-end resorts for 10 to 15% of its original value. The amount the company will pay you depends on your ownership type, location, and whether or not your mortgage was paid off.

How Does Timeshare Termination Work?

If you own a timeshare and are trying to cancel your contract, you need to know how to do it legally. 

Many people find it difficult to get out of a contract, even if they have a cooling-off period, but it is possible to cancel your contract. 

You need to follow the cancellation process in the sales documents carefully. If the rescission period is over, you should contact the timeshare company and request a cancellation. 

The company will then decide whether or not to cancel your ownership.

Timeshare contracts allow for a cooling-off period, or “cooling off” period, and the time frame will vary from state to state. 

If you purchase a timeshare in another state, you may be able to cancel it after the rescission period has expired. 

There are different deadlines for a timeshare cancellation, so be sure to check the rules in your state to determine how long you have to terminate your contract.

Most timeshare contracts have a cancellation period, and the cancellation period is usually one month. 

Most contracts allow you to cancel them after this period. The cancellation period is fairly easy to exercise, so it is best to speak to a lawyer before you do it. 

A good attorney will be able to help you navigate the legal process and help you get out of the timeshare contract. 

Once you have your paperwork in hand, it’s time to contact the timeshare organization.

How to Legally Terminate a Timeshare Contract

timeshare contract

If you’ve been wondering how to legally terminate a timeshare contract, you’re not alone. The vast majority of timeshares come with a rescission period or cooling off period. 

This means that you can cancel the contract at any time during the first five years. 

If you’re not happy with the terms of your agreement, however, you can extend the period. This article explains the rescission process and how to terminate a specific contract.

You can also use the grace period to legally cancel a timeshare contract. This grace period is usually listed in the contract and states the number of days you have to cancel. 

If you’ve signed a timeshare contract without a grace period, you may be able to get a refund if you decide that you’re no longer interested in it. 

If you’re unsure of what to do, check out the state’s laws for timeshare contracts. You may be able to receive a refund for any unspent balance.

If you think that your timeshare was sold illegally, or you’ve been pressured into a purchase, you may be able to successfully terminate your timeshare contract. 

You can get professional help by hiring a legal firm to help you with this process. 

Remember, there are legal services available that will negotiate directly with your timeshare provider. These companies will keep you informed of the progress of your case, and they won’t sell, rent, or donate your timeshare.

How to Know Legit Timeshare Exit Companies

There are a few ways to spot scams when dealing with timeshare exit companies. 

The best way to spot these unscrupulous outfits is to avoid any upfront fee. They usually promise a large sum of money but never deliver on their promises.

When choosing a timeshare exit company, you need to do a few things to make sure that you choose a legitimate company. 

A legit timeshare exit company will not advertise its fees on its website. Instead, they will present a fee proposal after reviewing your case. Typically, these companies charge anywhere from $3000 to $10,000 to sell your timeshare. 

Most companies do not require upfront payment or a review of your case before presenting their final fee proposal. 

It is important to be wary of these companies that are asking for an upfront fee because they may use scare tactics to get your money.


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